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Integrating Printed and Internet Marketing Communications

Tue, Feb 12, 2013 @ 02:21 PM / by Chuck Lohre

Lohre Marketing and Advertising Design Author Graphic

A brochure and a web page have three things in common:

  1. The cover - a compelling photo, a YouTube video thumbnail
  2. The content - a PowerPoint slide of six bullet points or videos
  3. The Call To Action - a Business Reply Card, a QR code, an 800 number

#1. The Cover:

Video Marketing Communications

This YouTube video is so popular because it illustrates the number one problem mother's have with their autistic child; it's difficult to take them to the mall. A service dog makes that possible and is illustrated in the thumbnail for the video.

The cover of your brochure needs to be like the thumbnail frame for a YouTube video. Pick one that is going to get it played or opened. The cover needs to be like a billboard. So you have three words and a photo. And a logo. You need to get the reader to pick up your literature.

#2. The Content:

Literature Design Cutaway translated to Web Design

This illustration is effective because it doesn't look hard to understand. With the seven callouts, you can easily focus on what is interesting to you.

For the literature we're working on the central inside illustration is a cutaway of a commercial building illustrating all the energy efficient retrofits you can choose from (similar to above).

Today when you mouse over pictures, up pops related content. You can have the same effect by using a central illustration and callouts surrounding it. Digital illustrations can go even further by having you mouse over an index and the whole illustration changes. To do the same thing in a piece of printed literature you would have to use page after page to reveal the same data.

If we were combining images into one for an index mouse over it might be one for daylight and another for nighttime; one for occupied and one for unoccupied. These concepts could be included in the one illustration by using small reference images where it's easy to relate to day or night, school's in or out. The reader will at least understand that there is more to energy efficiency than a static building.

# 3. The Call To Action:

Literature Design Business Reply Card used in Web DesignCall To Action Free Web Content Guide used in Web DesignLiterature Design Call To Action

Remember when marketing communications literature from a company had a Business Reply Card? That's the same thing as an internet web site Call To Action today. A Call To Action (CTA) is an encouragement to learn more by sending a request to the company via email. The modern form of Business Reply Card. We're working on an efficient lighting retrofit brochure that will also be used on the company's web site. We'll still use the Business Reply Card for the printed literature but for the web site it will be a "Call To Action" to have an energy assessment done on your facility. If you had a trade show booth it could be a "Wheel of Fortune" game of chance wheel!

Pinterest Social Media Marketing Communications

What is the comparison to the back of the brochure in the digital age? Maybe get right down to business and hint at the information that will be needed to complete the assessment by filling out a Survey Monkey survey. Or a Pinterest arrangement of past lighting energy efficiency assements. Those would be especially nice with a highlight indicating about the amount of energy/money saved.

Marketing Video Production for Web DesignCall To Action QR Code

How do you add video to a printed page? A QR code could do it. A recent Facebook post mentioned that marketing communications today have been shortened, condensed and cater to short attention spans. Your cover needs to be a billboard, the inside spread a PowerPoint slide and the meat of the discussion a video. That would point to having testimonials on the back that you can view by QR codes. QR Codes are like a bar code that your smart phone can read. They take you to a web page, create and email or can make a phone call.

If you're in mechanical, chemical, electrical or Green Building products and services, so are we. Contact us at 877-608-1736 or sales@lohre.com for some friendly advice, ideas, and the latest trends or just to brag. Thanks for reading our blog.

Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

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