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Electrical Resistor Products Industrial Marketing Communications

Thu, Feb 07, 2013 @ 03:27 PM / by Chuck Lohre

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If the failed braking resistor has a name plate, that's who would be called, but many don't and they are typically purchased by the voltage and ohm specifications.

This blog will focus on the internet marketing communications of braking resistors because after blanket suppliers, trusted distributors and manufacturers, the internet is where this product is found.

A recent THOMAS REGISTER web site content report concluded:

  • 84% say they want content that educates them, and expect vendors to provide it
  • Over 70% of buyers want to find “solutions to solve a current problem” when
    they start a new search
  • 60% look for different types of content such as comparison of pricing and features depending on their needs at the time
  • 90% had researched products or services online
  • 82% looked up companies or brands online that they were already aware of
  • 72% sourced for suppliers of specific products and services
  • 55% purchased industrial products or services they found online

 “We just received an order for well over $100,000 from a customer in Canada that we would have never interacted with unless we had a very effective online presence," James Davis, President, Industrial Specialties Manufacturing, Manufacturer and Distributor of Miniature Pneumatic Vacuum and Fluid Circuitry Components, www.industrialspec.com

There couldn't be a more perfect example of a problem product found on the internet than an electrical braking resistor. They burn out and need to be replaced quickly. A survey of the manufacturers will get you a variety of responses:

  1. Sure we have that, please check that the holding bracket is the right one. I'll send you the specs, a quote and a drawing in a few minutes.
  2. Let me take down the specifications and get back to you. You get the information the next day.
  3. The electrical distributor has no idea what you are talking about.

Electrical Product Marketing Advertisements

The customer responsive manufacturer will get the order every time. Of course the number one thing your marketing communications needs to do is to be sure you are found on the internet. A quick search on "braking resistor" brought back the following results above.


Braking resistor Marketing Advertisements

Image search is getting more important. One distributor is programmed to come up in a search, above. Besides the "Alternative Text" you can also add even a narrative to the metadata of the image.


Breaking Resistor Marketing Web Site History

However don't make a fatal mistake, above, in internet marketing communications and throw out all the pages you ranked on when corporate decided they wanted the use of the domain. You can just redirect the pages and leave them online. No one would have ever known except for the typical 35% of their traffic that indexed them.

Electrical Resistor Marketing Comparison

This chart, above, shows the relative competitors in the industry compared to our site, which is the orange line. The tremendous increase was because we switched over to a new integrated content management, email, social media and search engine optimization tool. So there is a lot of room for improvement for "braking resistor manufacturers" in search engine optimization, social media (not so much Facebook but LinkedIn and Twitter), blogging, pages indexed and educational content.


Google Shopping Braking Resistor Marketing Advertisements

Google Shopping is the new Google AdWords. It costs less than AdWords but can deliver better results because you really know they are ready to buy. For manufacturer's it might be best to partner with the best distributors.

What is a manufacturer of "braking resistors" to do? Write their site so the product comes up in a Google search. This is ridiculously easy but many manufacturers don't write their content to show up in the search engines. All you have to do put the product description (category_model-number) in the: URL, title, headline, body, linktext and the alternative text for a photo. Only put the product description, not the company name, not the company tag line or anything else in those six places. Finally, supply the distributors that are selling online. They may be better at it than the manufacturer. Purchase Google Ad Words or Google Shopping as a last resort but that is probably best left to the distributors in the trenches.

The future isn't here yet. Then you will be able to search for any braking resistor with your smart phone and quickly find a nearby electrical distributor or manufacturer with the critical item.

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