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Today 2 EST - IHS Social Media Industrial Marketing Ideas Webinar

Wed, Mar 26, 2014 @ 10:27 AM / by Chuck Lohre

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Complimentary Webinar

Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector

Join IHS on Wednesday for their complimentary Webinar, Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector.

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Are your industrial clients satisfied with their social media efforts? Do they know how to engage their audience through social media? Or are they undecided on how social media can help drive their marketing goals?

Attend our webinar and get the answers you need on how engineers and technical professionals — a desirable audience for your industrial clients — use social media for work-related purposes. Learn the reasons why they turn to social media, the platforms they're using and how you can help your industrial clients craft a social media strategy to build brand awareness, drive engagement and reach their overall marketing goals.

Presented by Chris Chariton, senior director, digital media for IHS GlobalSpec, this 30-minute, information-packed webinar will provide the key findings and insights from our recent research into social media use by technical professionals as well as four recommendations for your industrial clients to get the most out of their social media initiatives.

Attend and learn:

  • How social media is not purely for personal use by technical professionals.
  • Why younger professionals rely more on social media than their older colleagues.
  • Where your audience ranks social media as a valuable digital resource for work.
  • How you are sitting on the untapped potential of social media ambassadors.

Register today for this complimentary and highly informative event and help your industrial clients make smart decisions when using social media to reach and engage their audience.

Attendee Bonus:

Attend the webinar and receive IHS GlobalSpec's latest research report,Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector, featuring the data behind how industrial professionals use social media.

Event Title:

Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


2 p.m. Eastern
11 a.m. Pacific


30 Minutes

Featured Speaker:

Chris Chariton
Senior Director, Digital Media
IHS GlobalSpec 

Get a sneak peek into our research by downloading our Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector infographic

Industrial Maketing Idea 1

Industrial Maketing Idea 2

Industrial Maketing Idea 3

Industrial Maketing Idea 4

Industrial Maketing Idea 6

Industrial Maketing Idea 5

Industrial Maketing Idea 7

Industrial Maketing Idea 8

Industrial Maketing Idea 9

Industrial Maketing Idea 10

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Industrial Maketing Idea 12



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