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How to Write a Public Relations Telemarketing Script

Mon, Feb 13, 2017 @ 04:51 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Construction Equipment Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Public-Relations-Telemarketing-Script



Telemarketing for public relations is more than a list and a telephone.

To do it efficiently, you need clearly defined scripts for every possibility: calling, email, voice mail and snail mail.

Telemarketing is defined by the number of actions you need to take to get the job done. The number of computer screens you look at and the number of clicks you need to make. Just like any other industrial process, when you look at the full spectrum of events and actions needed to engage the customer and take action, small changes and improvements in your process can have the effect of cutting your time in half and doubling your results. It's all about clearly writing a process script.

Contact Science Telemarketing Marketing Communications resized 600

Image from Contact Science from klpz, we're a partner so get in touch if you're interested in doing telemarketing in half the time and getting four times the results.

In this blog post, we'll illustrate the process by writing a public relations telemarketing script. New product information is one of the centerpieces of industrial marketing. It's where equipment manufacturers get to tell the technical journal readers about the latest equipment. Many publications compete to publish the latest in energy and mechanical efficiencies.

The first stage in our contact process is identifing the prospects in our target industry and sometimes geographic region. We'll call the companies and get the name for the persons involved in marketing communications.

Second we will prepare a mailing of a published article along with a testimonial letter from the client. Here's the memo copy.

Hi Greg,

Do you need an innovative partner to help inspire your marketing department? That's what happened at Stedman Machine Company. Sure, it's easy to say, "Go do content marketing," but someone has to do it. And who better than a 20 year veteran. 



The second major push with this campaign is to review the editorial schedule for the prospect's industry. When you can tell them on the phone that you have an article placed for them, you will get the work.

Hi Greg,

I hope you enjoyed the sample and letter last week from Chris Nawalaniec with Stedman Machine Compny. Kevin Cronin with POWDER BULK SOLIDS Magazine would like to publish your article on the selection of size reduction equipment.

Technical Article, Graphic Design, and Illustration for Stedman Machine

The final call to the prospect needs to clarify the scope of the work and the timeline.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the conference call last week. I had watched one of the videos you mentioned and I've found the other two as well as the summary video. We can write a thought leader article on this subject by the deadline. Here's the proposed schedule.

Public-Relations-Telemarketing-Script-1 copy.jpg

This campaign is designed to keep us in touch with our clients and prospects throughout the year and every year. They all read the trade journals and sepecially the articles they wrote. We never take credit for the articles. 

If you liked this blog post, you might enjoy, "How to Write a Telemarketing Script for Trade Shows." 


Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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What is the State of Industrial Marketing? The State of Inbound Report.

Fri, Nov 06, 2015 @ 12:11 PM / by Myke Amend posted in Industrial Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Hubspot, Process Equipment Marketing, Construction Equipment Marketing, Mining Equipment Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Business to Business Advertising


Welcome to the seventh annual State of Inbound report. We’re glad you’re here.

Whether this is your first time reading this report, your seventh time, or you just arrived here on a whim, you’re bound to have some questions.

“What is State of Inbound ?”

Every year, HubSpot surveys thousands of the world’s foremost marketers and salespeople -- HubSpot customers and non-customers alike. We poll them on their most pressing priorities, the challenges they face, and the tactics they’ve used to meet those challenges head-on. We track our respondents’ quantitative answers, collate and consolidate their anecdotal answers, and put the polished result into a master report: State of Inbound.

For the last seven years, the report has tracked the practice and adoption of “inbound marketing.” Instead of blasting out interruptive ads and trying to pull people to your company, inbound marketing uses helpful content to attract visitors and get them to engage of their own volition.

Last year, we added sales to the mix to provide a more complete view into the entire lead-to-customer lifecycle. Our research found that salespeople struggle with a lack of information about their leads and manual data entry -- two challenges that necessarily reduce their effectiveness at converting leads to customers. Just like Marketing’s lead generation is of prime interest to salespeople, marketers would be wise to take the problems sapping Sales’ efficacy to heart.

Considering that aligning marketing and sales practices is critically important to a company’s success, this report contains both marketing- and sales-specific results -- as well as areas where the two intersect.

“Is anything different from last year’s report?”

Yes, a lot is different in this year’s report. We asked some of the same questions (for trending data) and several new ones (to keep pace with emerging marketing trends).

The biggest change is that 2015’s report doesn’t cover the emergence of inbound marketing as it has in past years -- the principles are now well-entrenched. Rather, this year’s data begins to reveal why leaders lead and laggards lag. You’ll also find trending sales data that reveals how salespeople’s pressing challenges and priorities have shifted since last year, in addition to attitudes toward buzzworthy sales practices such as social selling.

We’ve also improved our entire process since 2014. Thanks to rigorous QA, we’ve ensured that this year’s data is more representative of the marketing and sales industries as a whole. First, we dug deeper into segmenting different marketing and sales tactics on a more granular level. Additionally, we expanded our reach globally, engaging audiences in 150 countries across six international regions.

Who We Talked To:

The State of Inbound survey has always been comprehensive, but this year’s report is truly a global document, with more than 150 countries represented. The majority of our nearly 4,000 respondents are marketers who work for B2B SMBs, and only one-third have an affiliation with HubSpot. Half of the companies represented generate under $1M a year in revenue, and the other half generate over $1M.

We hope this article can serve as a roadmap for your organization’s entire approach to inbound marketing and sales in 2016. All data was gathered on the back half of 2015 to give as accurate a representation of the current industry landscape as possible.


Read the rest of this study
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Using Facebook to Promote Business to Consumer Sports Marketing

Mon, Oct 26, 2015 @ 01:57 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Social Media, Internet Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Consumer Advertising


The folllowing article was published in October, 2015 SOARING Magazine. It is a report on the use of Facebook video posts to promote the sport.

2015 US National Sports Class Contest Report Caesar Creek Soaring Club, Waynesville, OH June 22 to July 3, 2015

This year’s Sports Nats’ report is flavored by tracking the popularity of Facebook posts during the contest. This was the first time so many videos were posted relating to day-to-day activities at a National Contest. I uploaded and posted to SSA’s Facebook page during the day and then embedded them into official SSA report in the evening.

Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing

This chart shows Likes (top line), Shares (second highest line), Comments (lowest line), and 30 Second Video Views (shaded area) on the SSA Facebook page during the contest June 22 to July 3, 2015. The graph shows the big increase in Likes during the two National contests that were going on simultaneously. A photo posted from the Hobbs, NM, 18-Meter and Club Class National contests, caused the huge spike of Likes near the end. The shaded area, At least 30 Second Video Views, graph, best shows the increase in traffic caused by the Sports Class Nationals. I was the only one posting videos.

Because Facebook videos were viewable by everyone in SSA reports, you didn’t need to be a Facebook member to view. Perhaps folks got used to the posts over time. I must admit we were pretty much making up news because there wasn’t much flying going on. We didn’t even have good enough conditions to make it an official contest. It was easy to take short videos and post them to the SSA Facebook page during all the activities. Even in the cockpit ready to launch. Take some video, launch the Facebook app on your phone, input a caption, attach a video and hit post. For the formal reports on the Contest page, copy the embed code and paste it into the html code field. You’re done in a few minutes. Please give me a call or email for help. I’d like to see more live reporting. It gives us a great way to get to know the soaring community and maybe some of the videos will go viral (like the Hobbs’ photo) and we’ll attract more pilots to soaring. It’s fun and easy with advanced smartphones.

Logo Business to Consumer Marketing


My theme for the contest logo that I designed was about the ships. The craft are roughly lined up, left to right, top to bottom, in order of handicap. The weather prediction was so poor that some contestants didn’t even show up.

489 video views – Monday, June 22, First practice day

957 video views – Tuesday, June 23, Second practice day

10:02 a.m. “Jim Lee, 1999 U.S. Hang Glider Champion, tells us what sailplane pilots can learn from hang-glider pilots.” Contestants: Jim Lee, Steve Arnst, Wally Barry and CD John Lubon come from the hang-gliding hobby. Jim shares that hang-glider pilots are immersed in the thermal and can sense subtle temperature difference and smell the thermal. That could be toxic gases from a local steel mill or the pungent smell of manure! Normally it’s the smell of dirt. Jim learned from those experiences needed to circle very tightly to stay in the thermal core, so that was his advice to sailplane pilots.

Jim20Lee2 Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing

Jim Lee was US Hang Gliding Champion in 1999 and on the winning US World Team in 1993. Photo was taken at the Monte Cucco, Italy, world championships. Jim is flying a Wills Wing Fusion glider, and his harness is a carbon fiber pod that he designed and built to reduce the drag of his body. Jim won our unofficial Sports Nationals.

11:53 a.m. “Don Kroesck, DK, loves his new LAK 17bfes with a nose mounted sustainer engine.” “I like the confidence of exploring the far reaches of the task area and not being concerned about getting back home, plus the benefit of having a 50:1 glider one second to having a sustainer after three switches but always still having a great glide ratio, Don shared.”

1014 video views - June 24 Task: 2 hr MAT (distance from Caesar Creek Soaring Club) 10-Clinton (13 miles to the east)

June_24_Most_popular Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing

4:50 p.m. TOP VIDEO posted after landing, “Tow plane just took off to get a down pilot at the Sports Class Nats. Gaggle of gliders from above right over Caesar Creek…” This was the most popular video viewed. Everyone must love videos of gaggles.

Jim_Price_IMG_4572 Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing


Jim Price provided this photo of the beautiful day June 24. In the end it wouldn’t be a contest day. We missed by the slimmest of margins, conditions just too low and soft.

654 video views - June 25, Rain today. 2:16 p.m. TOP VIDEO “Sports Class Nats launch (6/24) is half over. 2500 agl barely a knot reported. Notice the double ice crystal halo around the sun.”


2:23 p.m. Joe Jackson’s land out photos posted, 15K reach, 3.1K post clicks and 198 likes. This indicates photos are still a great thing to post.

At the pilot’s meeting, Hank Nixon, OH, ASW-28, gave Second Place Finisher Manfred Franke, HF, LS-3A, the Razors Edge Award because yesterday he finished just 50 feet above the finish cylinder and only 150 feet over minimum distance but we still didn’t make a day. Tom Holloran, TWH, Mini-Nimbus c, won the unofficial day. Here’s how he did it, “Good flight, strange start, everyone sneaked to Green County and then started for Clinton County, went over Caesar Creek Lake and hung out. Henry Retting, R, Discus 2b, took off first but we hung around until it got better, went to Clinton County, headed for the sunshine and to Lebanon, had more time so went to Harveysburg, Flea Market, Clinton County again and back to CCSC. Fun time.” But none of it mattered since 20% of the pilots that started didn’t make 40 miles.

221 video views - June 26, Sunlight just broke through the clouds at the Sports Nats' third day but there are thunderstorms to the West, which meets the criteria to call the day.

388 video views - June 27, 6:31 p.m., TOP VIDEO, “We did do some flying around the Sports Nats today. It was my, radio-controlled glider at the Caesar Creek Lake dam.”

786 video views - June 28, Posted 13 videos today, that may have been the reason this day got the third highest video view day for the contest, besides the fact that we finally got a contest day in. Henry Retting, R, Discus 2b, won the day. Task: 3hr TAT (distances from Caesar Creek Soaring Club) 43-Richmond, 20 mi radius, (40 miles to the northwest) 09-Clarksville, 10 mi radius, (16 miles to the west) 29-McIntosh, 10 mi radius, (8 miles to the southeast) Distance: 146.68 min, 86.72, 206.6 max

464 video views - June 29, Rainy and cold at the Sports Nats Day 6. Better luck tomorrow.

10:29 a.m. Henry Retting, R, Discus 2b, gave his success report, “Yesterday I had to say the whole day was a perfect day. I had a choice of two folks to help me put my wings together, all done, had a golf cart ready, towed out to the grid and someone was there to mark the spot, it went on from there. 7th to take off and had time to prepare, unfortunately didn’t connect right away, got down to 900 agl, did a jog to avoid a tow plane and hit a three knoter, climbed right back up, then things started to pop, conditions got stronger as the wind died down, clouds streeting, took them to back of first turn point Richmond, fast 80 miles back to Clarksville, hit the steel mill and got really good thermal to cloudbase, a few people there, down wind dash, second one back to McIntosh , went soft, cycling, shift to the north which developed into another cloud street, went to back of third cylinder, came home 6 minutes over. Advice, dialed in 4 knots to the MacCready and followed it. 

8:03 pm, TOP VIDEO, “We can only remember yesterday at the Sports Nats. For me it was one of the greatest soaring adventures ever. It might not look like it from my scores but it's evidence that my goals aren't the same as the others. Sure I like to go cross country but at a much more relaxed and conservative pace. If I had to do it again I would have tried to go a bit faster with a higher MacCready and explore the lift band some more but it wouldn't have been that much different. I had a ball!”

231 video views - June 30. The day was called. It looks better tomorrow. 10:32 a.m. Admiral Hank Nixon, OH, ASW-28, gave an interesting safety report about post stress decision effects and water landings. Always land with the gear down. And John Lubon, JL, ASG 29, mentioned to turn the master switch off if you think about it.

377 video views - July 1, Tom Holloran, TWH, Mini-Nimbus, won the day. Task: 2hr MAT (distances from Caesar Creek Soaring Club) 32-Moraine (17 miles to the northwest)
25-Lebanon (9 miles to the west) 19-Haines Rd. (7 miles to the north)

475 video views - July 2, the fourth highest video view day 8:36 a.m. TOP VIDEO, “360 view at cloud base Wednesday at the Sports Nats…”

10:44 am, “Day 9 Sports Nats - yesterday's winner, Tom Holloran, TWH, Mini-Nimbus, his report of his win July 1 and the prognosis for today.” Tom Holloran, TWH, with his new to him Mini-Nimbus C, tells us how he won the day yesterday at the Sports Nats. Pretty good for the seventh flight in your new ship! Tom hit a beauty right off launch, started out the northeast side, headed to Moraine, went to east over Dayton Wright on the way to Lebanon, went to next turnpoint then to Dayton Wright and Moraine again, then Green, then Clinton, then to Haines Rd. and back to CCSC.

355 video views - July 3 12:32 a.m. Frank Whiteley posts, Landout at Hobbs, 32.7 K reach 12:10 p.m. “Sports Nats is in the bag for this year. Thanks to everyone for participating and we look forward to seeing you on the grid next year. My article for Soaring Magazine will cover the few days we did fly but I'd like to also report on the new members of the soaring community. I met a lot of new pilots to the sport both coming back and transitioning. I think the sport has a great future and we'll help spread the word.” As for the final standings for the two day: 4th place Tom Holloran, 3rd Mark Culpepper, 2nd place Henry Retting, 1st place Jim Lee. It was sad that those beautiful trophies couldn’t be handed out and the contestants got no ranking points.

12:21 pm, last post by Chuck Lohre, “Ending on a pleasant note at the Sports Nats, here's a video of the great conditions last Sunday.”

I hope you enjoyed the new way of reporting. I got many compliments and inquiries on how I did it. Soaring is such a visual sport and easy to record. Our new unlimited bandwidth smartphones are bound to help us promote the sport to the small screen. Our 3,357 fans come from United States 2,421, Brazil 83, Germany 66, Argentina 52, Italy 49, Japan 47, France 41, United Kingdom 41, Canada 38 and so on. In conclusion 86 percent of the “Likers” on the SSA’s Facebook page are men, 20 percent are in the 45-54 age group.

Chuck_Lohre_IMG_4566 Business To Consumer Marketing

Contributor Chuck Lohre. Jim Price photo. Chuck is 4th Saturday Crew Chief at the Caesar Creek Soaring Club and his day job is running Lohre & Associates Marketing Communications. He lives with his wife, Janet Groeber, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Green Marketing? Getting Creative with Coveted Sustainability

Thu, Oct 22, 2015 @ 09:05 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Green Marketing, Marketing, Internet Marketing, Green Building Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, marketing agency


Curbside Recycling Isn’t Enough for Sustainability

Recycling isn’t a new idea, though curbside collection and legally enforced recycling in the United States is only about thirty years old, which is relatively new. If you are old enough to remember either of the World Wars or the Great Depression, then you probably remember collecting scrap metals or re-using household items until they couldn’t be used any longer. If you’re in your thirties or forties, you were probably taught how and what to recycle from a young age; and if you’ve grown up in or around big cities, odds are you know exactly what those crate-sized green bins appearing weekly on either side of the street are doing there. 

While it can often seem like much is being done in the way of recycling, the statistics surrounding waste management are quite astounding. According to the Clean Air Council, enough paper and plastic forks, spoons, and cups are thrown away each year in the US that if one was to line them up, they would circle the globe more than three hundred times. In addition, 102.1 billion plastic bags are used, but less than 1% of those bags are recycled. Even more shocking - every American uses enough paper and wood products each year to bring down a 100-foot-tall Douglas fir; while a typical office worker in the US will use 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. These are not statistics from twenty years ago - this is what the average American consumes each year in the United States today.

At the time of this writing, the US ranks 33rd in the world on the Environmental Performance Index published by Yale University each year. This ranking takes into consideration multiple aspects of environmental health when calculating each country’s score: health impacts, air quality, water and sanitation, water resources, agriculture, forests, fisheries, biodiversity and habitat, and climate and energy. If, despite all of its resources and the vast amount of knowledge available, the US still comes in 33rd - what can possibly be done to reduce waste and encourage those who are not recycling to begin?

Sustainability Lust

This is where coveted sustainability comes into play. Though it sounds like a complicated and technical environmental science term, it isn’t. "Sustainability" is an idea that focuses on balancing society, economy and the environment in order to improve and protect a community’s current and future health. “Coveted Sustainability” is simply a sustainability that is attractive enough to inspire or provoke others into achieving the same thing. 

mage from Why biophilic architecture works: five reasons and case studies. Click on image to go to site.

Coveted sustainability comes in many different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a company taking a large, unused landmark and turning it into something that benefits the environment and community, such as The Highline in New York City - a park that was created on the foundation of an abandoned railroad; or a carpenter who builds furniture using only the materials he can find, like abandoned barns or fallen trees; or simply a college student finding an abandoned bookshelf on the side of the road and using the wood to build a desk - all take materials that have already been processed and find creative ways of bringing them new life, saving the environment in the process. 

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Art

Some of the biggest supporters and producers of coveted sustainability have been artists. In the last few years, in fact, there has been a movement meant to bring about an increased awareness of the benefits of recycling using coveted sustainability in art pieces that are designed to inspire. These projects range from environmentally-friendly public artwork like the crocheted bicycles that hit Cape Town, South Africa a few years back to an artist in Berlin who turned trash into playful installations, to a company called Sojourner Cyclery, that builds wooden bikes. In an effort to bring this work and the inspiration it provides to the public, “green” organisations across the country are taking advantage of the wealth of artists delving into coveted sustainability, and putting together shows that will, in effect, advocate for the environment in a unique and powerful way.

But I’m No Artist

Does coveted sustainability translate to the average American? It does if you’re willing to get creative. There are more ways to recycle than simply throwing a milk jug into the bin and bringing it to the curb for collection. Thinking about tossing all of those old cds? Think again. If you aren’t looking to make a profit in recycling, try gluing several together in a creative way to make a coaster, or even a table platter. Paint them - turn them into Christmas ornaments. Want to buy a new comforter for your bed but aren’t quite sure what to do with the old one? With a little needle and thread, you can make several couch cushions from the cotton and material. 

The foundation of sustainability is reinvention. Most items in your home will be made of materials that can be repurposed into something more basic. Items like cotton, wood, paper, plastic, and tin can be broken down and saved for craft projects. Do It Yourself sites are full of ideas for recycling every day household items. Old sheets become rags to wash your car. T-shirts you love but don’t really wear anymore become a unique quilt full of your favourite memories.

Image from Sojourner Cyclery. Click on image to go to site.

Get Inspired - Get Art

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started in your own coveted sustainability art installation, why not check out some of the work others are doing? Cincinnati Green put on a “Coveted Sustainability” Art Show at their LEED Platinum Office in Over-the-Rhine Cincinnati. Sojourner Cycling featured a wooden tandem bike ridden across country by a father and son team, and other installations will include anything from vintage IKEA furniture to candy wrapper handbags. After the show, when taking inventory, one piece was stolen, so it proved that sustainability is coveted!

Taking a look at the resources you have access to every day is the first step to improving the sustainability of your environment. Get creative - and don’t forget to have a good time doing it!


"Can You Save Money by Recycling?." money. http://www.money.co.uk/article/1010366-can-you-save-money-by-recycling.htm (accessed May 29, 2014).

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"Waste and Recycling Facts." Clean Air Council. http://www.cleanair.org/Waste/wasteFacts.html (accessed May 29, 2014).

contributed by reader, Emma Harriman

Sustainable marketing is one of the hardest products to sell. Because it can't be sold. It is a belief of the individual. Belief in science and your role in the environment is a life long challendge. If you would like help communicating to those early adopters, give us a call. To learn more about the basics of content marketing, click below.

Strategic Content Creation Handbook by Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Lohre & Associates

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2015 Green Marketing Home Tours

Sat, Jan 03, 2015 @ 09:44 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Cincinnati, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, Cincinnati Advertising, Business to Business Advertising, Business to Consumer Advertising, Cincinnati Advertising Agency


Cincinnati Green Home Tour

Jan 17

Gaitan Residence
Green Home Tour
10 am till Noon

Paul Gaitan has created a wonderful brand new Cincinnati row house in one of the most desirable locations
near Washington Park. Come join us for this first of eight tours scheduled for 2015. Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com, 
513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Wright Residence Green Home Tour

Feb 21

Wright Residence Green Home Tour
10 am till Noon

Heather and James Kinsman of the Nov 2014 tour encouraged architect Edward Wright to share his update on Mid-Century Modern
and LEED home in Northside with us. Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com
513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Cincinnati Business Courier and USGBC Green Business Awards

Mar 5

Cincinnati Business
Courier and Cincinnati
Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council - Green Business Awards

They have included hundreds of sustainable organizations in the Tri-State. Learn more at USGBC Cincinnati.

Nutter Residence Green Home Tour

Mar 21

Nutter Residence
Green Home Tour
10 am till Noon

One of the leaders in sustainable design in the Tri-State. We have had many student tours at the home and always learn new things about how high performance homes perform and their care. Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com,
513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Gaitan Green Home Tour

The Gaitan Residence is on track to be a LEED Silver home. Tour: Sat., Jan 17, 10 am to Noon - Free, Max of 20 people, Registration required, email chuck@lohre.com or call 513-260-9025. The home is located in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Over-The-Rhine. Address will be provided when you register.

Attendees receive a great swag bag including info about the local U.S. Green Building Council's Green Living Member Circle, Greener Stock, Building Value, Being Green in Cincinnati, Park+Vine, Big Ass Fans, Gilkey Windows, Cincinnati Metro, Rumke Recycling and raffle chance for items from Method Home, Cresbi Crate and more.


Hi friend,

We're offering eight 2015 sustainable home tours in the hope that a community of passionate individuals will come together and promote green building in the Tri-State through the local Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council's Green Living Member Circle. Here are the other tours for 2015:

• Apr 25, 9 till 11 am - Imago for the Earth Conscious Community, Price Hill, Cincinnati, OH
• May 16, 10 till Noon - Boulter Residence, Frank Lloyd Wright Architect, Clifton, Cincinnati, OH
• Sep 12, 10 till Noon - Fritz Residence, Sun Sugar Farms, Verona, KY
• Oct 3, 10 till Noon - Fischer Residence, Milford, OH
• Nov 14, 10 till Noon - Brad Cooper Tiny Home, Cincinnati, OH

Go to Green-Cincinnati.com to learn more, Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com, 513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Sincerely, Chuck Lohre

"There's no such thing as a free lunch . . .,"Krista Atkins Nutter, Architect.

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Coveted Sustainability: An Art Show in Cincinnati

Thu, Jul 17, 2014 @ 09:24 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Cincinnati, Business to Consumer Marketing, Cincinnati Marketing Agencies, Cincinnati Advertising Agency


We hope you can make the show, especially August 1 for LumenoCity. We have great view of Music Hall and the park.

Opening Reception July 25, 2014; Aug. 1, 2014 for LumenoCity and closing Reception August 29, 2014; 6 to 11 p.m. Otherwise by appointment from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F.

For Immediate Release
From:  Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy and Lohre & Associates, Inc.
Contact: Chuck Lohre, LEED AP ID+C

Coveted Sustainability: An Art Show
A local green advocate/educator presents his curated collection of everyday goods representing the conscience intersection of aesthetics, craft and engineering

Coveted Sustainability Art Show 480x200

(Cincinnati, July 17, 2014) What is art? This question has long challenged philosophers and artists. Art in the invariable march of history is given significance and meaning through emotional reaction, through connection and through intention with the audience. Art is therefore relational. One must relate to the artist, the piece and the story behind it. This is what has sustained art throughout the ages.

Local green educator and conscience materials advocate Chuck Lohre adds to the discussion by presenting “Coveted Sustainability: An Art Show” at his Over-the-Rhine office. Not only will Lohre showcase beautiful objects that represent sustainability, but in the process, will artfully contribute to the sustainable movement here in Cincinnati by combining his passion for all things green with his love of art, engineering, materials and aesthetics.

To spark discussions on whether “beautiful art can be sustainable” Lohre curated a small capsule of commonly used items that range from functionality of a GoSun Solar Stove to the beautiful aesthetics of a handmade wooden tandem bicycle to the exquisiteness of intricately hand-woven baskets from Ghana, Africa.

Lohre has long been inspired by famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, to name a few. It was his love of art and design that drew him into the world of architecture and his appreciation of craft and consciousness that drew him to sustainability. Lohre recognizes the need to give to future generations through an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but he also wants to create a balance between beauty, functionality, engineering and environmentalism, an art in and of itself.

“So much of what we create, consume and use has an impact, on us, on the environment and the people who create it. I wanted to showcase our ability to still have all the aesthetic luxuries we are accustomed to, and yet to do so responsibly. That is why I created ‘Coveted Sustainability,’” says Lohre. “I think the items I found are ‘covetable’ for a variety of reasons ranging from their aesthetic and engineering genius to their eco-friendly function.” They’re also all examples of legacy design, Lohre continues, “Most of the items are built to last and can be handed down to future generations.”

Showcasing these items isn’t simply about presenting their aesthetic appeal, Lohre contends.  Instead, spotlighting the goods is meant to spark a conversation about what they accomplish, how we relate to them and to the people who created them; most important, it is about the stories the items create in the process and finding true meaning in sustainability as we discover their inner beauty:

·      A handmade, wooden tandem bicycle made by Jay Kinsinger of Mt. Carmel, Ohio, and the best-of-show winner from 2014 North American Bike Show, displays the functionality of beautiful walnut wood. To prove it is just as functional as the latest carbon fiber bicycles, Jay and his son rode the bike across the country recently creating beautiful memories embodies in its form and its presence is a true tour de force.
·      Hand-woven baskets from Ghana made by local women. Funds from the sale of these baskets go back to help empower them and improve their livelihoods and their families.
·      GoSun Solar Stove is a locally made lightweight portable stove that has been four years in the making thanks to the efforts of Patrick Sherwin. This stove offers low-income households and those living in developing nations an energy efficient and sanitary method to harness the sun’s energy to cook food.
·      Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) from Phillips Lighting Company will be making one of its first U.S. appearances at the show. OLED makes rollable computer screens possible and will revolutionize portable displays.

These are just a few of the many items on display at the Green Cincinnati offices in Over-the-Rhine. Showcasing these green gems in the greenest office in the city makes Coveted Sustainability a show that no greenie, artist or advocate of either, will want to miss!

NOTE TO EDITORS: Opening Reception July 25, 2014; Aug. 1, 2014 for LumenoCity (our second floor office has a view of Music Hall) and closing Reception August 29, 2014; 6 to 11 p.m. Otherwise by appointment from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F.

Best Regards,
Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com, President, LEED AP
Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, LEED Platinum Headquarters, http://www.green-cincinnati.com
126A West 14th Street, 2nd Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202-7535
877-608-1736, 513-961-1174, Cell 513-260-9025, Fax 513-961-1192
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Rocking Industrial Marketing Advertisements

Mon, Jan 06, 2014 @ 10:33 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Advertising, Technical llustration, Industrial Marketing Advertising, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Advertising, Advertising, Advertising Design, Business to Business Advertising, Business to Consumer Advertising, Advertisement Design, Advertising Literature, Advertising Agency


How do you break through the clutter? Literally. That's our problem as we commence a new campaign for the mining business. Here'a a peek behind the creative process.

Art Dickinson Industrial PhotographyAt first we thought some great photography of their employees would stop everyone on the page. Photos of people are always effective in that respect. Even if the person's face is no larger than a postage stamp, eye-tracking software proves it makes viewers stop and look. But we're not the only creatives to note that -- it's why there are (reliably) a dozen or so such ads in every industry pub. Besides, trying to get the client to use employees is difficult. Conventional wisdom holds you don't want to promote employees for fear that they will want more money. Or worse, letting them get the idea they're indispensible. Testimonials from customers are better but don't hold your breath if your under deadline. Photo courtesy Art Dickinson Photography.

Creative Commons Industrial MarketingWhat are some other, stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks visual attention getters? Babies, dogs and scantily clad women tend to work for the roughneck set, but we don't care to go there. Recently we got involved in using Inventor and Light Wave to produce some 3D technical drawings of equipment. It inspired us to think about using the technology to use a cutaway of the machine and show how it operates. Then the question is: Does an overall picture of the machine tell the viewer instantly what the machine is good for? It's sort of like looking at a sports car versus a dumptruck. If you're selling either and the viewer is looking for that product, they will look at your ad. That's why a product line ad illustrating your product range, is normally a safe idea. Not particulary attention-getting, and actually very boring.

Thanks to Creative Commons for the photo.

Industrial marketing illlustrationSo what about an extreme closeup? Showing the technical details of how the machine works? If so, how would you make that interesting? There's a new smartphone app, Ateva, that allows you to look at a two-dimensional page and up pops a 3D object. The app is programed to identify the photo and then serve the 3D image through your tablet or smartphone. The viewer can move the phone around the page and see the different angles of the 3D illustration. We think that this just might be the ticket to getting attention. Thanks to Powder Bulk Engineering magazine for the image on the left, which could be very entertaining to rotate and zoom in on. We particularly like including a person in the illustration. But a machine cut-a-way is not personal enough to persuade. To persuade you need to strike the problem nerve.

rock and hard place 300x199What problem are you solving? What problem does the viewer have? It may not be the operation of the machine. In one recent example, the problem the customer had was the machine's size. Would it fit into the allowable space? "Between a rock and a hard place," could be a good headline for this example. And an illustration could be memorable and hopefully sharable, by poking some fun at it. A rock 'n' roll guitar plus a steel plate?  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson paired with a diamond? On second thought, these ideas don't shock enough. The germ of a good idea is in here, contrasting items just have to tell the story of not fitting in. Or in this case, just fitting in. Thanks to Embracing My Journey for the photo.

In this example, the machine had a close fit in an underground mine. That's one of the reasons it couldn't be too tall -- it wouldn't fit in. How about a headless miner plus a punny header? "We're working hard to give you more headroom!" Or, "Let our Mega-Slam give you more headroom." The number one thing our client is known for is practical applications of these machines. This is a perfect example of that skill. If we can use the visual to tell these two stories, we'll have a home run. Practical knowledge, plus the right size for the huge capacity the customer wanted. "Fitting ten pounds in a five-pound bag,"

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Creative marketing communications

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Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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Maximizing Search Engine Optimization: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Fri, Dec 13, 2013 @ 01:20 PM / by Lauren Campbell posted in Green Marketing, Inbound Marketing, SEO - search engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Industrial Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, Marketing Content, Business to Business Advertising, Business to Consumer Advertising


Top four things you need to know to maximize search engine optimization: 

  1. Importance of page load time
  2. Importance of providing educational/informational material
  3. Importance of written content on your website
  4. Importance of linking to other sites

Optimizing your website for search engine rankings can be a daunting task. There are a lot of components that go into search engine optimization (SEO) and sometimes making sure that you have all the components is the most difficult part. When people begin dropping terms like meta-description, web crawling, analytics, etc. most people want to bury their head in the sand, too overwhelmed to handle such terminology, let alone the processes needed to meet such criteria. Putting this information into layman terms not only helps the individual in charge of incorporating all the components but also benefits the end users of the website. The high search rankings and SEO that follows is really just an added benefit, not just for you the creator, but for the individuals trying to find what they are looking for. 

Importance of page load time

It is important that the content of the page loads quickly. This is a key factor in SEO and is crucial to popularity. Google takes page load time into account when recommending websites and let's face it, no one wants to sit and watch their page load, they will just move onto another choice, one with faster load times.

describe the image

Importance of providing educational/informational material

An educational feature offered on a website, for example, a product demonstration video, a PDF with detailed information about your product, etc, is important. Offering visitors the ability to view products and how to properly use them is a user-friendly facet that can drive internet traffic your way and help establish credibility with first time visitors. This informational and educational aspect is vital in the current internet market and offering it separates your website from the rest of the websites online, especially if you operate in a very technical industry. Most individuals will not know your industry's terminology or how to use elaborate machinery, offering a video demonstration and/or educational and informative literature, in addition to putting it in common language for first time users, is key for them to digest what it is you are offering. This may also motivate visitors to share your page, information, videos, etc. with other people who may not be familiar with your topic or industry, but want to learn.  

Importance of written content on your website

You also want to make sure that your website has a lot of verbal content. Pictures of your product are great, but if there are no key words or product descriptions, then there is no way for a search engine to crawl your page; after all, web crawlers seek out words people are searching for, not images, at least not yet. By introducing more detailed information about the products, search engine optimization will grow. The use of general keywords also needs to be incorporated in order for general product searchers to find your website; by optimizing your website for more commonly used phrases higher quality traffic will emerge, leading to more qualified buyers.

Picture 9It is also beneficial to introduce more informative content that aids end-users in finding the right product for them. A description of the product, information about what the product is used for, and some background information on the company who makes the product would help web crawling criteria and assist in a more optimized search, while also providing your visitors with valid information. This should also be incorporated into your home page so that the home page is crawled by a search engine and specifically surfaces during a search. However, with the detailed descriptions, caution must be taken. If the description of the product is the same as the descriptions on other websites, competition for that search grows. It would be recommended that the descriptions of products be tweaked, key words and phrases be incorporated, and links to other similar products you offer be introduced to those descriptions.

Importance of linking to other sites

funny seo comic resized 600

Linking to other pages is also helpful and increases search engine ranking. Don't be stingy with your products, offering visitors/customers other options shows them that you want what is best for them and again establishes credibility. This develops a rapport with your visitors and they are more likely to visit again.

Search engine optimization can be very tricky to master, especially because it is ever evolving. Adhering to these few tricks will help you become more familiar with what is required to keep your visitors returning and endorsing your product.

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How to Write a Telemarketing Script for Marketing Communications

Fri, Mar 22, 2013 @ 01:04 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Construction Equipment Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing


Telemarketing for marketing communications is more than a list and a telephone.

To do it efficiently, you need clearly defined scripts for every possibility: calling, email, voice mail and snail mail.

Telemarketing is defined by the number of actions you need to take to get the job done. The number of computer screens you look at and the number of clicks you need to make. Just like any other industrial process, when you look at the full spectrum of events and actions needed to engage the customer and take action, small changes and improvements in your process can have the effect of cutting your time in half and doubling your results. It's all about clearly writing a process script.

Contact Science Telemarketing Marketing Communications resized 600

Image from Contact Science from klpz, we're a partner so get in touch if you're interested in doing telemarketing in half the time and getting four times the results.

In this blog post, we'll illustrate the process by writing a script for our telemarketing program for industrial trade shows. Shows are the centerpiece of industrial marketing. It's where equipment manufacturers get to show off the latest equipment. Product development and even testing is staged to peak at the tri-, bi- or annual shows.

The first stage in our contact process is the opening of the "Call-for-papers" announcement for the educational part of the show. For example the March 4–8, 2014 Concrete and Aggregate Expo has just opened their submissions site. Proposals are due by May 31, 2013. First we go back and update our list from the last show with new exhibitors. Second we will call and remind our friends that the request for submissions is open and ask to help prepare a proposal. Many of these contacts are present or former clients. It isn't a hard sell, just a reminder.

Hi Dennis,

Did you know the call for papers just went out for CONEXPO? Proposals are due May 31. If you are introducing a new technology, this is a great way to get your marketing hat on and start creating your message. The best presentations combine academics, operators and engineers. We like to help, so please get in touch if you decide to present.

Trade Show Presentations Marketing Communications resized 600

The second major date for the show is the 50% down deadline September 1, 2013. At this point, a company will decide to go forward with the show or pull out. Lohre will make a series of calls a month before the kids go on summer vacation, around mid-May. At this time we will put in front of the prospect the latest display concepts and designs.

Hi Dennis,

Have you decided on your booth design for CONEXPO? The latest designs are lightweight to save on shipping, but huge! A two-story design in stretched fabric over aluminum pipe can weigh the same as an old, hard-sided single-story display. Super large color printers and at a super low cost make your graphics colorful and inexpensively replaceable.

Telemarketing Marketing Communications Trade Show Displays resized 600

Hi Dennis,

Just checking in again on CONEXPO. I guess it's time to stop cutting bait and start fishing! The last 50% payment is due September 1. I assume you're going, but you might want to check and see if a better spot has opened up if someone dropped out.

The last set of calls will be made a month before Thanksgiving and it will be for late changes in display design and give-away-items.

Hi Dennis,

Any last minute CONEXPO needs? Flash drives are dirt-cheap now and you know they get used. At a recent show, a client handed out beer cozies to the bars serving the show floor. Every beer that went out got a free cozy.

Telemarketing Marketing Communications Giveaway resized 600

This campaign is designed to keep us in touch with our clients and prospects throughout the year and every year. They all go to shows and shows are the focal point of the industry.

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Creative marketing communications


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Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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Industrial New Product Introduction Marketing Communications Part 2/2

Fri, Mar 01, 2013 @ 10:37 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Inbound Marketing, Public Relations PR, SEO - search engine optimization, Industrial Public Relations PR, Branding and Identity, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Business to Business Advertising, Business to Consumer Advertising, Cincinnati public relations


Now, with all your ducks in a row, it's time to get up on a soapbox!

Internet marketing is now called inbound marketing
The most successful established companies in business-to-business marketing utilize the Internet to extend and complement their current marketing methods. For example, by using the Internet to move important marketing, product, and sales information more quickly to interested prospects, a company can shorten the time it takes for a prospect to make a buying decision, thereby shortening the company's sales cycle. Write technical articles or presentations for the trade and publish these articles on your site. Include a contact form with opt-in request. Send out a quarterly newsletter to those contacts that opt-in as a willing recipient. Have visitors sign in for access to download your value added information. Forward those sales leads to your salespeople. Ask the visitor what sources they use when purchasing your type of product. Spend more of your budget on those media. Start with an informative site that educates your viewer. Follow up with customer services that make it easier for your customer to do business with your company.

New Product Intruction Marketing Communications 3 resized 600
These eye movement images shows where the viewer is looking on the search engine pages.

  • Run modest web site advertising programs with Google (AdWords),Yahoo (Sponsored Results), Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • A telltale sign that an ad generates good sales response is the fact that it repeats, month to month, in every issue of a publication.
  • Smaller, inquiry-generating ads run by trade, industrial and business-to-business advertisers prove this point, and pay their way by generating sales response, not merely brand awareness, with every placement.
  • To maximize the cost, impact and coverage of your new product introduction advertising program, run the largest fractional ad your company can afford, with a minimum three-time placement schedule in the two top publications.

Public Relations
The guiding principles of successful business-to-business public relations programs include seeking high-quality editorial coverage by making news announcements only when your company has "something to talk about," and thinking of how your press release or announcement will be perceived by the writer or editor at the trade publication. Since "hard" news events occurring in your company, such as new product announcements, have the highest chance of receiving coverage in your field, they should be the focus of most of your PR planning efforts.

Direct Mail Marketing Communications resized 600
This advertisement had a business reply card added to the bottom and tri-folded into a letter size direct mail piece. It was a survey mailed to their customer list. They received a 20% response. Typical for customer mailings.

Direct Mail
  • The most important part of any direct mail project is, by far, the mailing list used for the project.
  • The "quality" of the names on this mailing list i.e., their propensity to become purchasers of your company's products determines the ultimate success or failure of the mailing.
  • Even a poorly-written or implemented mailing piece stands a better chance of being successful if mailed to a top quality mailing list; however, the best mailing piece mailed to a poor-quality mailing list is unlikely to generate adequate response.
  • Alternative marketing options, such as print advertising campaigns, often generate far less response compared to making the basic changes often necessary to correct a poorly performing direct mail program.

Follow-up phone calls made by sales reps to prospects who have recently received the company’s direct mail packages are often a necessary step in the sales process for many companies in business-to-business markets, and underperforming direct mail projects will often require additional follow-up contacts by the company’s sales reps to boost mailing response. Some say that it takes up to 11 contacts to close an industrial sale. So if they are real prospects, that have a need and a budget, stick with them!

Trade Show Display Marketing Communications resized 600
Simple visuals that back up your benefits will communicate your message quickly. The average person has an attention span of 8 seconds.

Trade Shows

Just as prior sales experience is a major advantage in a marketing manager’s professional background, getting live “face time” by talking with prospects and customers at the trade show provides invaluable response that helps marketing managers improve their company’s marketing program, by helping marketing managers improve the sales copy, presentation, and targeting of their marketing program. Booth locations that directly face the show entrance at the front of the show floor are the best locations for your tradeshow booth because they attract interested show visitors early, prior to visiting other exhibitors’ booths.

A sale is the bottom line
  • Salesmanship is always the most important element in the development of marketing projects.
  • It is the catalyst that makes every aspect of marketing deliverables effective and persuasive in the market from copy and design to layout and production.
  • The role of creativity is to serve the salesmanship that determines the product’s key sales benefit, positioning and call to action.
  • Creativity also plays a role in the downstream aspects of copy, design and layout for marketing deliverables, but always works in service to salesmanship.
  • Underperforming ads, mailings or other marketing deliverables are most often caused by poor presentation in deliverables, poor execution of marketing projects, incorrect prospect targeting, wrong allocation of marketing costs to underperforming media and methods, and other problems directly related to the marketing program.
  • The genesis of these problems usually stems from lack of leadership and poor management on the part of marketing managers in supplying outside ad agencies with the essential direction in copy and strategy required to drive the process of creating, developing, and executing successful marketing projects

If you don't succeed at first, try, try again. It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
In many instances, the result of a marketing program for a start-up or new product launch is neither a success nor a failure. Ultimate success is determined by your mindset. The measures you take to assess the causes of poor sales response and the steps you execute to correct the problems identified by the results of the marketing communication are key. Smart marketing managers realize they must be alert to detecting the clues from these first efforts - such as copy changes, media selection or better prospect targeting - that can yield better results on the next implementation. Prior research, or market surveys usually do not reflect the actual reality of sales response to a product, and are never a substitute for - asking for the order - in live advertising, mailings and other hard dollar marketing projects. The need for “branding” and brand reinforcement generally applies to those kinds of companies who can afford to implement massive saturation advertising campaigns to gain incremental market share in very large and mature markets. The importance of “branding” as a goal has been grossly overstated for small and mid-sized companies selling their products in industrial markets and is often a costly distraction from the far more important goal of using effective salesmanship and clear, persuasive presentation in company marketing projects.

  1. “You and the Law,” Editor: Henry V. Poor, Assoc. Dean, Yale Law School
  2. "Marketing Skills Assessment," Author: Rick Kean, Director, Business Marketing Association
  3. “Diversity in the Workplace - Unleashing the Power of a Multi-Generational Workplace,” Author: Janice Urbanik, Construction Process Solutions, Ltd., Global Lead Management Consulting
  4. “NPCA Plant Certification Program,” NPCA Web Site•"10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads," Author: Ed Lawler, Professor Northwestern University
  5. “How to Write a Case History,” Editors “Powder Bulk Engineering” Magazine

Industrial New Product Introduction Marketing Communications Part 1

Creative marketing communications

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Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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