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Great Industrial Marketing Ads

Tue, Jul 30, 2013 @ 03:09 PM / by Chuck Lohre

Lohre Marketing and Advertising Design Author Graphic

As we were leafing through Monday's stack of trade pubs we found some ads we really liked and thought we'd share.

I didn%27t know, Eaton resized 600

Counterfit products cause a lot of problems in the electrical industry. This ad gets straight to the point and readers learn from those ads that quickly share a benefit. If it doesn't catch your eye with an intriguing message you won't notice it. Consequently, the advertiser won't get as much value from the placement.

Spool Proof, Southwire resized 600

Southwire has a big ad spend behind introducing a new wire management system. They'll need to keep that spending up, to change this part of the industry. Wire has come on a bunch of different size wooden spools forever. Good thing the industrial marketing advertising series is memorable and focuses on the benefit.

Quick, Vertiflo resized 600

Vertiflo has been running this ad for a decade. Why change it, it works. The header calls out the benefit and the photos identify what Vertiflo is "Quick" about.

The Art of Bending, Wilson Tool resized 600

We love hands (both for the human touch and abiity to attract attention). Bending technology is changing the production industry and we "believe" Wilson Tools devices actually bent this origami.

We Can, Reconyx resized 600

Using "you" in the head lends a human element.  That's followed by "we" in with capabilities. You know instantly that Reconyx is in the business of surveilance.

We Advertise, P&S resized 600

We love PUMPS & SYSTEMS and web site visitors tell us they love it too. Maybe it's a bit of the Caterpillar effect (you claim you saw a Caterpillar ad in a magazine even though there was no ad in the issue), but we like its simple copy treatment and straightforward benefit.

Last One Standing, Vactor resized 600

This is our favorite.  Who can't relate to emergency workers who rely on their equipment. From the headline treatment to the photo selection, everything works together to tell a benefitial industrial marketing story.

Gard N Post, Arlington resized 600

Double entendre in the headline is always clever if you can work your product name into your benefit.

Faster Than a Change, Plex resized 600

It took us a while to understand why we liked this ad. We kept reading and re-reading it, and that's exactly what's so powerful. Now it we could just figure what that red ribbon (behind Mr. Barcode) is, but Plex isn't selling that.

I Am Line, LaserTech resized 600

The face of a real person will always command attention. In this, it's what draws you to read the headline. And before you know it, you've read the whole ad. That's great industrial marketing advertising.

Quick Die Change, PFA resized 600

It doesn't get any simplier than this. We like the 3D illustration and the pictorial index of the components used in the illustration. You needn't speak the language to understand this marketing communication.

Yes To Clean, General Cable resized 600

Last, but not least, this ad uses the hand again as a placeholder for the person and the contrast to the clean wire is backed up by the simple headline.


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