If you are considering updating your website I highly recommend Lohre & Associates. I hired them to take a look at my retail site www.CRESBIcrate.com since I wasn’t getting the internet orders I thought I should be. The site would lock up for a few minutes and the host and original programmer could never come to an agreement as to whose problem it was. Since the original programmer was no longer available and the site started locking up almost daily, I was desperate to fix the issue. 

The Lohre team researched the problem and examined both sides of the issue. In the end I did not have to switch to a more expensive host, upgrade my plan or redesign a new site. My site is working so well now that I would have written this letter to you sooner but I’ve been much busier filling orders! 

Lohre & Associates have the capabilities to update or redesign your website to meet your marketing goals. Whether you need it to be more adaptive, easier to navigate or less customized so the updating can be done automatically, they would be excellent for the job. They are thorough researchers and plan their course of action to get you the best results at the best cost. They look at the big picture when taking on issues both large and small and are extremely easy to work with. They can also help with SEO and that will probably be my next step with them once I get caught up! 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. Best wishes for continued success!

– Linda M. Fritz, Owner
Sun Sugar Farms, Home of the CRESBI crate - changing the way America carries groceries!
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Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems: Portable and emergency aircraft oxygen

Beck's Hardware: Residential and contractor hardware and decorating center

BreezeWay Enclosures: Residential remodeling and renovation enclosures

Caesar Creek Soaring Club: Private glider port

Cambridge Aero Instruments: GPS and data loggers for general aviation

Cincy Stor Storage Facility: Storage units and warehouse

Easter Seals Charity: Work and training resources for challenged individuals

Eastern Sailplane: Alexander Schleicher racing gliders, North American Sales

EcoVillas Residential Development: Environmentally harmonious community

Fisher-Griffith Automotive Interiors: Consumer, custom and contract interiors

4 Paws for Ability Service Dogs: Service dogs for autistic individuals

IAMS Pet Food: Consumer pet food and supplies

Laguna Suites Hotel: Resort hotel in Mexico

MED+ Urgent Care: Community medical treatment facility

Renaissance Festival: Shakespearean-themed summer festival

Schleicher Sailplanes: Racing and training aircraft

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advertising design by Lohre and Associates Cincinnati - Brochures - mailers - foldouts - tri-folds - collateral materials - and more advertising design by Lohre and Associates Cincinnati - Brochures - mailers - foldouts - tri-folds - collateral materials - and more

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