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Green Globes is Great, but LEED is still in the Lead

Tue, Jan 14, 2014 @ 02:07 PM / by Lauren Campbell

Is Green Globes on the Rise? Not in Cincinnati!Green Globes

Last week it was announced that Jerry Yudelson, a national leader in green building advocacy, is the next president of the Green Building Initiative (GBI). The Portland, Oregon based non-profit organization is best known for its Green Globes rating system, a front line competitor to the USGBC’s LEED program. (Thank you GreenTravelerGuide.com for use of this photo). 

Jerry Yudelson has spent years of his life dedicated to green building. A leading consultant, he has published 13 books on the topic and was incremental in the development of Greenbuild, the nation’s largest annual green building conference. Yudelson has also achieved the high level ranking of LEED Fellow, which is a highly coveted title in the LEED industry, adding to his long list of green building credentials. Because of his longevity and prominence with LEED, switching to Green Globes seemed to come as a shock to those in the green building industry.

We here at Lohre and Associates are most educated with LEED building initiatives and are not too familiar with Green Globes. This is primarily because of LEED’s federal standing; all federal buildings must be built to LEED Sliver requirements, although Green Globes is also now in the running for such commendation. Because LEED is a federal requirement, federal tax incentives for building to LEED standards have increased LEED’s popularity.

Money Talks, Green Builders Listen

LEEDRegardless of who is working where, money talks, and it is speaking to LEED builders. One important reason that LEED has been so popular in Cincinnati (Cincinnati is ranked 3rd in the nation for green building) is due to the city property tax abatements that are available here. Individuals building a LEED building are granted tax incentives and Green Globes cannot compete with that, at least not yet. From a marketing standpoint, the ability to save individuals and companies money, not only through energy efficiency and sustainable design, but through tax abatements provides primary real estate in green building. 

Also the City of Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and Cincinnati Public Schools build all of their buildings to LEED Certification. These are also part of the reason for the expolsion of LEED projects in the region.

There have been arguments made that Green Globes green building process is cheaper than LEED, however, there has yet to be definitive information provided by either party to prove this. We know that the tax incentives here in Cincinnati only recognize the LEED building process. If a person were to use the Green Globes rating system for their green building, the state, county and sity tax abatements would not apply, therefore that person would miss out on years of tax savings. 

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Written by Lauren Campbell