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A More Reserved Internet Marketing Strategy

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 10:17 AM / by Chuck Lohre

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Not every company continually needs to run to the digital street corner and grab some more customers.

Some of our clients sell quarter-million dollar aircraft and there is a whole different strategy to selling high tech or extremely unique equipment.Inbound Marketing Strategy resized 600

The illustration above (thanks to Hubspot) shows the same steps as a traditional web site, but the words in the circles would be different for a high end product: players, winning teams, new competitors, satified customers. I'm speaking here about racing aircraft, or the world's largest water pumping equipment. One is about high-performance technology and the other is about critical municipal infrastructure. You really don't have "strangers" in those markets.

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Let's take the case of the municipal water pump industry. The client came to us with a site created in 1995. A text site. It is a pumping system that is a direct replacement for an existing well know technology with very specific model numbers. We quickly understood that if we used the model numbers to identify the parts in a traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programming system the site would be a success. It was wildly successful! And that was 5 years ago. Besides a regular advertising campaign in the single technical journal that's all they need. Now, they get calls from all over the world from their site. We did such a great job that the client just called last weekend and refferred us to another client to help them with their site.

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The second example is for racing aircraft. It's 100% about performance, race results and durability of the aircraft. There are only five competitive manufacturers in the world for this class. Our client, a dealer, service center and aircraft repair facility, covers North America. The biggest marketing effort they made last year was to manage the world competition event. It's a month-long party for 1,000! The exposure, personal presence and knowledge shared and learned at such races is the heart and soul of the business. The web site we manage for them offers on the front-end a sophisticated reporting on national races and the introduction of new models and enhancements of current classes. The back end is an ecommerce site for the sale of all the many items needed to maintain a racing team and aircraft. Finally, we cover the repair services offered. All those racing aircraft from days gone by are flown by your average weekend pilot today and there are always are those dings and scratches that need repair.

Clean design and professional copy are the most timeless things you can attribute to these types of businesses. Just look at Porsch or Ferrari literature. For the industrial side, look at General Electric, they serve the world. For our aircraft client we get our images and context from the manufacturer. That and some clean design does the trick.

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Social media has been a perfect spot for the aircraft racing community in North America. There are many of our aircraft owners on Facebook and there is another social media blogging site that we have signed up to contribute to.

So in conclusion, in marketing it's what works that's important to focus on. It's just so much fun today to have the search engines that can help someone in the Congo find a critical pump. This tool didn't exist 20 years ago. Racing is a different animal, marketing needs a nice presence and a sympathetic ear. And pilot's aways like to look at pictures of their babies so I focus on posting racing news, photos and videos.

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Written by Chuck Lohre

Owner of Lohre & Associates Marketing Communications. The company celebrated their 80th Anniversary in 2015, his 38th.