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Trade Show Display, Exhibit Materials Sale

Mon, Aug 03, 2015 @ 01:29 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Industrial Trade Show Displays, Trade Show, Trade Show Displays, Industrial Marketing Trade Show, Trade Show Banner Stand, Trade Exhibit Modular Displays, Graphic Design, Trade Show Exhibits, Trade Booths, Trade Exhibits, Graphic Design Agency, illustration, Advertising Agency


Effective today, Monday, August 3rd, Orbus Exhibit & Display Group is proud to announce price reductions on many of its popular product lines, including:
  • Most Retractable Banner Stand hardware
  • All Banner Stand graphics (all materials)
  • Aero Banner System hardware & graphics
  • All printed Table Throws & Runners
  • Select Zoom™ 3, 4 & 5 Flag graphics
  • Select Hopup™ & Hopup Dimension complete kits
  • Select Coyote™ Popup mural & fabric kits
  • Select Formulate™ Master Tension Fabric Display hardware, graphics & accessories
  • All Orbital Express™ Truss kits, counters and modular parts
  • All Folding Panel Display Systems
  • Select Luminosity Display Lighting
  • All Literature Racks
New V2 2015 Orbus Price Guides Available
Investments into new technologies, vast improvements to our operations and a vigorous program of product development have resulted in cost savings on many of our products, graphic materials and services. Our price reductions reflect our commitment to our customers and to passing our savings onto you!
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The Industrial Marketing Trade Show Dance at CONEXPO

Wed, Jul 22, 2015 @ 11:30 AM / by Lauren Campbell posted in Industrial Trade Show Displays, Trade Show, Trade Show Displays, Industrial Marketing Trade Show, Trade Show Banner Stand, Trade Exhibit Modular Displays, Construction Equipment Marketing, Advertising, Trade Show Exhibits, Trade Booths, Trade Exhibits


Everyone in the industrial market knows that the CONEXPO-CONAGG 2014 show is coming up in March. The conference will be in Las Vegas from March 4-8 and is expecting over 125,000 attendees and 2,400 exhibitors. In terms of a conference, that is huge and provides quite the opportunity for any business. 

CONEXPO-CON/AGGThe CONEXPO got its start here in Ohio in 1909, debuting as a ‘Road Show.’ The early exhibitors prided themselves on displaying ‘amazing new devices’ that could do the work of 15 horses. It continued to grow and did so at an unprecedented rate during the construction boom after World War II. In the 1970’s it opened its doors to the international community, as well as, the CON/AGG show, which also had began in the early 1900’s; by combining shows and creating CONEXPO-CON/AGG, both attendees and exhibitors alike we able to experience all the emerging products, equipment, and services in one place, maximizing time, money, and educational opportunities of the construction and industrial industries.

With so many people and exhibitions attending this show, most industrial companies recognize the importance of marketing their product or service. They know that this is an opportunity to reach other businesses, consumers, and influential individuals in the industry, which is why having a solid team, effective communication, and a game plan are so important for a trade show of this caliber.

Preparing for a Trade Show

This is the first step required for a good trade show exhibit. Everyone must be on the same page about what is required from him or her and how to, not just execute it, but to do so properly. This requires effective communication, clear guidelines, and stringent implementation.

Preparation for the show includes everything from how your booth will look to with whom you staff it; both should be of high quality.

Too many times have I been to a trade show that individuals are on their phones, talking to each other, or eating food when they should be grabbing the attention of the people passing by. This typically happens because stringent rules weren’t put into place to prevent such things from happening. Allowing such behavior to occur will only hurt the company and the reputations of those involved; possibly affecting your credibility and professionalism. Be sure to have educated employees and sales staff on hand who are dedicated to success and to achieving the purpose of the trade show: to gather leads and to make connections.

This is where effective communication comes into play. Let staffers know that they are there for a purpose and that purpose is to generate leads, not to eat McDonald’s in the back of the booth around noon. The typical trade booth staff will walk away from training with a good pitch to throw at people passing by, but an excellent staff will walk away knowing an immense amount of knowledge on the product as well as having a clear objective to what they are responsible for doing. Some booths include people who just catch the attention and move interested individuals to sales reps who know more about the product and while the assembly line is beneficial and provides an organized mechanism for all booth employees, reminding employees that everyone has the same objective helps keep everyone on track and can help prevent a lack of involvement from employees. Some companies sometimes implement contests, hoping to motivate employees and sales reps alike to drive in business.

Creating an Inviting Trade Show Booth

You want to make sure your booth looks welcoming, interesting, and clean. You don’t want something that is too ‘homey,’ people won’t take you seriously, but you also don’t want a both that results in looking so technological or industrial that a layperson can’t understand it and are too intimidated to stop by or don’t find it interesting. Having a well-balanced booth and a friendly staff of people who can clearly and concisely explain what you have to offer is the best route to go here. trade show

Providing information, good information, is crucial to the success of your booth. Pamphlets are great and are very popular at trade shows, but how many of those make it to the plane ride home? Not many, most natives to the city hosting the  trade show will tell you that most of them end up littering the streets once all visitors have left. This is where educated employees matter, reinforcing the point above. According to Skyline Exhibits 5 common Pitfalls to Trade Show Marketing blog, offering to take someone’s email address or telephone number on the spot and stating that they probably have enough to carry without you adding to their load can be a very effective means of gathering individuals’ information. Using technology, like a tablet for instance, in this situation can maximize your outreach. People may not have one of your pamphlets to throw away at the airport, but they will be able to check the email you sent or listen to the voicemail you left on the plane ride home; already making for a more personal experience and your booth, and more importantly your product, will stick out in their mind.

Effective Marketing of Your Trade Show Attendance

Standing out at a trade show is important and learning how can be difficult. According to Susan Friedmann, the Trade Show Coach there is more than one way to do this. One of the best strategies is having your company/client try and align new product announcements and trade shows together. Having a new product to premier at a  trade show is a good way to get some press prior to the show. We have had a couple of clients take this route for the CONEXPO-CON/AGG conference and we have been shooting out press releases and public relations left and right. Most publications, whether print or electronic, are willing to take such information and publish it. They too recognize the enormity of the show and know that many people are reading publications to ‘be ahead of the game’ and to know what to expect from the trade show exhibits. Also be aware that most publications need this information well in advance, so having your own deadlines to accomplish the media announcements is necessary.

trade showUtilize social media. Make it known on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. that you will be there and that you have something new rolling out. This also will build an interest with your followers who aren’t going to the show itself and could even prompt them to come along too.

Schedule a press conference if possible. Many media outlets, local and international, will be covering the CONEXPO-CON/AGG convention; such large conventions can get a lot of coverage time via the media and having a press conference about your new product or your attendance can really increase your popularity at the show; not to mention the publicity involved with media coverage.

Learning the trade show dance can be difficult, especially when the convention/show itself has been around for over one hundred years; that makes for an evolution of dance. But, surrounding yourself with a positive, well-motivated team who is willing to work hard, combined with effective marketing and a welcoming booth should create a successful CONEXPO-CON/AGG experience.

See you there!

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Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

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How To Realign Your Marketing Communications with Sales

Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 09:15 AM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Marketing Communications, Marketing, Blogging and Blog Content Creation, Trade Show, Sales and Marketing Presentations, Conference Programs, CRM - Customer Relationship Management, Trade Show Banner Stand, Trade Exhibit Modular Displays, Website Design, Business to Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2B Advertising, Business to Business Advertising


It's time to re-evaluate available media. Does this sound famillar?

  • Magazine ads seem like a questionable investment when the last issue was 24 pages.
  • Everyone's looking for information on the internet but how do you choose what works?
  • Trade shows seem like a good idea but you met more exhibitors than customers the last time.
  • Email is inexpensive but does everyone delete and filter as much as you do?
  • Last week you got more robot calls than real calls?

"One study, by Marketing Management Analytics (MMA), finds that just 7 percent of finance executives are satisfied with their companies' ability to measure marketing ROI."

Eloqua's report shows the following:

  • 80 percent of CEOS say they don't really trust the work done by marketers;
  • 80 percent say marketers are too disconnected from financial realities;
  • 78 percent believe marketers lose sight of generating quantifiable customer demand;
  • 74 percent want marketers to become 100 percent ROI-focused.

Cutting costs and improving product and service to customers rules B2B manufacturing services today. Sales managers are asking what it's going to take to get the work, identifying specific companies and contacting them personally. Do the same with your marketing and you'll be making the right decisions.

Make 2013 the year you align your marketing communication with sales.

To do this you will need to integrate your media with your contact management system to prove ROI.


Digital Literature can give you insight into its performance and ROI.

Al Gore Our Choice resized 600

I don't know about you, but I like to read the paper on my computer now. Easier to navigate, more color photos, video and related links make the experience so much better. Try to do that with your company brochure. Al Gore's new ebook "Our Choice" is a great example of beautiful, dense information that's fun to view and interact. Graphic design tools are available to layer data and make one chart show several different sets of related information. Video is included as well as amazing high definition images and global positioning. You don't have to do any more than what works for your communication problem. These new marketing tools do communicate and they are measurable.

Better Internet Marketing Communications will give better ROI than excessive banner ads and ad words.

Google Marketing Communications

It's the search engines' job to find what you are looking for. They are getting very good at it with the integration of local position information, your search history and your network friends. Here are some questions to ask yourself if internet marketing investment is right for you:

  1. Are your buyers/prospects using search to identify potential suppliers/providers? Is your knowledge or experience a key component of your product or service delivery?
  2. Are you spending a ton of money on banner ads and pay per click? Maybe you would be better to focus on education and not advertising.
  3. Are you an early adopter or sell innovation?

Trade Show Marketing Communications

Industry Professional Associations and their Trade Shows are always a home run.

Circling the wagons and combining forces with others in your industry is one way to get back in the groove. Non-profit industrial trade groups that offer everything from education to lobbying are still strong. You'll have to get involved to benefit but that's social media that does work.

Usually the season centers around the industry association show, submit a technical paper, invite your customers, add them to your contact management system at the show and remember it may take up to eleven touchpoints after the show to make a sale.


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the key to good email marketing communications.

Trade your content for their email on your site. If you don't have valuable content, blog until you can combine several into a worthy document. Only send email to those that have requested it.

The telephone still works, leave a voice mail.

This is the best introduction to a new account. With the free Salesforce database you can get the phone number for anyone. Call and leave a polite message that specifically addresses a prospect's needs. Don't call if you aren't looking at their website. Follow up with a personal snail mail.

The perfect content management and customer relationship software

2013 will be the transitional year for marketing communications because the software needed to realign marketing with sales has finally come down in price. Give us a call, we'd be happy to share our successes.

 A Creative Guide to get your message noticed.

Creative Guide

Request our free guide to Creative Marketing Communications,

Chuck Lohre's AdVenture Presentation of examples and descriptions from Ed Lawler's book of the same title - 10 Rules On Creating Business-To-Business Ads

Industrial Marketing Creative Guide by Lohre Marketing and Advertising, Cincinnati

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