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Show LinkedIn Friends Respect If You Want to Maximize Your Industrial Marketing

Mon, Jan 20, 2014 @ 10:03 AM / by Chuck Lohre

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Hubspot's social-sharing toolbar has made it so easy to share interesting (often irrelevant) stuff with LinkedIn groups that it's tempting to dis your friends while "marketing."

Can you really have too many friends or groups of friends? We think so as does LinkedIn. It's a good thing there'a limit to the number of industrial marketing LinkedIn groups a person can join. It forces us to review groups and decide the best mix when we're ready to message them. We're part of the minute industrial marketing industry. Many of our clients have 25 core customers carved out of a universe numbering around 150. That sort of elite marketer is not in the business of using LinkedIn as part of its go-to-market strategy. Others have uber-competitive markets so secretive you don't dare share anything about that industry. Yet many others find LinkedIn is just right for keeping in touch with industry peers and (just maybe) a potential customer may contact them.

For us, we want to follow large chemical process equipment marketing to the chemical and food engineering markets. There aren't many groups in that category. Another is larger-than-a-car-machining operations. Not many there either. Probably the best groups for us are building-materials networks and sustainable-products -- those are quite large markets.

Which brings us to oversharing, or more importantly wrong-sharing. A recent LinkedIn post I received was from the Technology Marketing group: "The lack of Comments from Members on the posts being allowed into the Discussion area should speak volumes to Moderators." This is the biggest problem with nonspecific posts on groups. Right, they aren't part of the conversation. They're trying to start another one and, frankly, no one is listening. Oversharing or straying off topic is so rampant (and I have been guilty) that I want to be part of the solution.

And so I'd like to present a few of my LinkedIn role models and kindred spirits, who are elevating the LinkedIn dialogue. I made friends with these folks over the years -- they post relevant content and always respond to my LinkedIn musings. In other words, they respect the LinkedIn bond we have established for mutual benefit and a greater good.

Isaiah Adams Industrial MarketingIsaiah Adams, "I love working with creative minds and solving problems. Marketing and Brand Strategy are my passions." Isaiah always has some great insights. And he's started a one minute marketing video series.
 Leslie Fultz Industrial MarketingLeslie Fultz, "The successes at Cincinnati Maintenance would not be possible without a strategic plan to showcase our business on the internet." Leslie is a leader in everything he does. He was video when video wasn't cool.
 Tom DeFratte Industrial MarketingTom DelFratte, "Created and implemented a professional social media campaign for Winkle Electric Company." I met Tom at a GlobalSpec online marketing expo and conference. All of us marketers hung out in the chat room. Tom knows that it takes time and effort to gather a qualified Twitter following and he's done it for Winkle.
 Jeremy Begley Industrial MarketingJeremy Begley, "My objective is to forge a career in the home performance/green-durability building sector." From a renewable energy student at my Cincinnati State class to building and selling a home performance company and its top internet marketing brand, Jeremy is a true internet marketer.
 Gary Gilbert Industrial MarketingGary Gilbert, "Started at the ground level with HGC Construction soon after school and continued to learn and advance to my current position as a VP for the company." HGC is a great company. The secret to their success is, "Everyone sells the company."
 Jim Lucy industrial MarketingJim Lucy, Chief Editor at Penton. Thanks for the recent post of a video revealing that you can by any type of light bulb at Amazon. I just went there and purchased $50 worth! Trying to solve my 40 watt intermediate base to LED conversion problem.

So the takeaway and the challenge is to post only relevant material to blogs. Solemnly vow here and now -- New Year's style -- to observe and respect this simple rule. (There's karma in the blogosphere too, ya know.)

A good place to start is to write a blog post in response to another's post. Look for our reply to K4 Architecture's post tomorrow.

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Written by Chuck Lohre

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