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How to Write a Public Relations Telemarketing Script

Mon, Feb 13, 2017 @ 04:51 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Construction Equipment Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Public-Relations-Telemarketing-Script



Telemarketing for public relations is more than a list and a telephone.

To do it efficiently, you need clearly defined scripts for every possibility: calling, email, voice mail and snail mail.

Telemarketing is defined by the number of actions you need to take to get the job done. The number of computer screens you look at and the number of clicks you need to make. Just like any other industrial process, when you look at the full spectrum of events and actions needed to engage the customer and take action, small changes and improvements in your process can have the effect of cutting your time in half and doubling your results. It's all about clearly writing a process script.

Contact Science Telemarketing Marketing Communications resized 600

Image from Contact Science from klpz, we're a partner so get in touch if you're interested in doing telemarketing in half the time and getting four times the results.

In this blog post, we'll illustrate the process by writing a public relations telemarketing script. New product information is one of the centerpieces of industrial marketing. It's where equipment manufacturers get to tell the technical journal readers about the latest equipment. Many publications compete to publish the latest in energy and mechanical efficiencies.

The first stage in our contact process is identifing the prospects in our target industry and sometimes geographic region. We'll call the companies and get the name for the persons involved in marketing communications.

Second we will prepare a mailing of a published article along with a testimonial letter from the client. Here's the memo copy.

Hi Greg,

Do you need an innovative partner to help inspire your marketing department? That's what happened at Stedman Machine Company. Sure, it's easy to say, "Go do content marketing," but someone has to do it. And who better than a 20 year veteran. 



The second major push with this campaign is to review the editorial schedule for the prospect's industry. When you can tell them on the phone that you have an article placed for them, you will get the work.

Hi Greg,

I hope you enjoyed the sample and letter last week from Chris Nawalaniec with Stedman Machine Compny. Kevin Cronin with POWDER BULK SOLIDS Magazine would like to publish your article on the selection of size reduction equipment.

Technical Article, Graphic Design, and Illustration for Stedman Machine

The final call to the prospect needs to clarify the scope of the work and the timeline.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the conference call last week. I had watched one of the videos you mentioned and I've found the other two as well as the summary video. We can write a thought leader article on this subject by the deadline. Here's the proposed schedule.

Public-Relations-Telemarketing-Script-1 copy.jpg

This campaign is designed to keep us in touch with our clients and prospects throughout the year and every year. They all read the trade journals and sepecially the articles they wrote. We never take credit for the articles. 

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Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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Review: "Designing B2B Brands" for industrial marketing, part 4

Tue, Sep 24, 2013 @ 10:47 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Marketing, Marketing Communications, Industrial Branding, Branding and Identity, Literature Design, Promotional Brochure Design, Marketing Strategy, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2B Advertising, Advertising, Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Business to Business Advertising, Advertisement Design, Branding Agency, Cincinnati Branding, Graphic Design Agency, Branding

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 Section 1 > Brand Overview > Brand Purpose

More thoughts on "Designing B2B Brands: Branding lessons from Deloitte and 195,000 Brand Managers," by Carlos Martinez Onaindia and Brian Resnick who worked for Deloitte's Global Brand & Communications group, while writing the book. These reviews look at branding from the point of view of our clients who manufacture industrial products.

Good branding requires manufacturers to have a purpose. There are several kinds of purposes for manufacturers:

Industrial marketing Firefighters

Go to work and put out fires. Fundamental problems in the market and the product are being ignored. The problems will never go away and their competitors know it. This is typically illustrated by faulty product design and engineering that won't allow manufacturing improvements and economical line extension.

Industrial marketing cash cow
Treat the company as a cash cow. The company has a competitive advantage -- as long as the product can be sold, made, shipped and serviced economically -- there will be a large amount of cash that can be extracted. Decisions are only made to reduce the costs of making, shipping and servicing, not to create major new market products.


Industrial marketing polar bear

Struggle to evolve and stay ahead in a market that is disappearing. The only solution is to create a new business model for the new markets, nearly impossible for older companies, only with deep dives into world class emerging technology and leveraging inexpensive new internet marketing techniques. Requires reeducating upper management and then their leadership. Employee growth is prime objective. You'll find this in employee owned companies (Publix Super Markets Inc.). The most advanced, progressive and technologically creative manufacturing companies are this type. Some require more than 50 hours of continuing education by each employee and give opportunities to every employee that wants to grow, learn and take on more responsibility.


industrial marketing ants

Micro-managing organization with state-of-the-art HR departments. It may seem inhuman but these are the most effective multi-nationals. Everything is measured and feedback given. Likewise, advanced research, industrial intelligence, global economics and IT tools are available for employee growth and product development. From the day you are hired, you are told exactly how you will be judged and compensated; but also given the tools to achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goals.


Industrial marketing tree
Center your company around a unique technology. As long as you can keep ahead of any competition and get a generous margin, you can stay in business. Companies like this sometimes both sell the equipment and sell the parts the equipment can produce. Businesses like this can have a wonderful technological advantage both in engineering and marketing. Their unique selling proposition is understood by employees and customers.


 Industrial marketing homo sapiens

An environmental sustainable purpose for a company would be to work with the environment -- manufacturing things from others' waste and your waste is raw material for another company's product. Metal foundries are an age old example of this type of continually recycling business purpose. Mother Nature does this continually and we are just beginning to understand how to mimic natural processes to do the same. Patagonia is a good example of this company type, "The Footprint Chronicles® examines Patagonia’s life and habits as a company. The goal is to use transparency about our supply chain to help us reduce our adverse social and environmental impacts – and on an industrial scale. We’ve been in business long enough to know that when we can reduce or eliminate a harm, other businesses will be eager to follow suit."

This isn't your Dad's industrial marketing

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Sales Lead Generation Guide by Cincinnati Marketing Agency Lohre & Associates

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10 Step: Process Equipment Web Design and Website Marketing Communications

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 09:51 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Email Marketing and Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Industrial Advertising, SEO - search engine optimization, Internet Marketing, Industrial Website Design, Website Design, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2B Advertising, Web Design Company, Cincinnati Web Design Agency, Business to Business Advertising, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Cincinnati Website Design, web development, Cincinnati Advertising Agencies, Web Design


Applying best practices to chemical and food processing equipment website marketing communications.

  1. Review your site's SEO (Search Enegine Optimization) and Pay-Per-Click
  2. Review your email newsletter strategy
  3. Review your web design for visitor anxiety
  4. Understanding buyer personas
  5. Site architecture for encouraging longer visits
  6. Google analytics
  7. Competitive comparisons
  8. Social media
  9. Content strategy
  10. Retargeting

Review your site's SEO and Pay-Per-Click

Web design for Website Marketing Communications

We use Web Position Gold to analyze positions of keywords but there isn't any better way than to do it manually. Remember to sign out so the search engines don't send you to the pages you regularly visit. Also while you are searching, you can observe competitors, AdWord positions, related industries for adding negative keywords and whatever else pops up. Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and Yandex in Russia.

Review your email newsletter strategy

Email newsletter design for Website Marketing Communications

Email newsletters, like blogs, are the core of your growing content. This company follows a consistent pattern: Technical tips, application story and a product review. Hubspot has some great pointers to follow.

Review your site design for visitor anxiety

Web Design for Website Marketing Communications

Every page must focus on one communication point. If content isn't contributing to the communication get rid of it. Every visitor is asking himself three questions: 1. Is this what I'm looking for?, 2. How can I learn more, 3. Where can I find what I'm looking for? The page on the left was our old site home page, cluttered and confusing. The page on the right is our new Hubspot site home page, simple and engaging. You don't need to give visitors's choices until they need them.

Understanding buyer personas

 Web Design examples for Website Marketing Communications

Chemical and food processing includes all sorts of liquids and powders. These visitors are engineers, technical operators, managers, and administrators. Sure, many of the visitors may be inexperienced amateurs or students, but they all are trying to solve a processing problem. These include variables like volume, ambient conditions, processing speed, quality considerations, and many special problems. These examples illustrate a common solution, show a pictural index of product and applications.

Site architecture for encouraging longer visits

Web Design Examples for Website Marketing Communications

The only way to keep pages simple and offer a large amount of content is to have the content change according to the path a visitor travels on your site. This machine tool manufacturer is a great example. In this case the path was: home > manufacturing > products > type. Breadcrumbs (site content that shows how you got to the page) are a good way to help the visitor remember their journey.

Google analytics

 Google Analytics view for Website Marketing Communications

Similar Web is a great comparison site that illustrated many of the things you can learn on Google Analytics. Study your bounce rate (percent of visitors that leave after that page), pageviews and time on page. Don't worry if your home page has a high bounce rate, 20 percent of your visitors went there to get your phone number.

Competitive comparisons

Website comparison for Website Marketing Communications

There are numerous ways to compare your site to competitors, but remember to measure ROI. The internet is but one part of the marketing communication mix. As you can see from this comparison, Twitter isn't important, one company has a huge Facebook following but they are owned by a marketing company. They all have room for improvement.

Social media

Social Media for Website Marketing Communications

Newsgroups, list servers, industry forums and LinkedIn forums are the only important social media for processing equipment marketing. Facebook might make for a great company newsletter, but it can't begin to answer the technical questions serious marketing communications must focus on. We won't go into Pinterest, Instagram or Reddit. Google+ is growing because you can post to select groups.

Content strategy

Web Design Content Strategy for Website Marketing Communications

The foundation of the new internet success strategy is content. Massive amounts. But it must be serious, coordinated and buyer persona focused. Then it's called inbound marketing. Once you start to look at your different visitors it will become easier to edit content and add better content.


Retargeting examples for Website Marketing Communications

Finally, investigate new targeted marketing communications opportunities. Retargeting banner ads shows visitors ads based on the sites they have visited. In this case we were studying fire suppression systems and that's why an ad came up when we were reading "Grist." Like AdWords, you pay only when the visitor clicks. Finally, industrial advertising has some real estate again.


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Apply Business Process Analysis to Marketing Communications

Tue, Apr 02, 2013 @ 11:16 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Email Marketing and Advertising, SEO - search engine optimization, Blogging and Blog Content Creation, Trade Show, Internet Marketing, Website Design, Trade Show Exhibits, Web Design Company, Cincinnati Web Design Agency, Web Design


Either work on being more productive with your marketing communications or cut costs of overhead.

When you think of website marketing communications as a business process, you can start to see what needs to be done. Either improve your efficiency or cut your costs, that's what a manufacturing company does to improve performance. In this case we are evaluating ways to improve customer communications for the fire sprinkler system industry.

Here are the steps we'll walk through:

  1. Review web site design of two competitors who rank highest on Google
  2. Write suggestions based on our Top Ten Tips for natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Alexa, Similar Web and Hubspot competitive tracking
  4. Segment customers into buyer personas for email
  5. Internet banner advertising/retargeting, Adwords
  6. Efficiency - Return on investment
  7. Cost cutting strategies

1. Review web site design of two competitors who rank highest on Google

Search Engine Marketing Communications

This is the search result when we were not logged in as having been on their site and located in Cincinnati.

Search Engine Marketing Communications

This is the search results we saw when we were logged in; Simplex Grinnell comes up #1. Simplex Grinnell is a national firm so local results aren't relevant. The Cincinnati office's address is hard to find on the site so they're not showing up because they are optimized for Cincinnati. We had been to the site and Google remembers everything, because we let it.

2. Write suggestions based on our Top Ten Tips for natural Search engine optimization (SEO)

Web Design and Web Site Marketing Communications Ranking 3

One suggestion for this page, Use dashes to separate the keywords in the URL and that's about it. The keyword phrase "fire sprinkler system" is used in the page title, headline, body and alternative text for a photo. These are some of the reasons it is ranked so high. This isn't the home page but Google publishes the home page before the specific page sometimes.

Web Design and Web Site Marketing Communications Ranking 4

Eckert Fire Protection Systems comes up second in Google. Not really sure why this site is ranking so high. "Fire Sprinkler Systems" isn't in the URL, title, headline, body and no alternative text for the photo. It may be a case that the site is older than the number one. There are no links to the site. The only thing is a local connection.

Web Design and Web Site Marketing Communications Ranking 5

Cintas comes up number three. "Fire Sprinkler Systems" isn't in the URL, title, or headline. It is in the body and "fire sprinkler" is an alternate caption to the photo. This is a classic "Call To Action" page, it is designed to have you fill out the form or call and consult. There are no links to the page but there are 228 links to cintas.com.

Web Design and Web Site Marketing Communications Ranking 6

On the same day we searched "fire sprinkler systems" and came up with a different Cintas page. This page has the keyword phrase in the URL and title but starts to drop some of the words in the headline and alternative photo caption text. A common mistake to watch out for.

3.  HubspotAlexa, and Similar Web competitive tracking

Web Design and Web Site Marketing Communications Ranking 7

Hubspot has the best competitive analysis tool because it compares a holistic measure of a site's online presence as measured by HubSpot's Marketing Grader on a scale of 0-100. Still it's a mystery how Eckert Fire Protection ranks so high when it has the lowest Marketing Grade. It must be the local office. According to the Internet Wayback Machine it hasn't existed before 2008 where as Cintas and Simplex Grinnell have been indexed back to 2001.

Web Analytics and Web Site Marketing Communications Ranking 9


Similar Web shows Cintas consistent with Alexa. Simplex Grinnell and Eckert didn't show up on Alexa but on Similar Web Simplex Grinnell is strong and Eckert is zero. The high number of Simplex Grinnell and Cintas visitors that entered the exact site address (Direct) indicates a lot of customers or reps are accessing this site to check orders or accounts.

4. Segment customers into buyer personas for email

With the basics under control, it's time to get down to business analyzing what can be done to improve communications for the Midwest territory. The industry can be broken up into these categories:

MARKETS: Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, and Industrial Solutions


  • Fire Detection and Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Residential Sprinkler Systems, Special Hazards Sprinkler Systems, Standard Sprinkler Systems, Testing, Inspection & Preventive Maintenance
  • Integrated Security
  • Emergency Communications, Sound and Communications, Healthcare Communications, and Time

Any list needs to be broken up into these buyer personas. An annual calendar needs to be created to time communications with annual events such as trade shows, sales meetings, promotions and incentives.

Considering that this type of market may only contain several thousand contacts, it would be best to selectively communicate in a personal email system with a dozen or two related contacts at a time.

Five Story Emails and Web Design

Here's some great tips for emails, personalize, personalize, personalize!

5. Internet banner advertising/retargeting, Adwords

ReTargeting Banner ads and Web Design

The sites we are evaluating are for Fire Sprinkler Systems. As I browsed "Grist" I noticed a banner ad for one of them popped up. This isn't a coincidence. Tyco's site put an id number on my computer (I allow it) and then "Grist" noticed it and displayed the ad.

5. Efficiency - Return on investment

  1. Figure out exactly what numbers you need to know for your business’ marketing, and do deeper dives into specific metrics as needed. It’s a better use of your time, and frankly provides more actionable advice than running hours of reports at the end of each month that you never use.
  2. If you’re resource-strapped, there’s a blogging volume sweet spot you can rest comfortably in. 92% of businesses that blog multiple times a day have acquired a customer from it. But 78% of those that blog on a daily basis have also acquired a customer from it. That differential isn’t too big. And if we bring down the volume just a tad to 2-3 times per week, still, 70% of businesses acquire a customer from their blog.
  3. Onpage SEO, while something you should certainly spend a couple minutes checking out before you publish new web content, isn’t something marketers should be obsessing over anymore. Google’s algorithm is much more sophisticated than it was even a few years ago, so keyword optimization isn’t going to cut it anymore.

6. Cost cutting strategies

  1. If you’re dumping money into completely untargeted PPC, it’s kind of like emailing your entire contacts database without doing any segmentation. Turn off your paid media spend that isn’t leveraging targeting functionality.
  2. It’s not that you positively do not need a website redesign in 2013 -- you very well may -- but before you overhaul what you’ve got, ask yourself if you can work in smaller chunks. Consider a series of A/B tests in which you incrementally improve upon parts of your website, and apply your learning on a wider scale once they’re statistically significant. And if you do learn that a bigger redesign is needed, assess whether you have the in-house resources required to pull it off without derailing all your other initiatives. If you don’t, for your sake and your marketing’s, outsource it to a vetted professional.
  3. If the social networks you’re using aren’t working -- 2013 is the year to stop using them. For example, if you gave LinkedIn the old college try, and it simply is not driving any meaningful business results for you, cut the
    chord. Just make sure you’re making your decision based on analytics, not gut feelings.

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Why Blogging is the #1 Marketing Communication for Sales Leads

Wed, Mar 27, 2013 @ 02:36 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Inbound Marketing, Industrial Advertising, SEO - search engine optimization, Blogging and Blog Content Creation, Internet Marketing, CMS - Content Management System, Technical Writing, Industrial Marketing Content, Marketing Content, Advertising Design, Business to Business Advertising, Business to Consumer Advertising, Content Creation, Cincinnati Advertising Agency, Advertisement Design, Advertising Literature, blogging, Advertising Agency


Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged.

Thanks to Marquette University.

The internet is based on the written word. A system based on visual images is coming up fast but it's not here yet. So until then we must deal with the written word. Google's search algorithm is based on being able to search quickly through related words. You can start at the beginning and go through any list one at a time or you can break up the deck of words into stacks and search each one at the same time. Another method is to follow the connections between cards. But it's all based on the relationships between words. I learned about Google's algorithms by taking the Algorithms Design and Analysis Part 1 Course offered by Sanford University.

Marketing Blog Communication Leads resized 600
Customers' want accurate information on the products they are considering purchasing, a marketing communication blog can fulfill that need. Thanks to Hubspot.

The future of marketing is a customer calls and is ready to buy. They have already done their research and have decided on whom they are going to work with. You!

Marketing Communications for Consumers

This illustration isn't for industrial marketers but you can replace Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare with the industry blog, association and continuing education. Don't forget about them. Thanks to SocialMediaToday.

"I thought great content led to connections, but really, it’s the other way around. Feeling like an idiot, I decided to give it a shot. I wrote about the same topics. My writing didn’t improve at all. I promoted my posts in exactly the same way. The only difference was I made some friends with popular bloggers first, and then I asked them to help me promote it. Here’s what happened: Within one month, I was averaging 1000 visitors a day from StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg. Why? Because I got to know Brian Clark, and he connected me with social media power users who promoted my posts," thanks to Guest Blogging Jonathan Morrow.

LinkedIn Mapping Marketing Communications resized 600

LinkedIn Labs, InMaps shows you your network. "What do the different colors means? We assign colors based on how all of the people in your network -- such as people you went to school with, friends or colleagues -- are interconnected. Our algorithm looks at your graph of connections and finds up to eight common groups. The denser your network is (plus, the more of your connections who are also connected to each other), the better the algorithm is able to differentiate. We don’t use any other information like groups, companies or shares to group people by color - we just look at your network structure. Use your mouse-wheel or the + and – buttons to zoom in your map. An individual's name only appears when you zoom. You can also mouse over nodes to reveal names and headlines. When you click on a node, it loads the individual's information on the right panel and highlights their connection on the map." My network is pictured above with one of my connections selected.

Writing plus sharing equals marketing communications.

"As a blogger, I do have one thing in my mind regarding the blog posts. Blog readers should share the blog posts on social networks wherever possible which we don’t see very often. As most of you know, social media sharing has greater impact on search engine optimization and social shares of your article would definitely improve the overall buzz of your blog," thanks to Pawan Bawdane.

"A new era of digital communications has opened an array of new channels that businesses can use to educate, enlighten, and engage audiences. Enterprises, both large and small, across the globe are embracing these news channels and using them to better communicate their narrative and control their storytelling in order to win visibility, cement alliances, build relationships, drive sales, and ultimately better connect and influence the decision makers who purchase their products or services," thanks to Greg Matusky.

It's not enough to just write a 600 word blog twice a week. You need to cultivate a group of like minded bloggers and promote each other. The internet is like an ocean. You can't treat it like a neighborhood pond. There's nothing wrong with that and that is what most of the internet is for many companies, a small world of just employees, reps, customers and friends. But if you are going to reach out to the U.S. or the world, you are going to have to learn to leverage the internet capabilities to do that. Welcome to a brave new world. It's fun.

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How to Write a Telemarketing Script for Marketing Communications

Fri, Mar 22, 2013 @ 01:04 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Construction Equipment Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Business Marketing


Telemarketing for marketing communications is more than a list and a telephone.

To do it efficiently, you need clearly defined scripts for every possibility: calling, email, voice mail and snail mail.

Telemarketing is defined by the number of actions you need to take to get the job done. The number of computer screens you look at and the number of clicks you need to make. Just like any other industrial process, when you look at the full spectrum of events and actions needed to engage the customer and take action, small changes and improvements in your process can have the effect of cutting your time in half and doubling your results. It's all about clearly writing a process script.

Contact Science Telemarketing Marketing Communications resized 600

Image from Contact Science from klpz, we're a partner so get in touch if you're interested in doing telemarketing in half the time and getting four times the results.

In this blog post, we'll illustrate the process by writing a script for our telemarketing program for industrial trade shows. Shows are the centerpiece of industrial marketing. It's where equipment manufacturers get to show off the latest equipment. Product development and even testing is staged to peak at the tri-, bi- or annual shows.

The first stage in our contact process is the opening of the "Call-for-papers" announcement for the educational part of the show. For example the March 4–8, 2014 Concrete and Aggregate Expo has just opened their submissions site. Proposals are due by May 31, 2013. First we go back and update our list from the last show with new exhibitors. Second we will call and remind our friends that the request for submissions is open and ask to help prepare a proposal. Many of these contacts are present or former clients. It isn't a hard sell, just a reminder.

Hi Dennis,

Did you know the call for papers just went out for CONEXPO? Proposals are due May 31. If you are introducing a new technology, this is a great way to get your marketing hat on and start creating your message. The best presentations combine academics, operators and engineers. We like to help, so please get in touch if you decide to present.

Trade Show Presentations Marketing Communications resized 600

The second major date for the show is the 50% down deadline September 1, 2013. At this point, a company will decide to go forward with the show or pull out. Lohre will make a series of calls a month before the kids go on summer vacation, around mid-May. At this time we will put in front of the prospect the latest display concepts and designs.

Hi Dennis,

Have you decided on your booth design for CONEXPO? The latest designs are lightweight to save on shipping, but huge! A two-story design in stretched fabric over aluminum pipe can weigh the same as an old, hard-sided single-story display. Super large color printers and at a super low cost make your graphics colorful and inexpensively replaceable.

Telemarketing Marketing Communications Trade Show Displays resized 600

Hi Dennis,

Just checking in again on CONEXPO. I guess it's time to stop cutting bait and start fishing! The last 50% payment is due September 1. I assume you're going, but you might want to check and see if a better spot has opened up if someone dropped out.

The last set of calls will be made a month before Thanksgiving and it will be for late changes in display design and give-away-items.

Hi Dennis,

Any last minute CONEXPO needs? Flash drives are dirt-cheap now and you know they get used. At a recent show, a client handed out beer cozies to the bars serving the show floor. Every beer that went out got a free cozy.

Telemarketing Marketing Communications Giveaway resized 600

This campaign is designed to keep us in touch with our clients and prospects throughout the year and every year. They all go to shows and shows are the focal point of the industry.

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Creative marketing communications


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Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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How to sell the Hubspot Marketing Communication System

Tue, Mar 12, 2013 @ 01:50 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Inbound Marketing, Blogging and Blog Content Creation, CRM - Customer Relationship Management, CMS - Content Management System


Today, a whole new set of online media needs to be managed for effective marketing communications.

Hubspot marketing communications resized 600

Hubspot's tools make marketing communications management possible for marketing departments while educating them on Internet marketing communications best practices.

Several months ago we were asked to quote a client a Content Management System (CMS) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system together. We had never been happy with the CMS systems we had worked with and tried to teach clients how to use. The content creation and management were done in small windows separate from the look and feel of the web site we were editing. The clients just didn't find editing intuitive. Glitches in management of photos and sizing photos made some systems even more aggravating. We were aware of the most common customer database systems but they weren't part of content editing.

Content management marketing communications resized 600

With all the buzz about Marketing Automation, it made sense to bring content and customer relationship management together. Marketing Automation tracks an Internet user around the web and markets to them while monitoring their interest in a product or service. Once they have reached a certain level of interest, person-to-person contact is made. The salesperson is armed with the potential customer's needs and interests.

Just like any group looking for technology, we searched the Internet for CMS and CRM! After a pretty amazing webinar, we scheduled a conference call with one provider and learned that the starting package was well into six figures. Our client was looking at a five-figure budget. But we didn't find Hubspot searching on either of those topics. We found out about them from their Facebook advertising and email newsletters.

Advertisement Design Marketing Communications resized 600

Hubspot really practices what they preach. Educate the customer until they have no other choice but to purchase your product. At first, we were interested in their competitive marketing analysis, but began to learn about everything else they integrated:

Marketing Communications Trends resized 600

  • Content management
  • Customer database
  • Integrating social media
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Best practices for Internet marketing

We were sold and immediately signed the agency up for a partner account to resell Hubspot. First, we streamlined our site for migration, which took about two weeks. The site was reformatted exactly so we went live right away.

Then, we got down to the real work of simplifying, adding Calls-To-Action and starting a marketing communications blog. We are committed to posting two 600-word blog posts per week. Our strategy is to write about each of our core services. After several blogs on each service we will add them together to create a valuable enough document to entice visitors to provide their contact information. After we're done with one cycle, in about a year, we'll start all over again updating our content.

Call To Action Marketing Communication resized 600

The great thing about Hubspot for us is that it has verified things we were already doing. Offering educational content in exchange for contact information. Industrial companies have been doing this for decades. Manufacturers always wanted to know where their technical specifications and detailed articles were being distributed. Those leads are evaluated and distributed to their sales reps.

Blogging marketing communications resized 600

We have always been prolific bloggers and social media contributors, but Hubspot has taught us how to focus those resources to encourage and measure how visitors are interacting with our sites. And that's exactly how to sell Hubspot. Clients want to blog, use social media and integrate visitor's information to nurture the sales process. So in the end, Hubspot will sell itself if you just make sure to give the client a taste of each of the features. Whether it is motivating an employee to post to or edit a blog; making pages easy to edit; or having the sales force manage a customer contact list for email; the client will understand the capabilities immediately.

To learn more about how to take it to the next level, you may want to read our blog post How To Realign Your Marketing Communications with Sales.


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How to create a marketing communication email

Thu, Mar 07, 2013 @ 02:21 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Email Marketing and Advertising, Technical Writing, Business to Business Marketing, Advertising Design, Business to Business Advertising



People are consuming so much online content that the art of scanning and filing away for more in-depth reading later has become a fine art.

This blog post will show you ways to first, get noticed and second, get read.

Email Marketing 5

Breakthrough communications today take a three-step process:

  1. The attention getter, much like a billboard you notice on the highway. It gets your attention and you decide if it's for you.
  2. Learning more about what intrigued you. This stage is like one PowerPoint slide, an image and a few bullet points
  3. The money shot is the meaty content, today this is best delivered as a video. If you can't deliver a video, you're going to have to be a very good writer to complete the communication, educate your audience and get them to take action. Plus, you'll need to be a good photography editor, too.
Email Marketing 3

Let's take the case of a highly technical maintenance program offered by an international machine tool company. The service is a two-tiered offering, the first is a yearly machine assessment, and the second is a twice-yearly tuneup. The first problem is coming up with the headline. Corporate came up with "One Stop Shop" but that's more for their five-tier programs including control retrofits and oil changes. We need to focus on just the assessment and tuneups for the North American market. The senior sales manager has correctly selected the services that will most likely be chosen by operations and sold to upper management here in North America. We're not going after the high-end shops; they already maintain their equipment to high productivity levels. And we're not going after the low end of the market that will not spend until the machine fails. This leaves a middle ground that demands high productivity requirements from their equipment, can't afford to have machine downtime, and trust the Original Equipment Manufacturer to know what is best. They will also benefit from their own inexperienced service staff learning how to properly inspect and maintain their equipment.

We're using wildlife images in place of the client's machine tool photos to illustrate the different benefits. Leaf cutter ants are the strongest life on the Earth for their size, but they can't do it alone. Harris Hawks are the only bird of prey that hunts in packs like wolves. Chimps use sticks as tools to eat termites. Elephants nuture and teach their young for decades. Crows are very good at solving puzzles. All together they illustrate experience, team work and documentation.

First we need a common metaphor for maintaining things:

  • A stitch in time saves nine; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Benjamin Franklin
  • A penny saved is a penny earned, Benjamin Franklin
  • Low maintenance is having low expectations of others and high expectations of yourself
  • 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance, 12 for growth
  • High maintenance, but worth it
  • A cell requires energy for its functions, and for the maintenance of its structure
  • Marriages may be made in heaven, but man is responsible for the maintenance work
  • The best way to inspire people to superior performance is to convince them by everything you do and by your everyday attitude that you are wholeheartedly supporting them, Harold S. Geneen
  • You can't improve what you don't measure
  • Employee engagement boosts organizational performance, Gallup
  • High Performance Teams, Donald Bodwell
Email Marketing 1

Let's go with:

Your High Performance Team and Pit Crew

Inspection (blueprinting) and Maintenance Service

Professional analysis for reliable production

Regular assessments and tuneups by experienced service engineers will keep your system running smoothly and ensure that it retains its value.

Our goal is to give you a high level of productivity and autonomy.

  • Assessments
  • Tune Ups
  • Employee participation welcome
  • Accurate measurements of your tooling
  • Predictive maintenance and estimates of future performance
  • Accurate history is the best predictor of future performance
Email Marketing 2

Those are the facts, now we need to get the reader into the scene and generate a benefit in their mind.

  • You'll be proud of your verified manufacturing capabilities after a through assessment and performance report is completed on your press
  • The key to peak performance is regular monitoring and maintenance, let a factory technician benchmark your performance every six months.
  • Your staff will learn by doing the assessment and tuneups along with the OEM technician. You'll be prepared for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Our special measuring equipment is used to precisely record the dimensions and tolerances of your tooling and press. You can't get this anywhere else.
  • Benchmarking your performance is the best way to maintain it and improve it.

Next we'll tackle the graphic that will bring this all together and reflect the bullet points.

  • Assessment - blueprinting an engine
  • Tune up - mechanic smiling
  • Education - group conference around machine
  • Unique measuring devices
  • Future maintenance predictions
  • Chart of past performance
Email Marketing Communications resized 600

We hope you've enjoyed this romp through the narrow window attention span of emails. We'll start out our email with a simple headline and image. Start the converstion with a compelling subhead. Then back it up with a set of bullet points and images. Finishing with a chart illustrating continual improvement. What operations manager can't want to see that on their wall! Finally, signing off with a "Call-To-Action."

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Industrial New Product Introduction Marketing Communications Part 2/2

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Now, with all your ducks in a row, it's time to get up on a soapbox!

Internet marketing is now called inbound marketing
The most successful established companies in business-to-business marketing utilize the Internet to extend and complement their current marketing methods. For example, by using the Internet to move important marketing, product, and sales information more quickly to interested prospects, a company can shorten the time it takes for a prospect to make a buying decision, thereby shortening the company's sales cycle. Write technical articles or presentations for the trade and publish these articles on your site. Include a contact form with opt-in request. Send out a quarterly newsletter to those contacts that opt-in as a willing recipient. Have visitors sign in for access to download your value added information. Forward those sales leads to your salespeople. Ask the visitor what sources they use when purchasing your type of product. Spend more of your budget on those media. Start with an informative site that educates your viewer. Follow up with customer services that make it easier for your customer to do business with your company.

New Product Intruction Marketing Communications 3 resized 600
These eye movement images shows where the viewer is looking on the search engine pages.

  • Run modest web site advertising programs with Google (AdWords),Yahoo (Sponsored Results), Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • A telltale sign that an ad generates good sales response is the fact that it repeats, month to month, in every issue of a publication.
  • Smaller, inquiry-generating ads run by trade, industrial and business-to-business advertisers prove this point, and pay their way by generating sales response, not merely brand awareness, with every placement.
  • To maximize the cost, impact and coverage of your new product introduction advertising program, run the largest fractional ad your company can afford, with a minimum three-time placement schedule in the two top publications.

Public Relations
The guiding principles of successful business-to-business public relations programs include seeking high-quality editorial coverage by making news announcements only when your company has "something to talk about," and thinking of how your press release or announcement will be perceived by the writer or editor at the trade publication. Since "hard" news events occurring in your company, such as new product announcements, have the highest chance of receiving coverage in your field, they should be the focus of most of your PR planning efforts.

Direct Mail Marketing Communications resized 600
This advertisement had a business reply card added to the bottom and tri-folded into a letter size direct mail piece. It was a survey mailed to their customer list. They received a 20% response. Typical for customer mailings.

Direct Mail
  • The most important part of any direct mail project is, by far, the mailing list used for the project.
  • The "quality" of the names on this mailing list i.e., their propensity to become purchasers of your company's products determines the ultimate success or failure of the mailing.
  • Even a poorly-written or implemented mailing piece stands a better chance of being successful if mailed to a top quality mailing list; however, the best mailing piece mailed to a poor-quality mailing list is unlikely to generate adequate response.
  • Alternative marketing options, such as print advertising campaigns, often generate far less response compared to making the basic changes often necessary to correct a poorly performing direct mail program.

Follow-up phone calls made by sales reps to prospects who have recently received the company’s direct mail packages are often a necessary step in the sales process for many companies in business-to-business markets, and underperforming direct mail projects will often require additional follow-up contacts by the company’s sales reps to boost mailing response. Some say that it takes up to 11 contacts to close an industrial sale. So if they are real prospects, that have a need and a budget, stick with them!

Trade Show Display Marketing Communications resized 600
Simple visuals that back up your benefits will communicate your message quickly. The average person has an attention span of 8 seconds.

Trade Shows

Just as prior sales experience is a major advantage in a marketing manager’s professional background, getting live “face time” by talking with prospects and customers at the trade show provides invaluable response that helps marketing managers improve their company’s marketing program, by helping marketing managers improve the sales copy, presentation, and targeting of their marketing program. Booth locations that directly face the show entrance at the front of the show floor are the best locations for your tradeshow booth because they attract interested show visitors early, prior to visiting other exhibitors’ booths.

A sale is the bottom line
  • Salesmanship is always the most important element in the development of marketing projects.
  • It is the catalyst that makes every aspect of marketing deliverables effective and persuasive in the market from copy and design to layout and production.
  • The role of creativity is to serve the salesmanship that determines the product’s key sales benefit, positioning and call to action.
  • Creativity also plays a role in the downstream aspects of copy, design and layout for marketing deliverables, but always works in service to salesmanship.
  • Underperforming ads, mailings or other marketing deliverables are most often caused by poor presentation in deliverables, poor execution of marketing projects, incorrect prospect targeting, wrong allocation of marketing costs to underperforming media and methods, and other problems directly related to the marketing program.
  • The genesis of these problems usually stems from lack of leadership and poor management on the part of marketing managers in supplying outside ad agencies with the essential direction in copy and strategy required to drive the process of creating, developing, and executing successful marketing projects

If you don't succeed at first, try, try again. It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
In many instances, the result of a marketing program for a start-up or new product launch is neither a success nor a failure. Ultimate success is determined by your mindset. The measures you take to assess the causes of poor sales response and the steps you execute to correct the problems identified by the results of the marketing communication are key. Smart marketing managers realize they must be alert to detecting the clues from these first efforts - such as copy changes, media selection or better prospect targeting - that can yield better results on the next implementation. Prior research, or market surveys usually do not reflect the actual reality of sales response to a product, and are never a substitute for - asking for the order - in live advertising, mailings and other hard dollar marketing projects. The need for “branding” and brand reinforcement generally applies to those kinds of companies who can afford to implement massive saturation advertising campaigns to gain incremental market share in very large and mature markets. The importance of “branding” as a goal has been grossly overstated for small and mid-sized companies selling their products in industrial markets and is often a costly distraction from the far more important goal of using effective salesmanship and clear, persuasive presentation in company marketing projects.

  1. “You and the Law,” Editor: Henry V. Poor, Assoc. Dean, Yale Law School
  2. "Marketing Skills Assessment," Author: Rick Kean, Director, Business Marketing Association
  3. “Diversity in the Workplace - Unleashing the Power of a Multi-Generational Workplace,” Author: Janice Urbanik, Construction Process Solutions, Ltd., Global Lead Management Consulting
  4. “NPCA Plant Certification Program,” NPCA Web Site•"10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads," Author: Ed Lawler, Professor Northwestern University
  5. “How to Write a Case History,” Editors “Powder Bulk Engineering” Magazine

Industrial New Product Introduction Marketing Communications Part 1

Creative marketing communications

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Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

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How to Create Green Marketing Communications

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Sustainable products and services marketing communications are focused educational messages for each customer persona.

The marketing cycle stages are the same: audience, investigation, comparison, negotiation, sales and follow up. The Green Building movement has a passion and an involvement which is shaping the industry. The people that are receptive to Green marketing believe that Green products and services are better than others. Consumers select the standard that they believe in: The U.S. Green Building Council, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with their product certifications, Department of Energy (DOE) with their Energy Star Certifications and many other organizations are being adopted as trusted brands by the public. Wikipedia has a great page on Green marketing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_marketing/.

Sustainable products and services by their very nature are more advanced and efficient. Everyone likes to save money and have a better quality of life; these are the major benefits of sustainable products and services. As energy costs rise and quality of life decreases; more and more people will be turning to sustainable practices to preserve their lifestyle. Education and the peer sharing of these inexpensive methods and practices will continue to grow the industry. We LEED Platinum Certified our office for $12 per square foot. In this blog post I'll review the resources available to learn more about the market and the methods that are most successful.

Here are typical Green customer personas that contact us:

  • Persons wanting to learn about Green building and study for the U.S. Green Building Council Green Associate exam
  • Professionals wanting to pass the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Professional Accreditation exam
  • Persons wanting to Certify their home or building
  • Government, university students and faculty doing research and education
  • General public involved in the environmental movement
  • Professionals wanting to learn about energy modeling
  • Local organizations wanting a Green speaker
  • Business owners or inventors that want to sell to the Green building movement
  • Professionals that want to get involved in the local U.S. Green Building Council Chapter.


Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)

SMPS Marketing Communications resized 600

In 1977 a new industry came to being, marketing for architects, engineers and other professional services. The laws changed to allow advertising. The Society for Marketing Professional Services is an excellent resource for learning the best practices for marketing architectural and engineering services. Primarily the marketing department at those firms prepares proposals and complete state and federal forms to bid on projects. Especially helpful is their Marketing Handbook and its accreditation test Certified Professional Services Marketer exam. Everything from research to websites to events to exit interviews is included. If you offer architectural or engineering services this is a must have accreditation for one of your staff.

U.S. Green Building Council

USGBC Green Building Marketing resized 600

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is how we found out about the Green Building movement in 2005. It's a non-governmental non-profit that has assembled the best sustainable building practices into an easy to understand and implement certification system. We got involved with the local chapter by helping develop their web site and display materials. It also gave us an opportunity to offer classes to pass the USGBC Green Building exam and teach renewable energy classes at Cincinnati State Technical College. As with marketing any product, the best marketers have a deep and committed passion for the industry. This is represented by Certifying our office LEED Platinum, the highest level. We did all of the work on the project ourselves and now offer LEED documentation services for other projects.

Yuldeson Group

Yudelson Green Building Marketing resized 600

Jerry Yudeson is a pioneer in the Green Building marketing industry. He has written an excellent book, Marketing Green Buildings: Guide for Engineering, Construction & Architecture, and we highly recommend it. Jerry spoke at a Cincinnati Chapter of the Society of Marketing Professional Services educational breakfast in 2006. One of the major takeaways from the presentation was to seize the moment and take hold of this new and growing industry. Lohre & Associates has embraced this concept. Because it's a unique industry and quite different from our traditional marketing communications firm, we registered "Green Cincinnati" and started our Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy division for Green Building services and marketing.


Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy

Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy resized 600

When we founded Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy in 2005 with the goal to help promote Green Building and provide the public with the resources needed to advocate for the U.S Green Building Council's LEED Certification process, we wanted to focus on the products and services that would help design, build and maintain buildings that are trying to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The Green Building movement has many different meanings and we use that general term to describe our focus but underlining that is our dedication to the U.S. Green Building Council's Certifications as the best in class.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE)

DSIRE Green Building Marketing resized 600

The single most important thing in marketing Green Building products is the grants, rebates, incentives, tax abatements and any other cash reduction methods. DSIRE is a great resource to find the state and federal incentives available. In Cincinnati we offer extended building property tax abatement to 15 years, the only one like it in the world. It has made Cincinnati a center for residential LEED design in the nation. The state of Ohio offers a Commercial building tax abatement extension of up to 12 years for LEED Certified projects. The state of Ohio requires that all school buildings be built to LEED Certification. The Federal government offers reduced interest rates to affordable housing projects if they are LEED Certified. An added incentive to those developers is that they are required to pay for the maintenance and utility bills for 15 years. All U.S. government buildings are required to be LEED Certified. LEED buildings by definition save at least 15% on energy bills.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior

Fostering Sustainable Behavior resized 600

We learned about this the Community Based Social Marketing group from some employees of the City of Cincinnati. Their resources are excellent for uncovering the basic problems to changing behavior. For example, in one Mexican town the mothers wouldn't use child seats in their cars because they believed that if God planned for them to be in an accident there was nothing they could do about it. The city leaders started having the local priests bless the child carriers and the marketing problem was solved. Other great ideas we learned from them were how to use your neighborhood to encourage recycling. It takes one neighbor persuading another to realize it's easy to recycle. And as they can see, everyone else on their street is doing it as well.

Shelton Group

Shelton Green Building Marketing

The Shelton Group has done a continuous survey of the U.S. since 2005 regarding the public perception and adoption of sustainable practices. Their research has shown a growth of interest in sustainable products up to 2010 and a leveling off after that. There is no obvious reason for this trend. They have also confirmed a time honored marketing method "humor." Getting a person to laugh is the best way to have access to a few new neuron connections being made. Another important finding was that a household needs to make at least five energy efficient efforts to really see a difference in their utility bills. These things could be a programmable thermostat back, storm windows, new windows, high efficiency HVAC, insulation, air sealing, and many others.

Yale Project on Climate Change - Anthony Leiserowitz

Yale Project on Climate Change resized 600

Professor Leiserowitz, like the Shelton Group has done research on public attitudes about environmental issues. The Yale Project identified easy to understand categories of the population. There are those that are early adopters of sustainable practices to those that see no problem with the environment. Bill Moyer's recent interview is worth watching.

I'll conclude this post with references to RESNET, Energy Star and your local utility; they represent the best home energy efficiency guides. Your local utility probably has a simple online questionnaire that will offer helpful ideas to make home improvements. There is talk about requiring all new mortgages to have energy assessments done and they will probably be sanctioned by the Residential Energy Services Network. Energy Star is part of the U.S. Department of Energy and one of the original energy efficiency certifications available to the homeowner. They also have a residential energy audit online like your local utility.


Green Marketing 3rd Party resized 600

GreenBiz Group provides, "clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that supports profitable business practices.'

Their 2013 State of Green Business Report offers a good overview of facts and figures for green industry insiders, " In tracking the trend toward third-party assurance in sustainability reporting, we looked at sustainability disclosures made in compliance with reporting standards, such as those offered by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), or AccountAbility."

Mind Over Markets

Here is another description of the different segments of Green by CEO Carolyn Parrs of Mind over Markets, "The consumer base is made up of what I call Shades of Green. Deep Greens (19% of US population) are the most environmentally active segment of the market. They are the most willing to pay a premium for green products and are more forgiving when it comes to efficacy. Medium Greens (33% of US population) embrace environmentalism, but more slowly. They are practical and like to see the results of what they do, so are more likely to buy green products that make sense in the long run. Light Greens (16% of US population) are generally unconcerned about environmental issues. They have a “wait and see” attitude and will only buy green products if they are economically equal, or better yet less than conventional products and services. After all, shouldn’t green cost less if you are using less ingredients/supplies/parts?"

George Lakoff to green marketers: use the F-word

George Lakoff 008 resized 600

Mr. Lakoff has some good points about the emotional words we use like "Freedom." Using them in your campaign will make it more effective. He reports that 98% of our decisions are unconscience. Using the right "metaphors, narratives and emotions" can help call on those unconscience motives to help sell your message. From an article by Anne Clark for The Guardian.

Recognize resistance, which is so commonplace it often discourages while passing unnoticed

Muhammad Yunus, of Grameen Bank and the worldwide microcredit movement, spent more than 30 years promoting the idea of microcredit -- first in his native Bangladesh and later around the world. Growing the Grameen Bank from a small outpost to a bank that lent to millions of poor women was a long and trying process, and he learned a great deal from it. So can we. Thanks to Katharine Esty and her post on GreenBiz.

For more information on what your company can do, go to the Environmental protection Agency's site or download their Smart Steps Greening Guide.

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Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

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