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Scott Hasson Rejoins Lohre & Associates as Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Tue, Jul 16, 2019 @ 01:25 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Marketing, Industrial Advertising, Adwords, Industrial Marketing Advertising, Business to Consumer Marketing, Cincinnati Advertising, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, digital marketing


Scott Hasson Rejoins Lohre & Associates as Vice President, Sales & Marketing


CINCINNATI, JULY 10, 2019 – Scott Hasson rejoins Lohre & Associates as vice president of sales and marketing July 1, 2019. Hasson brings his experiences from Corbus, LLC (Dayton) where he performed contract work with Procter & Gamble’s global digital advertising for the past six years from their Cincinnati headquarters. Hasson managed search, social, and programmatic advertising campaigns for the Personal Health Care (PHC) category brands that include: Vicks, Pepto-Bismol, PrilosecOTC, Metamucil, Align and Stressballs vitamin supplement. Immediately prior, Hasson was part of P&G’s global digital operations team managing campaign governance, oversight, analysis and reporting across all of P&G’s global brands.


“We are delighted to have Scott back on the Lohre team,” said Chuck Lohre, president of the Cincinnati-based agency. “With his impressive skills in social media and programmatic advertising campaigns, Lohre is better equipped to navigate online advertising ROI for our clients. While at Lohre from 2003 to 2013,” Lohre continued, “Scott worked with many business-to-business clients that our agency continues to serve.” With experience on both the client-side and agency-side, “Scott brings unique perspective to client marketing and advertising challenges," Lohre said.


In his sales and marketing role, Hasson brings nearly 20 years of marketing, advertising and strategic leadership experience to new and existing clients. Key disciplines include strategic marketing, digital advertising, SEO and SEM, social media strategy, analytics and reporting and website design. Hasson also received an MBA with a marketing focus from Xavier University in 2012 and earned a Bachelor’s degree with a journalism major from Indiana University in 2000.


“I’m thrilled to be part of the Lohre & Associates team,” Hasson said. “I’m joining such a talented and dedicated group of individuals to serve our clients’ various marketing, advertising, design, and digital needs.”


Lohre & Associates, a full-service advertising agency since 1935, specializes in mechanical, chemical, food, electrical and sustainable building technologies. The agency provides marketing strategy and execution through media and publicity, print and digital media advertising, trade show execution, photography, video or website design. Lohre & Associates successfully integrates client needs to generate proven results.



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Mobile-Friendly Website Design with an Image-Based Menu

Mon, Jan 25, 2016 @ 09:16 AM / by Myke Amend posted in Internet Marketing, Process Equipment Marketing, Website Design, B2B Advertising, Internet Design and Development, Graphic Design, Cincinnati Web Design Agency, Cincinnati Advertising, Internet Development, Advertising Design, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Advertisement Design, Cincinnati Website Design, Advertising Agency, Web Design


When Lohre and Associates began this project, Roto-Disc, Inc. had a standard HTML web site that they liked, as much as we did, for a number of good reasons:

  • It was built to reflect the look and feel of Roto-Disc's product catalog about as closely as could be done with a website. It matched Roto-Disc's catalogue so very well that the site itself felt like well-designed and well-planned literature.
  • Pages were designed, not as a whole in cookie-cutter fashion, but for their purpose. Much like a printed brochure, everything was cohesively-branded as one well-collected work - yet each individual page was custom-tailored to best-present the products and services on that page.
  • The existing outline was near-perfect. Divisions between pages and topics were pretty spot-on, easy to navigate and easy to follow.

Web Design for Rotodisc CincinnatiAbove: The standard HTML site that was.

It was however, as sites made years ago tend to be: static in size and format, with no mobile menus or even alternate mobile version, and no CMS or other way to dynamically-generate new content - all of which we know to be a problem today for these reasons:

  • Google now gives better indexing for mobile-friendly sites, and penalizes sites that do not have mobile-friendly design or versions.
  • Engineers and other decision-makers in the Process Industry cannot easily view these sites while they are out in the field, which is about the time that needs for new equipment tend to arise or happen to be revealed.
  • Sites not viewed by mobile users do not get shared by mobile users, who make up for an increasingly-large percentage of internet viewers.
  • Sites that are blogs, WIKIS, or otherwise CMS-driven, have a sizable SEO advantage over most sites that are not. Growing content and fostering inbound links are incredibly-important to SEO. Blogs also enable a company to position itself as an industry leader, and give them the tools to build and maintain better customer relationships.

Another need to consider was that Roto-Disc's Product line would soon be expanding. In addition to the Heavy-Duty Spherical Valves, Lighter-Weight Spherical Valves, Sanitary Spherical valves, Inflatable Seal Spherical Valves, Heavy-Duty Clean Flow Diverters, and Airlock/Double-Dump Valves Roto-Disc already had a new section for Flange Adaptors, Wedge Inserts, and Stub Adaptors that needed to fit into the current image-based menu. Soon Roto-Disc would need to also add Process Transitions, and Splitters/Convergers, as well as the Flange Adaptors to this small swatch of internet real-estate.

From This We Created A Short List of Initial Project Goals:

  • Emulate the general look and feel of Roto-Disc's catalog, which we had recently updated for the new product line.
  • Preserve the image-based menu and allow for more menu items to be added.
  • Make their site completely responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Make navigating and reading the site easy for *all* sizes: large screens, smartphones, *and* tablets.
  • Build it as a CMS (Wordpress in this case) for blogging, scaleable SEO, Inbound Marketing, and ease of content editing.
  • Include the best SEO plugins available so that the SEO approach can be updated for new search rules and algorithms.

Which Enabled Us to Build This List of Challenges:

  • The new catalog was rich with very in-depth charts for most every product. Some of these would require tables with at least 15 columns. Large tables are very difficult to display on mobile devices and harder still to display in a size and format that is easy to read and does not require scrolling or turning the device to horizontal view.
  • We wanted the image-based menu to look good on desktop systems, and did not want to lose it to a simple mobile menu at tablet and mobile sizes.
  • The image-based menu would require dropdowns so that viewers would have direct access to the spefic product information they were looking for.
  • We needed dropdown menus to work for desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphones. Since touch devices do not have a hover state for links, we needed to make the menu expand and contract when clicked, not moused over. This was a major consideration when it came to tablet users, because the image would present somewhat like the desktop version, but with no mouseover capabilities.
  • We wanted to preserve the image menus even in the mobile version if possible.
  • Having "sticky" always-on-top navigation is always nice when it comes to desktops and laptops - We wanted to find a way to do this for both the header and standard navigation, as well as the image navigation. We wanted to do this without these items completely consuming the available viewport. We also wanted the sticky image menu to not be sticky on tablets because of limited space.
  • For tablet users who would lose this sticky navigation, we needed alternatives, such as an easy way to return to the navigation and/or adding navigation also to the footer of the pages.

Our Solutions:

Web Design /Website Design for RotoDisc Cincinnati

Wide-open: The site design is based on the Brochure, but made for web, driven by Wordpress, with an image menu plugin for ease of editing the image-based menu.

Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

An Additional Consideration: For Desktop users, the image links display an instruction when moused over, letting them know that clicking will open and close the submenu (though the submenu will go also away on its own when no longer in focus).

Mobile-friendly Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

The benefits of using a plugin and not hard-coding this aspect: All of the above menu and Submenu items can be added, removed, or edited through the control panel.

Mobile-friendly Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc, Cincinnati

Two Sticky Menus in motion: The Image menu slides up onto the header when the page is scrolled, and stays - leaving the most important items of both sets of navigation always at the top of the screen for easy access.

Mobile version of Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

Not so sticky: On smaller-sized screens not quite small-enough for the mobile menu the image menu items switch size to fall into three rows of three icons. The menu no longer sticks at the top so that content can be seen when scrolling.

Web Design / Website Design Tables for Rotodisc Cincinnati

Large Tables: These charts do not seem like they will fit well on a smaller screen... especially not on mobile, not even in landscape aspect. What can be done?

Mobile width view of Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

AHA! Jquery to the rescue: By rotating the table header text 90% and re-scaling those cells accordingly, we have a LOT more space to work with when presenting these tables on mobile devices. No scrolling necessary. Some strategic line-breaking in the product number column and Viola!

Mobile width view 2 of Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

The Mobile Menu: It seems as though the image menu has been lost... and that would be sad. ... but we can do better!

Mobile width view of Nav menu for Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

Huzzah!: There is that image menu again, not lost afterall.

Mobile menu of Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

The "Open/Close" Instructions: They are pointless here, because you cannot mouseover on a tablet or other mobile device, but they won't be seen for this reason. Plus: They are still handy if you like keeping your browser window very small.

Mobile menu view for Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

Tricky: Submenus on an image menu in a mobile menu. I can't think of any place I have seen this before - actually *many* aspects of this project were something completely new.

Mobile width view 3 of Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

Falling in line: Divs and most tables break apart - images set themselves to fill the viewport, and horizontal content becomes vertical in order to keep images large enough to view, also keeping text from being crammed awkwardly on the smaller screen.

Below: You'll notice the menu does not stick to the top in mobile view. Sticky menus on mobile, especially for sites with many pages, are not a good idea. If the menu extends beyond the viewport, and does not scroll - then the only part of the menu that can be accessed is the part at the top of the screen. This will leave visitors stuck and incredibly frustrated. You can in some cases make another scrollbar just for the navigation, but if it is not seen visitors will think they have arrived at a broken site and move on.

Mobile width view 4 of Web Design / Website Design for Rotodisc Cincinnati

Guide to Web Site Redesign by Cincinnati Website Design Company, Lohre & Associates

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One Hour Green Building Marketing Tour of Cincinnati

Wed, Dec 02, 2015 @ 12:37 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Cincinnati, Green Building Marketing, Cincinnati Advertising, Cincinnati Marketing

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Cincinnati Ohio has one of the most concentrated LEED building collections in the world. A quick one hour tour will show you who's a part of this movement.

William_Manning_CplusRA1-300.jpgThe tour starts at the Fire Station No. 9 in Avondale. After your breakfast at Sugar N Spice, step out side and notice the gleaming white concrete blocks that keep the building cool in the summer. The solar shades on the south side also help along with the concrete parking areas. The grounds have native and adaptive landscaping. The polished concrete floors are stained blue in the living quarters. We have used the community room for classes to pass the LEED AP exam. The only problem is that you have to evacuate if the house gets a call requiring all the trucks to leave! Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy hosted an educational event for the opening of the station. Mayor Mark Mallory came and addressed the attendees.

North_Avondale_School_-_2-300.jpgAs we travel south on Reading Road to the North Avondale Cincinnati Public School we'll discuss how Ginny Frazier, a teacher at CPS who couldn't catch a breath in the new schools CPS was building, partnered with Joel Stout, president of the local chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, to convince CPS to build to LEED standards and along the way got legislation passed in Ohio to require all educational funds reach LEED standards. North Avondale has an active after school green mentoring program run by Ginny Frazier and her Alliance for Interconnection and Connectivity non-profit enviromental advocacy organization. Ohio Leads the Nation with 100 LEED-Certified Public Schools and Hundreds More in the Pipeline,"Ohio is the recognized nationwide leader in sustainable school design, with more than 300 total schools either registered or certified through LEED. On average, Ohio’s first 100 certified schools have been designed to use 35 percent less energy and an average of 37 percent less water than comparable buildings constructed and operated to traditional standards. In addition, these schools provide healthier indoor environments conducive to learning."

1706_Martha1_Northwind_-_12_-300.jpgBut city buildings and schools aren't the only revolution going on in Cincinnati, in 2007 the city wanted to encourage sustainable homes and chose the USGBC LEED requirements to take all the paper work out of the program. It took off like gangbusters, developers turned around in their tracks to the suburbs and returned to build exclusively within Cincinnati. The owners of these homes bring valuable income tax, improve the building base and provide jobs in the city. The next stop will be the Northwind Subdivision of Potter Hill Homes in Northside. It's a cute collection of smaller LEED Silver homes. Of all the many homes in the neighborhood only one owner didn't want the LEED Certification. Potter Hill Homes also offers a solar panel and geothermal package to help the home approach net-zero energy.

P1080309_-_300.jpgNext stop on the wild side. The Cincinnati Zoo also started the movement with zoos in the nation with the Harold C Schott Education Center. This building is a good representation of what a fully featured green building. From the orientation of the building with the solar panels facing the sun and one of the state largest rain gardens in front. The interior of the building tells a visual story of a building you can almost eat: the linoleum floor, wheat straw board, shellac finish, cement paneling and top it off with one of the first waterless urinals in the city. As we drive by the 1600 watt solar panel array which anchors the LEED Platinum entrance village, it produces 20% of the zoo electricity. When the public parks their car under the array and sees solar energy in action, they know renewable energy is here to stay. The zoo represents one of the city's best marketing tools, it attracts visitors from all walks of life. New converts can see how the zoo's projects contribute to sustainability and their excellent signage takes it home for them. You'll note in the photo that the Entry Village restrooms have solar hot water generators on the roof.

UC_Steger_-_2_-300.jpgCincinnati has another pioneer in sustainable building practices, the University of Cincinnati. Through the vision of the University's architect, Mary Beth McGrew, the university recognizes the quality of construction of the LEED process and that it represents the best value for their supporters and doners. UC built one of the first LEED projects in the region in 2002, the Recreation Center and quickly followed up with a unique building that took lemons and made lemonade. The Steger Student Center is an worldwide award winning project that uses the long narrow site which faced the sun and used it to bring light and beautiful views to the occupants. UC has renovated the Van Worner and the Teacher's college as well, demonstrating that you can reuse existing shells and preserve the history and quality of the university while being sustainable.

Lohre_And_Assoc_-_1_-_300.jpgAs we get closer to downtown, we'll cruise by our LEED Platinum office or condo at 126A West 14th St. just to the north of Washington Park, which was built to LEED standards but never certified. One reason I could tell is that they ran the ventilation fans like mad for a several days before opening to meet the indoor air quality standrads. You have to pump 24 cubic feet of air for each square foot of floor space before occupancy!  Our office is the Greenest Office in Cincinnati as awarded by the Cincinnati Business Courier. They started ranking the Green Buildings in Cincinnati in 2014. It's one list we wish we weren't on top of! The office has also been included in a blog post of the top ten Greenest Projects in the world. We're very proud of our sustainable space. 

Times_Star_300.jpgNext is the Times Star Building. Built in 1933 by the Taft Family it was designed as a newspaper production facility. The long low section housed the printing presses and the 14 story tower was home to the Tafts apartment on top and the executive offices below. It's a great building to tour and much appreciated in Cincinnati. Congratulations to Hamilton County for making the effort to make this star shine. It took quite a bit of work to improve the heating systems, lighting systems, water systems, windows, reduce off gassing of interior furniture and improve interior air quality. Recycling and sustainable consumable programs were also put in place.

P1080358_-300.jpgWe'll wind up our tour at the LEED Certified Moerlein Lager House. Cincinnati's first LEED resturant and the Cincinnati Park Board's first LEED project. Really there another attempt for the first LEED restaurant in Cincinnati but an error in their application prevented it from becoming certified. To obtain the tax abatement for a commercial project you have to get approval from the city before starting construction. The confusion came about because for homes in Cincinnati to get the tax abatement you have to get your LEED Certification first and then apply for the tax abatement. The same thing happened to another project but at least we were able to get it LEED Platinum Certified. If and when it ever is used for residential, it will be able to receive the Cincinnati tax abatement.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Cincinnati's LEED projects. Our most recent effort to promote the local Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council has been a series of Green Home tours. You can learn more at the Green Living Member Circle website page. I hope to see you on one of the tours. Subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to get the tour announcements. And as always, I'm available to walk you through the things you can do sustainably for your home or office. Just stop by our office and we can catch some lunch in OTR.

OSFC Executive Director Richard Hickman called today’s announcement “exciting, and certainly a statement on how Ohio has embraced environmentally friendly design. These projects, which represent a commitment to both our schoolchildren and the future of our environment, are the direct result of innovative teamwork from architects, construction managers, trade contractors and our project partners, the local school districts. I commend them for their accomplishments.”

Ohio is the recognized nationwide leader in sustainable school design, with more than 300 total schools either registered or certified through LEED. On average, Ohio’s first 100 certified schools have been designed to use 35 percent less energy and an average of 37 percent less water than comparable buildings constructed and operated to traditional standards. In addition, these schools provide healthier indoor environments conducive to learning.

- See more at: http://ohio.realestaterama.com/2013/12/11/ohio-leads-the-nation-with-100-leed-certified-public-schools-and-hundreds-more-in-the-pipeline-ID0631.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=3248445#sthash.DimOQXrs.dpuf
Ohio Leads the Nation with 100 LEED-Certified Public Schools and Hundreds More in the Pipeline - See more at: http://ohio.realestaterama.com/2013/12/11/ohio-leads-the-nation-with-100-leed-certified-public-schools-and-hundreds-more-in-the-pipeline-ID0631.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=3248445#sthash.DimOQXrs.dpuf
Ohio Leads the Nation with 100 LEED-Certified Public Schools and Hundreds More in the Pipeline - See more at: http://ohio.realestaterama.com/2013/12/11/ohio-leads-the-nation-with-100-leed-certified-public-schools-and-hundreds-more-in-the-pipeline-ID0631.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=3248445#sthash.DimOQXrs.dpuf
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2015 Green Marketing Home Tours

Sat, Jan 03, 2015 @ 09:44 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Cincinnati, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, Cincinnati Advertising, Business to Business Advertising, Business to Consumer Advertising, Cincinnati Advertising Agency


Cincinnati Green Home Tour

Jan 17

Gaitan Residence
Green Home Tour
10 am till Noon

Paul Gaitan has created a wonderful brand new Cincinnati row house in one of the most desirable locations
near Washington Park. Come join us for this first of eight tours scheduled for 2015. Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com, 
513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Wright Residence Green Home Tour

Feb 21

Wright Residence Green Home Tour
10 am till Noon

Heather and James Kinsman of the Nov 2014 tour encouraged architect Edward Wright to share his update on Mid-Century Modern
and LEED home in Northside with us. Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com
513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Cincinnati Business Courier and USGBC Green Business Awards

Mar 5

Cincinnati Business
Courier and Cincinnati
Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council - Green Business Awards

They have included hundreds of sustainable organizations in the Tri-State. Learn more at USGBC Cincinnati.

Nutter Residence Green Home Tour

Mar 21

Nutter Residence
Green Home Tour
10 am till Noon

One of the leaders in sustainable design in the Tri-State. We have had many student tours at the home and always learn new things about how high performance homes perform and their care. Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com,
513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Gaitan Green Home Tour

The Gaitan Residence is on track to be a LEED Silver home. Tour: Sat., Jan 17, 10 am to Noon - Free, Max of 20 people, Registration required, email chuck@lohre.com or call 513-260-9025. The home is located in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Over-The-Rhine. Address will be provided when you register.

Attendees receive a great swag bag including info about the local U.S. Green Building Council's Green Living Member Circle, Greener Stock, Building Value, Being Green in Cincinnati, Park+Vine, Big Ass Fans, Gilkey Windows, Cincinnati Metro, Rumke Recycling and raffle chance for items from Method Home, Cresbi Crate and more.


Hi friend,

We're offering eight 2015 sustainable home tours in the hope that a community of passionate individuals will come together and promote green building in the Tri-State through the local Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council's Green Living Member Circle. Here are the other tours for 2015:

• Apr 25, 9 till 11 am - Imago for the Earth Conscious Community, Price Hill, Cincinnati, OH
• May 16, 10 till Noon - Boulter Residence, Frank Lloyd Wright Architect, Clifton, Cincinnati, OH
• Sep 12, 10 till Noon - Fritz Residence, Sun Sugar Farms, Verona, KY
• Oct 3, 10 till Noon - Fischer Residence, Milford, OH
• Nov 14, 10 till Noon - Brad Cooper Tiny Home, Cincinnati, OH

Go to Green-Cincinnati.com to learn more, Limited to 20 guests, contact Chuck Lohre, chuck@lohre.com, 513-260-9025 for a reservation.

Sincerely, Chuck Lohre

"There's no such thing as a free lunch . . .,"Krista Atkins Nutter, Architect.

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Cool Green Marketing Events for July 2014

Mon, Jul 07, 2014 @ 09:04 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Green Marketing, Green Events, Cincinnati Advertising, Cincinnati PR Agencies, Cincinnati Marketing


Melink Corporation

July 10

LEED V4 The Legacy Continues

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Melink Corporation,Net Zero Headquarters, 5140 River Valley Rd, Milford, OH 45150. "Changes to LEED GA and LEED AP testing requirements and credential maintenance." Free to USGBC Cincinnati members, guests $10. Learn more.


Clifty Falls State park

July 13

Boots and Brews: Creeks and Falls

Noon to 6:30 pm

Benchmark Outfitters
Hike Clifty Falls State Park. See cool fossils, snakes and waterfalls all led by Chris Clements, Imago’s Executive Director.  Learn more.


Coveted Sustainability Art Show

July 25

"Coveted Sustainability" Art Opening

6:00 to 11:00 pm

Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy
, 126A West 14th St. Featuring Jay Kisinger's handmade walnut tandem bicycle -- 2014 North American Hand Made Bicycle Exhibition Best-Of-Show Winner.  Learn more.


Cincinnati Preservation LEED Tour

July 26


10:00 am -- Noon

1405 Elm St.
The greenest building is the one already built! Tour a green/historic renovation in progress along the streetcar route. Free to Cincinnati Preservation Association members, guests $10. Learn more.


tandem480x200This handmade 26-inch touring frame uses hollow 5–6mm thick black walnut tubes with an oil finish. Need convincing that this wooden bike is more than a gorgeous prop? The builder and his son rode it from coast to coast across the US. On display at the 'Coveted Sustainability' Art Show running from July 25 to Aug 29 at Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy and Lohre & Associates' LEED Platinum office at 126A West 14th St., 2nd Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202, just north of Washington Park.

Hi friend,

We hope to see you at the "Coveted Sustainability' Art Show opening July 25 from 6 to 11 p.m. The whole idea came from attending a day long Mid-Century Modern seminar at the Cincinnati Art Museum. This collection demonstates that sustainability is beautiful and coveted. We've included sustainable art objects you would want to steal!

City Flea Cincinnati Washington ParkThere's more!
July 12 - "City Flea" in Washington Park 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
July 13 - "Second Sunday on Main" Noon to 5 p.m. 
July 17 - "Twilight in the Garden" at the Cincinnati Zoo 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Sincerely, Chuck Lohre

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you," Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Chuck Lohre, LEED AP and Documentation ConsultantFor a no obligation green building consultation for your home or office please contact Chuck Lohre, LEED AP ID+C. He'll go over the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Reference Guide with you and offer helpful suggestions for Green Building Consultants, Architects, Interior Designers, Building Material Suppliers and Contractors. You can even borrow the Reference Guide if you like. Article from the Cincinnati Business Courier.
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How to Create Emotional Marketing Communications

Wed, Mar 20, 2013 @ 11:04 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Marketing, Industrial Advertising, Industrial Marketing Advertising, Industrial Marketing Trade Show, Literature Design, Promotional Brochure Design, Industrial Marketing and Advertising Literature, Marketing and Advertising Fun, Advertising, Cincinnati Advertising, Advertising Design, Business to Business Advertising, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Advertisement Design, Advertising Literature, print advertising, Advertising Literature Design, Corporate Advertising Literature, print advertisements, Cincinnati Literature Design, Advertising Agency, Ad Design

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To create marketing people love, you need to appeal to their emotions.

As said in his blog, "People buy on emotion—and justify by logic." You can learn more about emotional persuasion at the Wikipedia post where it lists these appeals to emotion:

  • Advertising
  • Faith
  • Presentation and Imagination
  • Propaganda
  • Pity
  • Seduction
  • Tradition

Breakthroguh Marketing Communications 1 resized 600
This ad "connects" with the viewer because it contains a human hand. The connectors on the fingers make you think about why they are there. Are they hurting the hand? What are they doing there? Adding a body part into an ad is like adding a person. It's also one reason testimonials are successful when there's a photo of the person, looking at you, telling their experiences. If the story is good enough, your opinion will be changed.


Emotional Marketing Communications 2 resized 600

Why does this ad evoke a visceral reaction? No one likes a messy job. Here's a solution. And then, there are those hands again! You only have a few seconds to introduce the main benefit and visual that backs it up. The double entendre, from something that you can hold in your hand to a push-button effort, always helps develop the main visual and headline. Your brain looks at it like a riddle. And who doesn't like trying to solve a riddle?


Emotional Marketing Communications 3 resized 600

This is one of the most humorous ads the agency has ever produced. It was fun to do and started out as a takeoff on the Splice Girls, but the lawyers said we had to make it a parody. So out went the attractive young ladies, and in came the construction workers dressed in drag. Those husky models were a bit surprised at the costumes we had for them! Like other successful ads we've done, it was immediately ripped out of the publication and stuck on the company billboard with callouts of the likely suspects in the company identified! It's the print equivalent of going viral.

Emotional marketing Communications 4 resized 600

This is the most "graphic" ad the agency produced and so were reactions. Some people really didn't like it, but most were amused and everyone remembered it. Phone calls to the client (immediately after publication) complained it cast the industry in a bad light. (The rendering business is in the business of reducing carcasses to pulp for further processing.) This ad style is hard to pull off. Industrial marketing's job is to tell a simple story with a benefit. Not to polarize the market or give the viewer any reason to go elsewhere. If you can't be funny, memorable and educational in industrial advertising, you're on thin ice. Negative ads almost always backfire in B2B. Your local TV news is all about bad news, social media is about good news. Read more about that effect in The Economic Times.

Emotional marketing Communications 5 resized 600

The use of strong, evocative words can make your ad work. The play on words leads to the small application photo.

Emotional Marketing Communications 6 resized 600

Trade show displays can elicit feelings as well. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride for the creator of Connectosaurus Rex. Can you imagine having sold the idea and then having to build it! This is a highly conservative industry, but the final product was a big hit. We even added a sound track. As the visitor walked by the monster piped up and told a joke!

This is bull

Last but not least, this ad won awards for its direct simplicity. Rules were made to be broken and this ad was negative toward the rumors competitors were circulating about our client. The ad reiterated those rumors and then refuted them.

If you liked this post, contrast it with Green marketing communications. Where you are going to have to use your brain, at some point.

How to Create Green Building Marketing Communications, Mar Com Blog post

Creative marketing communications

Download our free guide to Creative Marketing Communications,

Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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2013 Industrial Marketing Communications Trends to Watch

Fri, Jan 11, 2013 @ 10:16 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Marketing, Industrial Advertising, Literature Design, Industrial Marketing and Advertising Literature, Cincinnati Advertising, Advertising Design, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Advertisement Design, Advertising Literature, Advertising Literature Design, Corporate Advertising Literature, print advertisements, Cincinnati Literature Design, Advertising Agency


2013 is shaping up to be a big year for industrial marketing communications.

Process Equipment Marketing300

Internet marketing communications is being redefined by what's called inbound marketing. It's focusing on getting folks to visit your site, providing the content they want and tracking their visits so you can display custom ads just to them all across the internet as well as offer them targeted content. Fortunately there are tools that make this easier and less expensive.

Trade shows are continuing to be a necessary component of marketing communications but once again almost instant responses to visitors requests via email/Twitter and combining trade show leads with internet leads centralizes customer relationship management. And the tools are there to make this task easier and less expensive.

Finally the printed sales literature component of your marketing communications is taking a page from the internet as well, for shorter sound bites of information but also to encourage engagement of the prospect.

If you would like to learn more about inbound marketing, please request our Guide to Web Site Content and Prospect Management, below.

Free Guide

Request Free Guide

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Xavier University Hires Cincinnati Agency, Lohre & Assoc. for PR and Social Media

Sat, Dec 15, 2012 @ 01:29 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Cincinnati, Public Relations PR, Industrial Public Relations PR, Cincinnati Marketing Agencies, Cincinnati Advertising, Business to Business Advertising, Cincinnati PR Agencies, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Cincinnati public relations, Cincinnati Advertising Agencies



Lohre & Assoc. selected as public relations and social media firm for Xavier University American Dream Composite Index

Hello fellow forward thinkers,

Here's exciting news for marketers. This new economic index will provide vital information to decision makers in marketing and management for the construction industry, manufacturing, natural resources and consumer goods. Lohre & Associates along with the O'Keeffe Company has been retained to provide the latest in internet publicity and social media marketing. Scott Hasson is the account executive on the campaign. For more information on subscriptions or becoming a sponsor, please contact us. The release follows:

Xavier University’s American Dream Composite Index™ (ADCI) Helps Businesses and Policy Makers Target Their Marketing Dollars

CINCINNATI—Xavier University’s Williams College of Business launches the American Dream Composite Index™ (ADCI), the only statistically validated measure of the American Dream and a predictor of future consumer behavior. Visit www.xavier.edu/adci for detailed information regarding the values of the ADCI, its dimensions, and methodology.

Xavier will host a 30-minute webinar about the ADCI at 1:30 pm EST on October 10. Visit http://meet32018046.adobeconnect.com/adci1/event/registration.html to register.

The ADCI reveals the extent to which people living in the U.S. achieve the American Dream, and allows organizations in many fields, including but not limited to, housing, automotive, finance, insurance, retail, and policy, to understand consumer behavior and sentiment that paints a comprehensive picture of American society. The ADCI is based on a survey administered to a randomly stratified national sample of at least 1,000 adults representative of the U.S. population. By tracking different dimensions of the ADCI, businesses can adapt their operations, capital expenditure, employment, marketing, and other decisions affecting their bottom lines.

Researchers at Xavier have quantified the American Dream based on 35 dimensions which include: economic factors such as home ownership, financial security, and job characteristics; personal well-being factors such as family and friends, leisure, and happiness; societal factors such as trust in government, justice, civic participation; diversity factors; and the physical environment.

In addition to the ADCI, five additional sub-indices are provided, namely, the American Dream Economic Index™, the American Dream Well-Being Index™, the American Dream Societal Index™, the American Dream Diversity Index™, and the American Dream Environment Index™.

Monthly subscribers receive index access prior to the public release of the data, and can customize the information based on demographic details. Monthly subscriptions to the ADCI are now available for corporate, non-profit, government and other organizational use. To learn more about the ADCI monthly subscriptions and customized offerings, please visit www.xavier.edu/adci.

Xavier University, a private Catholic university located in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides a liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition. Founded in 1831, the university is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation. U.S. News & World Report ranks it fourth among master’s-level universities in the Midwest. Learn more at www.xavier.edu.


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Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Lohre & Associates Chosen To Mentor Region's Leading Entrepreneurs

Sat, Dec 15, 2012 @ 01:17 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Northern Kentucky University, Advertising, Web Design Company, Cincinnati Web Design Agency, Cincinnati Marketing Agencies, Cincinnati Advertising, Cincinnati PR Agencies, Cincinnati Marketing, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Creative Design Agency, Cincinnati public relations, Advertising Agency


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Northern Kentucky Kicks Off Transformative Business Development Effort

Cincinnati -- Forty members of the new Northern Kentucky Infomatics Business Incubator network met today at Northern Kentucky University to kick off an ambitious plan to assist 10 new technology startups in Northern Kentucky. The group met on the Highland Heights, Ky., campus at the Griffin Hall College of Infomatics Digitorium. There the group was introduced to Chuck Lohre of Lohre & Associates Marketing Communications, who was selected to assist these startups, due to his company's leadership in Internet Marketing Strategies and Sustainable Development in the region.

Northern Kentucky native and company president, Chuck Lohre commented, "It's a great honor to be among the region's top marketers, lawyers, lenders and accountants chosen to help kickstart new business. It will be our job to see that the startups use the most effective and proven methods to accomplish rapid growth."

The Griffin Hall College of Informatics is the on-campus point of interaction for the entrepreneurs. Mentoring sessions will take place in donated office space on the 10th Floor of One Riverside Center in Newport, Ky. Each startup will receive $100,000 and six months of support from the Northern Kentucky Infomatics Business Incubator network. The incubator businesses will be chosen this fall and the program commences early 2012. Contact Chuck Lohre for more information on the program's requirements.

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