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Advertising Design, Web Design, Web Development, Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Media relations Services

Advertising Design, Web Design, Web Development, Marketing, and Media Relations for Industrial Companies

We are a Full-Service Marketing and Advertising Agency. Services include Digital and Printed Ads, Branding / Logo Design / Corporate Identity, Brochures, Copy Writing, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Technical Writing, Website Design / Development, Media Buying / Media Scheduling, and Trade Show Exhibits.

Advertising Services
Advertising Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, and Marketing Experience

A Marketing and Advertising Agency Celebrating over 85 Years of Serving Cincinnati Area Industrial Businesses

My experience with Lohre & Associates has been productive and I believe we have benefited from their thorough industry experience as well as their economical approach to problem solving and production. Lohre has proven to be a true "Industrial" marketer.

- J. Ross Bushman, President of Cast-Fab Technologies, Inc., Cincinnati

Advertising Experience
Inbound Marketing and Advertising Experience

Industrial-Strength Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers and other Process Industry Companies

Our Company is a Marketing Automation and inBound Marketing Agency, building websites and marketing plans to Attract, Connect, Engage, and Delight in order to turn strangers into visitors, into leads, into customers, and into advocates.

Marketing Assessment

Cincinnati's Advertising Agency and Marketing Firm for the Industrial Process Industry

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