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LinkedIn Groups are a Perfect Opportunity to Promote Your Process Equipment Marketing

Fri, Jan 08, 2016 @ 11:24 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Process Equipment Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Business to Business Advertising, Internet Advertising


(Set up a LinkedIn user group for your industry and populate it with educational material and application examples once a week. Every other week post the discussion as an announcement. Keep it strictly educational and don't compare your products to another. Advertise the group with LinkedIn small photo and text ads to your audience during the work week. It might only be 8,000 worldwide but it is your audience. This post came from SWECO: Screeners, Sifters, Separators. )

Carbon Products Manufacturer Triples Production Rate, Upgrades Screening Efficiency

A carbon products manufacturer out of Florida, USA, produces granular activated carbon from charcoal. This material is used for purification in the water, petroleum and alcohol industries. The carbon substance is activated in the processing flow. The firm also processes powdered activated carbon used in chemical, water, oil and fat, drug and sugar industries. The activated carbon is used for purification, decolorization, refining, recovery as well as odor and taste removal. The company sought the most efficient screening method to increase production rate of their activated carbon materials. Screening specifications called for various mesh sized material. The screening device selected must screen several fractions of carbon material at a high production rate.

The manufacturer called in SWECO District Engineers to perform screening tests, using an 18” diameter SWECO Vibrating Screen Separator. This small unit, with less than 2 square feet of screening area, immediately screened more material than a conventional screen with 20 square feet of screening area. A more efficient separation was also obtained in using the SWECO Separator. As a result of the test runs, the company installed a 48” diameter SWECO Separator. This three-deck unit is equipped with screen cloths of various mesh sizes - according to product sizes needed - and a special dust cover.

After installation of this Separator, it was found that a flow of 2700 lbs. per hour could be produced. Production specifications called for 600 lbs. per hour, which was easily handled. If the company wishes to increase rates, they have a screening machine that can handle the job. A conventional rectangular screening device produces only 200 lbs. per hour of this carbon material.

Learn more at the SWECO Technical Library http://www.sweco.com/technical-library.aspx

See SWECO at the 2016 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), http://ippexpo.com/. January 26-28, 2016, Atlanta, GA, Booth 7948.Click to edit your new post...

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Volvo CE Crosses Channels for the Lead - Construction Equipment Marketing

Wed, Dec 09, 2015 @ 01:50 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Social Media, Internet Marketing, Industrial Social Media Marketing, Construction Equipment Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Advertising


Heather FletcherDecember 1, 2015

Thanks to Target Marketing

Volvo Construction Equipment North AmericaB-to-B marketers always want their own examples of marketing success, says Joel Book, principal of marketing insights for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Speaking during the company conference, Dreamforce, he chose Volvo Construction Equipment North America as the perfect example to highlight, full-screen, in a movie theater at Westfield San Francisco Centre.

“Everything is focused on the customer,” he says of the “innovator” that’s brought in $100 million in sales of new and used equipment during each of the past five years using its cross-channel digital program.

Challenge: Nurture and convert leads.

Solution: Cross-channel marketing.


  • $100 million in annual sales due to digital marketing
  • 27 qualified leads from Facebook Custom Audiences alone
  • 30% lower cost per lead with FCA

Book’s session on Sept. 16, “How Smart Brands Use Digital Marketing to Acquire, Engage and Retain,” shows how Volvo CE extends its brand promise across all channels.

“All marketing is not just direct marketing, all marketing is now cross-channel,” he says. “We don’t know through which channel our buyer is going to engage with us. It could be via social media, it could be online, it could be in-store. What we do know is this: Every channel matters. Every channel has an influence on the customer.”

Volvo CE uses SEO and social media (Twitter, Facebook and its YouTube channel) to drive site traffic, with all site visitors being invited to sign up for its monthly newsletter. (Another option, the newsletter for used equipment, runs bimonthly.)

Facebook is the No. 1 social media lead generator, Book says.

“Everything is focused on driving traffic to the website.”

For example, specifically using Facebook Custom Audiences, Volvo CE targeted American and Canadian aficionados of its competitors’ brands who look like Volvo CE’s best customers and are 23 and older. Volvo CE’s Facebook ad got nearly 300,000 ad impressions. From there, 9,485 clicked and 27 became direct sales-qualified leads for the high-priced products. At more than $2,000 per lead, that was a 30 percent reduction in cost per lead. The campaign additionally prompted new email subscriptions and drove downloads of the Volvo CE Insider app.

Leads then head through Dun & Bradstreet’s data overlay for cleansing, Book says, before they’re placed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration with [the] CRM system enables Volvo sales reps to track leads, manage opportunities,” reads his presentation slide. A sales representative with one of the 130 dealers gets the Salesforce lead report. The rep then sends a personalized “thank you” email to the buyer. All of that happens within 24 hours.

“The linchpin of Volvo’s digital marketing strategy is what they do through email,” Book says.

Email is the top lead generator and converter, and is industry-specific.

“The reason I say that Volvo has doubled-down on email — and this is a trend across a lot of different successful brands, gang,” Book says, “[is] five out of 10 B-to-B marketers say email is their single-best channel for generating leads.”

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Using Facebook to Promote Business to Consumer Sports Marketing

Mon, Oct 26, 2015 @ 01:57 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Social Media, Internet Marketing, Business to Consumer Marketing, Business to Consumer Advertising


The folllowing article was published in October, 2015 SOARING Magazine. It is a report on the use of Facebook video posts to promote the sport.

2015 US National Sports Class Contest Report Caesar Creek Soaring Club, Waynesville, OH June 22 to July 3, 2015

This year’s Sports Nats’ report is flavored by tracking the popularity of Facebook posts during the contest. This was the first time so many videos were posted relating to day-to-day activities at a National Contest. I uploaded and posted to SSA’s Facebook page during the day and then embedded them into official SSA report in the evening.

Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing

This chart shows Likes (top line), Shares (second highest line), Comments (lowest line), and 30 Second Video Views (shaded area) on the SSA Facebook page during the contest June 22 to July 3, 2015. The graph shows the big increase in Likes during the two National contests that were going on simultaneously. A photo posted from the Hobbs, NM, 18-Meter and Club Class National contests, caused the huge spike of Likes near the end. The shaded area, At least 30 Second Video Views, graph, best shows the increase in traffic caused by the Sports Class Nationals. I was the only one posting videos.

Because Facebook videos were viewable by everyone in SSA reports, you didn’t need to be a Facebook member to view. Perhaps folks got used to the posts over time. I must admit we were pretty much making up news because there wasn’t much flying going on. We didn’t even have good enough conditions to make it an official contest. It was easy to take short videos and post them to the SSA Facebook page during all the activities. Even in the cockpit ready to launch. Take some video, launch the Facebook app on your phone, input a caption, attach a video and hit post. For the formal reports on the Contest page, copy the embed code and paste it into the html code field. You’re done in a few minutes. Please give me a call or email for help. I’d like to see more live reporting. It gives us a great way to get to know the soaring community and maybe some of the videos will go viral (like the Hobbs’ photo) and we’ll attract more pilots to soaring. It’s fun and easy with advanced smartphones.

Logo Business to Consumer Marketing


My theme for the contest logo that I designed was about the ships. The craft are roughly lined up, left to right, top to bottom, in order of handicap. The weather prediction was so poor that some contestants didn’t even show up.

489 video views – Monday, June 22, First practice day

957 video views – Tuesday, June 23, Second practice day

10:02 a.m. “Jim Lee, 1999 U.S. Hang Glider Champion, tells us what sailplane pilots can learn from hang-glider pilots.” Contestants: Jim Lee, Steve Arnst, Wally Barry and CD John Lubon come from the hang-gliding hobby. Jim shares that hang-glider pilots are immersed in the thermal and can sense subtle temperature difference and smell the thermal. That could be toxic gases from a local steel mill or the pungent smell of manure! Normally it’s the smell of dirt. Jim learned from those experiences needed to circle very tightly to stay in the thermal core, so that was his advice to sailplane pilots.

Jim20Lee2 Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing

Jim Lee was US Hang Gliding Champion in 1999 and on the winning US World Team in 1993. Photo was taken at the Monte Cucco, Italy, world championships. Jim is flying a Wills Wing Fusion glider, and his harness is a carbon fiber pod that he designed and built to reduce the drag of his body. Jim won our unofficial Sports Nationals.

11:53 a.m. “Don Kroesck, DK, loves his new LAK 17bfes with a nose mounted sustainer engine.” “I like the confidence of exploring the far reaches of the task area and not being concerned about getting back home, plus the benefit of having a 50:1 glider one second to having a sustainer after three switches but always still having a great glide ratio, Don shared.”

1014 video views - June 24 Task: 2 hr MAT (distance from Caesar Creek Soaring Club) 10-Clinton (13 miles to the east)

June_24_Most_popular Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing

4:50 p.m. TOP VIDEO posted after landing, “Tow plane just took off to get a down pilot at the Sports Class Nats. Gaggle of gliders from above right over Caesar Creek…” This was the most popular video viewed. Everyone must love videos of gaggles.

Jim_Price_IMG_4572 Facebook_Stats Business to Consumer Marketing


Jim Price provided this photo of the beautiful day June 24. In the end it wouldn’t be a contest day. We missed by the slimmest of margins, conditions just too low and soft.

654 video views - June 25, Rain today. 2:16 p.m. TOP VIDEO “Sports Class Nats launch (6/24) is half over. 2500 agl barely a knot reported. Notice the double ice crystal halo around the sun.”


2:23 p.m. Joe Jackson’s land out photos posted, 15K reach, 3.1K post clicks and 198 likes. This indicates photos are still a great thing to post.

At the pilot’s meeting, Hank Nixon, OH, ASW-28, gave Second Place Finisher Manfred Franke, HF, LS-3A, the Razors Edge Award because yesterday he finished just 50 feet above the finish cylinder and only 150 feet over minimum distance but we still didn’t make a day. Tom Holloran, TWH, Mini-Nimbus c, won the unofficial day. Here’s how he did it, “Good flight, strange start, everyone sneaked to Green County and then started for Clinton County, went over Caesar Creek Lake and hung out. Henry Retting, R, Discus 2b, took off first but we hung around until it got better, went to Clinton County, headed for the sunshine and to Lebanon, had more time so went to Harveysburg, Flea Market, Clinton County again and back to CCSC. Fun time.” But none of it mattered since 20% of the pilots that started didn’t make 40 miles.

221 video views - June 26, Sunlight just broke through the clouds at the Sports Nats' third day but there are thunderstorms to the West, which meets the criteria to call the day.

388 video views - June 27, 6:31 p.m., TOP VIDEO, “We did do some flying around the Sports Nats today. It was my, radio-controlled glider at the Caesar Creek Lake dam.”

786 video views - June 28, Posted 13 videos today, that may have been the reason this day got the third highest video view day for the contest, besides the fact that we finally got a contest day in. Henry Retting, R, Discus 2b, won the day. Task: 3hr TAT (distances from Caesar Creek Soaring Club) 43-Richmond, 20 mi radius, (40 miles to the northwest) 09-Clarksville, 10 mi radius, (16 miles to the west) 29-McIntosh, 10 mi radius, (8 miles to the southeast) Distance: 146.68 min, 86.72, 206.6 max

464 video views - June 29, Rainy and cold at the Sports Nats Day 6. Better luck tomorrow.

10:29 a.m. Henry Retting, R, Discus 2b, gave his success report, “Yesterday I had to say the whole day was a perfect day. I had a choice of two folks to help me put my wings together, all done, had a golf cart ready, towed out to the grid and someone was there to mark the spot, it went on from there. 7th to take off and had time to prepare, unfortunately didn’t connect right away, got down to 900 agl, did a jog to avoid a tow plane and hit a three knoter, climbed right back up, then things started to pop, conditions got stronger as the wind died down, clouds streeting, took them to back of first turn point Richmond, fast 80 miles back to Clarksville, hit the steel mill and got really good thermal to cloudbase, a few people there, down wind dash, second one back to McIntosh , went soft, cycling, shift to the north which developed into another cloud street, went to back of third cylinder, came home 6 minutes over. Advice, dialed in 4 knots to the MacCready and followed it. 

8:03 pm, TOP VIDEO, “We can only remember yesterday at the Sports Nats. For me it was one of the greatest soaring adventures ever. It might not look like it from my scores but it's evidence that my goals aren't the same as the others. Sure I like to go cross country but at a much more relaxed and conservative pace. If I had to do it again I would have tried to go a bit faster with a higher MacCready and explore the lift band some more but it wouldn't have been that much different. I had a ball!”

231 video views - June 30. The day was called. It looks better tomorrow. 10:32 a.m. Admiral Hank Nixon, OH, ASW-28, gave an interesting safety report about post stress decision effects and water landings. Always land with the gear down. And John Lubon, JL, ASG 29, mentioned to turn the master switch off if you think about it.

377 video views - July 1, Tom Holloran, TWH, Mini-Nimbus, won the day. Task: 2hr MAT (distances from Caesar Creek Soaring Club) 32-Moraine (17 miles to the northwest)
25-Lebanon (9 miles to the west) 19-Haines Rd. (7 miles to the north)

475 video views - July 2, the fourth highest video view day 8:36 a.m. TOP VIDEO, “360 view at cloud base Wednesday at the Sports Nats…”

10:44 am, “Day 9 Sports Nats - yesterday's winner, Tom Holloran, TWH, Mini-Nimbus, his report of his win July 1 and the prognosis for today.” Tom Holloran, TWH, with his new to him Mini-Nimbus C, tells us how he won the day yesterday at the Sports Nats. Pretty good for the seventh flight in your new ship! Tom hit a beauty right off launch, started out the northeast side, headed to Moraine, went to east over Dayton Wright on the way to Lebanon, went to next turnpoint then to Dayton Wright and Moraine again, then Green, then Clinton, then to Haines Rd. and back to CCSC.

355 video views - July 3 12:32 a.m. Frank Whiteley posts, Landout at Hobbs, 32.7 K reach 12:10 p.m. “Sports Nats is in the bag for this year. Thanks to everyone for participating and we look forward to seeing you on the grid next year. My article for Soaring Magazine will cover the few days we did fly but I'd like to also report on the new members of the soaring community. I met a lot of new pilots to the sport both coming back and transitioning. I think the sport has a great future and we'll help spread the word.” As for the final standings for the two day: 4th place Tom Holloran, 3rd Mark Culpepper, 2nd place Henry Retting, 1st place Jim Lee. It was sad that those beautiful trophies couldn’t be handed out and the contestants got no ranking points.

12:21 pm, last post by Chuck Lohre, “Ending on a pleasant note at the Sports Nats, here's a video of the great conditions last Sunday.”

I hope you enjoyed the new way of reporting. I got many compliments and inquiries on how I did it. Soaring is such a visual sport and easy to record. Our new unlimited bandwidth smartphones are bound to help us promote the sport to the small screen. Our 3,357 fans come from United States 2,421, Brazil 83, Germany 66, Argentina 52, Italy 49, Japan 47, France 41, United Kingdom 41, Canada 38 and so on. In conclusion 86 percent of the “Likers” on the SSA’s Facebook page are men, 20 percent are in the 45-54 age group.

Chuck_Lohre_IMG_4566 Business To Consumer Marketing

Contributor Chuck Lohre. Jim Price photo. Chuck is 4th Saturday Crew Chief at the Caesar Creek Soaring Club and his day job is running Lohre & Associates Marketing Communications. He lives with his wife, Janet Groeber, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Today 2 EST - IHS Social Media Industrial Marketing Ideas Webinar

Wed, Mar 26, 2014 @ 10:27 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Marketing, Industrial Marketing Ideas, Social Media


Complimentary Webinar

Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector

Join IHS on Wednesday for their complimentary Webinar, Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector.

(From their email invitation.)

Register Now

Are your industrial clients satisfied with their social media efforts? Do they know how to engage their audience through social media? Or are they undecided on how social media can help drive their marketing goals?

Attend our webinar and get the answers you need on how engineers and technical professionals — a desirable audience for your industrial clients — use social media for work-related purposes. Learn the reasons why they turn to social media, the platforms they're using and how you can help your industrial clients craft a social media strategy to build brand awareness, drive engagement and reach their overall marketing goals.

Presented by Chris Chariton, senior director, digital media for IHS GlobalSpec, this 30-minute, information-packed webinar will provide the key findings and insights from our recent research into social media use by technical professionals as well as four recommendations for your industrial clients to get the most out of their social media initiatives.

Attend and learn:

  • How social media is not purely for personal use by technical professionals.
  • Why younger professionals rely more on social media than their older colleagues.
  • Where your audience ranks social media as a valuable digital resource for work.
  • How you are sitting on the untapped potential of social media ambassadors.

Register today for this complimentary and highly informative event and help your industrial clients make smart decisions when using social media to reach and engage their audience.

Attendee Bonus:

Attend the webinar and receive IHS GlobalSpec's latest research report,Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector, featuring the data behind how industrial professionals use social media.

Event Title:

Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


2 p.m. Eastern
11 a.m. Pacific


30 Minutes

Featured Speaker:

Chris Chariton
Senior Director, Digital Media
IHS GlobalSpec 

Get a sneak peek into our research by downloading our Social Media Use in the Industrial Sector infographic

Industrial Maketing Idea 1

Industrial Maketing Idea 2

Industrial Maketing Idea 3

Industrial Maketing Idea 4

Industrial Maketing Idea 6

Industrial Maketing Idea 5

Industrial Maketing Idea 7

Industrial Maketing Idea 8

Industrial Maketing Idea 9

Industrial Maketing Idea 10

Industrial Maketing Idea 11

Industrial Maketing Idea 12



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Social Media 101: Creating a Successful LinkedIn Group

Thu, Feb 06, 2014 @ 02:46 PM / by Lauren Campbell posted in Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations PR, Industrial Public Relations PR, Internet Marketing, Branding and Identity, LinkedIn, Internet Advertising, Cincinnati public relations


Maintaining a social media presence is all too critical these days. How many followers, likes, and connections someone has seems to be part of our daily language and we have seen individuals, brands, and businesses benefit heavily from it.LinkedIn logo design

One of the many great things that social media offers is access to instant information. This has been great for many consumers; people and businesses alike. I personally have used social media to ask questions about a product and received very timely and professional responses. It is access to customer service and information like this which makes social media platforms such a valuable tool in the business realm. One of the more popular platforms, LinkedIn, is a great example. It is the platform best known for its professional foundation and has become one of the most trusted and credible social communities on the web.

LinkedIn provides users with the ability to connect to other professionals and to join professional groups to engage in meaningful discussions. Creating a group on LinkedIn for any business would be advantageous, but in order to get the full reward you must nurture your group, which takes time. We have found a few guidelines for creating and maintaining a successful LinkedIn group to help you aquire the full return on your time spent.

Narrow Niche and Specialty Category

A good way to get started is by having a narrow niche. This helps you attract the right kind of individuals to your group. As a group creator you should focus on driving current clients/consumers to your group so they can utilize it as a forum for asking questions and gathering information; however, you also want to drive potential clients/consumers to your group too. Establishing yourself as a leading contributor to your industry through your group (by answering questions, posting industry relevant material), you build credibility, which helps drive potential clients/customers your way. This is why a specialty category is important; recognizing that not everyone using LinkedIn is going to use your service/product is a great way to begin thinking about investing quality time into those who will.

Participate, Engage and Closely Monitor Your Group

Participation and engagement are imperative to making a successful LinkedIn group, you must pull your weight. When people post articles or information regarding your niche, comment or ‘like’ the post. This shows individuals in your group that  engagement with individuals is important; again, helping establish credibility. When someone new joins the group, greet them. LinkedIn has an option to send a specialized message after someone joins, use it.

commercial photography: Ant carrying leaf.It is also well known that people use LinkedIn to promote themselves and their qualities. Granted, people didn’t join your group to be inundated with spam and job postings, but helping people in your niche find jobs is always a plus. According to Jessica Faye Carter owner of Nette Media, creating a subgroup that allows individuals and companies to post job opportunities and resumes is a great way to mediate the situation and everyone is happy; people can look for jobs and those not looking do not have to be flooded with those posts.

It is also important to monitor what is posted in your community. A well moderated group typically outlasts those that aren’t. If an individual is contributing too much self-promoting posts, tell them. Do not be afraid to set strict guidelines for posting; LinkedIn also has group settings that allow for all posts to be approved, yet another great feature of this platform. Also, good moderating of your group typically means no 'auto-posting' by you. While, auto-posting seems to be a growing area, Susan Tatum, from the Conversion Company, explains that it isn't always beneficial. Different social media platforms are approached differently and auto-posting often doesn't take that into account; this can harm group engagement and even hinder sucess of the group. 

Promoting, not just LinkedIn, but your group too

We see the blue LinkedIn icon everywhere. Websites, trade shows, commercials, etc. But it isn't often we see specific companies/people promoting their specific LinkedIn group. This is a great way to get people to check out your group, especially if you are promoting to the same audience you want to join your group, like at a trade show event. Taking your LinkedIn icon to the next level and incorporating your group can really help generate group members.

No Selling!!

Another important rule to follow regarding your group, DON’T push sales. Individuals who join your group are doing so because of the information that you provide through answering questions, engaging, and sharing interesting industry news, not because they want to buy more of what you have to offer. If they want to purchase from you, they will do so via a phone call or email, not through your group. Many groups do not recognize this down fall. Yes, sharing a blog post you or your company has written is ok, after all, that is information you are giving away, but to try to sell group members something will get you absolutely nowhere and no sales and group membership will drop off quickly. Remember, this platform is used as a tool for nurturing relationships with people, actual humans, they aren’t credit card machines looking for a purchase. This will also devalue your credibility, which is exactly what you do not want. Remember to use this as a way to build relationships with other people, not get into their wallets. 

With these tips success will follow. Moderating a group is no easy task and one that takes due diligence and time, building a relationship never is. But when done properly, the benefits outweigh the costs every time. 

If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to check out: FAQ's What are the Best IndustrialMarketing Social Media Sites   


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FAQ: What are the Best Industrial Marketing Social Media Sites?

Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 02:06 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Marketing Automation, Industrial Social Media Marketing, Metalworking Equipment Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Advertising


There is no -- or easy -- answer to the title question. Each industry has its own (preferred) social media. For some, it's merely the professional association and its meetings. For others with indy pros scattered worldwide, it might be a forum. For still others, it's the ancient (tho time-honored) newsgroups. LinkedIn likely has the greatest concentration of industrial marketing social media groups than any other channel but like any group, it's only as good as the members of the group. In the following post, I'll review (the good, the bad and the ugly) the esoteric social media groups I belong to for business and pleasure.

Industrial Marketing Green Building6 Forum











1. GreenBuildingTalk is my number one favorite group of experts in the Green Building industry that participate in the insulated concrete form industry forum. These folks will answer just about any question a potential homeowner or professional might have in a matter of minutes. All of the industry experts, I know of, participate and are quick to chime in if the question matches their area of expertise. Check it out if you are considering building an extremely energy efficient home or office.

Industrial Marketing Machine Tools6











2. The second pick we started using back in the '90s to participate in the activities of machinists that use Computer Numerical Control to run their machine tools. This is a newsgroup and you will need a newsgroup server service (we use Newsgroup-Binaries.com), and a reader (we use Thunderbird). Newsgroups were internet pioneers and still the worldwide leader in internet communication. I'm not sure why we don't hear more about newsgroups in the popular media. One thing might be that along with the useful stuff there is also access to every weird, unusual and uncensored subject, passion or topic humans can think up. Subscription services may be required because your local internet service provider stopped serving some of them a decade ago.

Industrial Marketing Nexdoor6 Clifton













3. Number three on our list is any local community list server. It's an instant way to get the word out to the community. This service is slowly going away and will be taken over by other social media platforms like Nextdoor, a neigborhood-based social media network that our community uses a lot including the city (posts from road maintenance and the local police district). Neighbors use it to let everyone know about scammers, for instance, or to report a lost of found pet. Still others use to ask for home repair advice or to offer freebies like no longer needed furniture.

Industrial Marketing LinkedIn6













4. Finally, we get to LinkedIn, the social media group for most professionals. I was inspired to write about this topic because of a post in B2B Marketing by "What are the real B2B social networks in the world?" The only problem with LinkedIn is the ability to start an industry group. Google doesn't index the groups, so there is no way for individuals to find you. Not many users search the groups for relevant ones. You have to search out the users and invite them. And then nurture them in the group until you reach some critical mass.

Industrial Marketing ILSCO2505. Then Facebook, which isn't exactly an industrial social platform but it can be used as a company newsletter. One we like is managed by our client ILSCO. It contains local sports activities, personal milestones and company product news. They do a great job with it.

5. Twitter! Hubspot is all over this platform and offers amazing monitoring tools for marketers. It's an important way to stay on top of industry news. Industrial trade journal editors, legislators and corporate management follow Twitter hashtags. Another important use of Twitter is as trade shows. We're looking forward to staying up with all the activities at CONEXPO- CON/AGG show in Las Vegas next month. With 50,000 attendees and 2,500 exhibitors, it's a giant show and besides Twitter you can also use you GPS locator on your smart phone to help you navigate the show floor!

To conclude,  industrial marketing social media come in different forms for different industries. You must search out the ones that are appropriate to your industry. You'll have to personally search the newsgroups, LinkedIn and Facebook since they aren't indexed by search engines. The future of marketing is in nurturing and participating in internet social media sites. If there isn't a forum for your industry, now's the time to create one. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your industrial marketing.

If you liked this post you might also like, "Why Blogging is the #1 Marketing Communication for Sales Leads."


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3 C's of Internal Social Media: Collaborate, Communicate, and Connect for Industrial Marketing

Wed, Jan 22, 2014 @ 01:14 PM / by Lauren Campbell posted in Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Industrial Social Media Marketing, B2B Marketing, Marketing Content, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Industrial Marketing Agency


Social technology has revolutionized the way in which people interact and the social network phenomenon has invaded our lives in more ways than one. Many people in the corporate sector are beginning to recognize the benefits of sharing information instantaneously and are developing private social networking platforms for their employees to do so.

There are many benefits associated with integrating social media into corporate culture, especially one that is created, maintained and utilized for the company and by the company. Here are a couple of reasons how it could work for you:

Collaboration leads to more innovationCollaboration

Collaborative knowledge sharing has been shown to help increase teamwork and to help aid employees in developing innovative ideas. When all products, services, and ideas are located in a single space, open to individuals to consider, creative muscles are flexed and the development of innovative ideas increase. An internal social platform is a great place for all of this information to reside. It also allows employees the opportunity to engage with one another about these products, services, and/or ideas, aiding in team building, employee communication, and collaboration. Which brings me to my next point.

Thank you to University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the photo.

Collaborate, Communicate, and Connect

Engaging and ConnectingInternal social platforms help employees connect and contribute to help facilitate proper communication and allow for more efficient an effective work. When dealing with a large-scale global company, communication is key to decreasing time, maximizing efficiency, and of course saving money. If a multi-national corporation funds research to better their products and/or services, then communicating that research to other individuals in the company is crucial to prevent redundancy of that research. This also reduces time needed to find information on product/services/ideas within the company itself or having to find an outside expert, when typically most large multinational companies have their own on hand, again, saving time and money.

Thank you Sociable Blog for the image.

 Internal Branding

Most companies know what it means to brand, but most often the focus is on external branding; getting consumers, outside people or other businesses, trust, dependence, and use of your company. However, internal branding is not typically a focus of large multi-national companies. An internal social platform provides an environment that can encourage discussion of company goals, vision, and purpose and can allow conversation surrounding these topics to slide across silos in the company; i.e. engineers have the capability to discuss a product with the sales team, informing them on specifics of the product and answering any questions they might have about the development of the product.

Important implementation rules for an effective social platform:

  1. It is important to train individuals on use of the social platform. They must understand what is allowed to be uploaded, how to interact with one another, and to what extent the platform will be used. Time well spent on gathering, sharing, and engaging on topics relevant to the company and to products, services, and ideas the company provides is imperative for the above-mentioned reasons, but laying strict guidelines for usage will help prevent employees using the platform for other reasons. It could be beneficial to have a meeting to discuss usage and to have an individual or hand full of individuals to monitor the site and to make sure that employees are using it correctly.
  2. Engagement is also very important. Developing the dialogue for the site is just as important as rules, after all, what company wants to develop a site that won’t be used? Making sure that employees are engaging properly with one another is what allows the communication channels to flow openly. When a question is asked, answer it. When a video is posted, comment on it. This type of engagement is crucial to get a social platform self-sustaining; once employees see that the platform is useful for their inquiries and for their idea sharing, they will take it upon themselves to engage, but if there is no example of how to do this properly, it may never get done.
  3. Industrial Marketing Social MediaIncorporating a leadership role for individuals who do engage, and do so properly, may be an avenue your company wants to take. This helps motivate employees to begin engaging, and once they see others doing it, they too will want to take part. Many large social network platforms have implemented these types of ‘rankings;’ allowing those more engaged to receive ‘likes’ or ‘thumbs-up.’ LEED User, a social networking platform used by the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals, allows individuals to ‘thumbs-up’ other participants who engage with worthwhile commentary and who provide credible answers to questions. This encourages new users to engage and also helps build credibility of the employees/patrons using the internal platform, creating a leadership role within the community.

Of course, these rules of social media etiquette apply to public social media platforms, as well. Good luck and we hope you find that your cyber friends can be just as important as your "real" friends. It has become that way for us.

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Show LinkedIn Friends Respect If You Want to Maximize Your Industrial Marketing

Mon, Jan 20, 2014 @ 10:03 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Industrial Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn, Business to Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Advertising


Hubspot's social-sharing toolbar has made it so easy to share interesting (often irrelevant) stuff with LinkedIn groups that it's tempting to dis your friends while "marketing."

Can you really have too many friends or groups of friends? We think so as does LinkedIn. It's a good thing there'a limit to the number of industrial marketing LinkedIn groups a person can join. It forces us to review groups and decide the best mix when we're ready to message them. We're part of the minute industrial marketing industry. Many of our clients have 25 core customers carved out of a universe numbering around 150. That sort of elite marketer is not in the business of using LinkedIn as part of its go-to-market strategy. Others have uber-competitive markets so secretive you don't dare share anything about that industry. Yet many others find LinkedIn is just right for keeping in touch with industry peers and (just maybe) a potential customer may contact them.

For us, we want to follow large chemical process equipment marketing to the chemical and food engineering markets. There aren't many groups in that category. Another is larger-than-a-car-machining operations. Not many there either. Probably the best groups for us are building-materials networks and sustainable-products -- those are quite large markets.

Which brings us to oversharing, or more importantly wrong-sharing. A recent LinkedIn post I received was from the Technology Marketing group: "The lack of Comments from Members on the posts being allowed into the Discussion area should speak volumes to Moderators." This is the biggest problem with nonspecific posts on groups. Right, they aren't part of the conversation. They're trying to start another one and, frankly, no one is listening. Oversharing or straying off topic is so rampant (and I have been guilty) that I want to be part of the solution.

And so I'd like to present a few of my LinkedIn role models and kindred spirits, who are elevating the LinkedIn dialogue. I made friends with these folks over the years -- they post relevant content and always respond to my LinkedIn musings. In other words, they respect the LinkedIn bond we have established for mutual benefit and a greater good.

Isaiah Adams Industrial MarketingIsaiah Adams, "I love working with creative minds and solving problems. Marketing and Brand Strategy are my passions." Isaiah always has some great insights. And he's started a one minute marketing video series.
 Leslie Fultz Industrial MarketingLeslie Fultz, "The successes at Cincinnati Maintenance would not be possible without a strategic plan to showcase our business on the internet." Leslie is a leader in everything he does. He was video when video wasn't cool.
 Tom DeFratte Industrial MarketingTom DelFratte, "Created and implemented a professional social media campaign for Winkle Electric Company." I met Tom at a GlobalSpec online marketing expo and conference. All of us marketers hung out in the chat room. Tom knows that it takes time and effort to gather a qualified Twitter following and he's done it for Winkle.
 Jeremy Begley Industrial MarketingJeremy Begley, "My objective is to forge a career in the home performance/green-durability building sector." From a renewable energy student at my Cincinnati State class to building and selling a home performance company and its top internet marketing brand, Jeremy is a true internet marketer.
 Gary Gilbert Industrial MarketingGary Gilbert, "Started at the ground level with HGC Construction soon after school and continued to learn and advance to my current position as a VP for the company." HGC is a great company. The secret to their success is, "Everyone sells the company."
 Jim Lucy industrial MarketingJim Lucy, Chief Editor at Penton. Thanks for the recent post of a video revealing that you can by any type of light bulb at Amazon. I just went there and purchased $50 worth! Trying to solve my 40 watt intermediate base to LED conversion problem.

So the takeaway and the challenge is to post only relevant material to blogs. Solemnly vow here and now -- New Year's style -- to observe and respect this simple rule. (There's karma in the blogosphere too, ya know.)

A good place to start is to write a blog post in response to another's post. Look for our reply to K4 Architecture's post tomorrow.

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Some Do's and Don't's of Green Marketing

Thu, Jan 09, 2014 @ 10:26 AM / by Lauren Campbell posted in Green Marketing, LEED, LEED Certification, Marketing, Social Media, SEO - search engine optimization, Blogging and Blog Content Creation, Internet Marketing, Green Building Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Sustainability, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2B Advertising, Business to Business Advertising


Sustainable products and services are everywhere and green marketing for these products and services is at an all-time high.

The green industry is currently the fastest growing market sector and knowing how to properly market your company’s sustainable initiatives and green products has never before been more important. What many companies fail to realize is that there are some serious dos and don’ts associated with the marketing of this sector.


Education1Educating people about a product or service is not new to the marketing industry, but how to use it to market effectively in the green industry is. Practicality speaks to businesses first and foremost, so educating them on why your product or service is practical and how it will benefit them should always come first in your marketing approach; the green attribute is the icing on the cake. What is great about sustainability and going green in general? Both are tied very closely to saving money. High efficiency, more productive, use less energy, these are all aspects of sustainable marketing that provide practical use: translating into spending less money. For a business this is huge. Green building is a great example: they provide companies with lower energy costs, healthier, more productive employees, lower health care costs, etc. These are green attributes that save money and again increase practicality of your product or service. Thank you to Sumter County, NC for the image.

SEO and blogging

Most businesses and individuals educate themselves using the Internet. This is why Search Engine Optimization is so important in today’s marketing industry. You want to be sure that you are a relevant search result when people and companies are searching for green products/services. You want to make sure your website uses proper keywords, words built around sustainability, you, and what you have to offer. A great way to do this is by incorporating a blog into your website. Creating content and showcasing your knowledge, not just on your product, but sustainability in your industry and in general is a great way to establish credibility and to build trust with potential clients. Every blog post written is just one more page added to your website to help increase traffic, grow an audience, and to gain credibility in your industry and with your clients. This is very important for marketing and helps showcase your knowledge on industry topics and sustainability.

No Green Washing!

Greenwashing1One really important aspect of green marketing that is not discussed often enough is No Green Washing! Green washing occurs when companies label their products/services green, environmentally friendly, recycled, sustainable, etc. but they really aren’t. They are only using a PR ploy to grab attention and to try to gain trust. Businesses and people who are buying your product do not want the wool pulled over their eyes nor do they want to be outright lied to and given that we are living in the information age, if you aren't being honest, typically your clients will find out. This is why walking the walk and talking the talk is so important. You do not want to harm the credibility of your business by trying to be something you are not. Writing a blog, as mentioned before, is a great way to show that you are not a part of the green washing issue, so long that you are truthful in your words. Thanks to Print Eco Software for the image.

3rd Party Certifications

A great way to showcase your legitimacy and to prove that you are not a part of the green washing issue, is through third party certifications. Having an unbiasedLEED award entity become part of your company shows potential clients that you are serious about going green and are honest in your assertions. There are several third party certifications and verifications for all different industries: Leaping Bunny for the cosmetic industry, Green-E for the renewable energy industry, Energy Star for appliances, LEED for green buildings, etc. For example, by utilizing LEED in the green building process and becoming certified, individuals and businesses alike are able to recognize the commitment a business has made to their sustainable initiatives. LEED is such an established entity that there is no question about a business’s commitment once their office has become certified. This makes for a great showcase for your commitment to sustainable initiatives and is great for marketing. Photo by Lohre & Associates.

If you enjoyed this post, you will also enjoy How To Create Green Marketing Communications


Chuck takes the LEEDFor a no obligation free consultation on how to best market your green product, green service or green office please contact Chuck Lohre, LEED AP ID+C. He'll offer helpful marketing suggestions for understanding your buyer personas, creating content that speaks to your customers, finding the best places to advertise and managing prospect lists and email news.  Article from the Cincinnati Business Courier.

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Industrial Marketing Economic and Market Forecast Conference

Tue, Sep 03, 2013 @ 12:47 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Marketing, Social Media, Green Building Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2B Advertising, Business to Business Advertising


Hanley Wood's Foundations Conference Gets Us Prepared For 2014

Future Forward resized 600

At the Hanley Wood Foundations Conference, we'll will hear from industry experts and leading authorities on sales and marketing about the recovering design and construction markets and the right strategies for tapping new business opportunities.

  • Metrostudy chief economist Brad Hunter and Hanley Wood chief economist Jonathan Smoke deliver their Economic Outlook & State of the Industry report
  • Frank Anton, vice chairman of Hanley Wood and a renowned housing expert, will present exclusive housing market research to help us plan and prepare for 2014
  • Crystal Washington, a well-known social media expert, will discuss the strategic use of social media to drive revenue and awareness
  • Mark King, CEO & President, TaylorMade-adidas Golf will discuss sales enablement and how to work across marketing, sales, and other internal functions, to make your customers' needs the focal point of your sales efforts

Future Forward
September 25–26, 2013
The Spertus Center, Chicago, Ill.

We'll be reporting from the conference with the hottest housing markets and learn what motivates buying decisions for top builders, remodelers, and architects.

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