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Media skips concrete details fit to print

Neste and IKEA to Produce Bio-Based Polypropylene

Stop the Public Relations Madness

Frank Lloyd Wright Boulter House - Hanover College Presentation Update

The Past and Future of Sustainability - From Frank Lloyd Wright to Buildings You Can Eat

Custom LEED Home Mirrors Transformation of Northside Cincinnati Residents

How 3D Printing Is Green Manufacturing

Southwest Ohio USGBC Chapter - Green Residential Committee and Greater Cincinnati Green Home Tours

Morales Luganbill Residence Green Home Tour Agenda

The Future of Skyscrapers - Sustainable Building Trends

Green Home Tours: A Very Sustainable Home in Cincinnati, May 27, 2017

The State of LEED in Greater Cincinnati

Ecologically Conscious Intentional Community Green Home Tour

Greater Cincinnati Earth Day Celebration Media Alert

Greater Cincinnati Earth Day Celebration: Theme “Local Food”

Adaptive Reuse: New Life for Old Buildings

Hampton Residence - USGBC Green Home Tour

Aging in Place: Longevity as Sustainability

Green Education for Our Youngest Citizens – Krista Atkins Nutter

High Performance Tiny Homes and Tiny Spaces

Tiny Home - Tiny Lab - Tiny Space Needed

USGBC Green Home Tour "Swing House" - Overview

February 2017 Cincinnati Auto Expo - Electric Report

Why Light Pollution Matters

Student Perspectives on Green Home Design – Krista Atkins Nutter

Solarize Cincy Inspires Home Seeking LEED Certification

Desert Rain - First Living Building Challenge Home

Jan 21 Green Home Tour: Thinking of remodeling, they scrapped it all...

Tear Down To Custom Home Benefits from Cincinnati LEED Tax Abatement

We're #2! - 2017 Green Building Cincinnati

2016 GreenMetric University Rankings #sustainability

2017 U.S. Green Building Council Green Home Tour Series Announced

Top Tips for Making Your Business More Sustainable

Where can I donate office furniture in Cincinnati?

Office Supplies For Non-Profits Available from ReSource Cincinnati

Cool Green Marketing Events in Cincinnati for November 2016

 38 Things I Learned at Greenbuild 2016 about Green Building Marketing

Cool Green Building Marketing Events for October 2016

Cool Green Building Marketing Events for September 2016

Update on Brad Cooper's Tiny Homes and Green Building Marketing

Is LEED Dynamic Plaque Good for Green Building Marketing?

Cool Green Cincinnati Events for August 2016 and Tiny Homes!

Community of Tiny Homes or a Trailer Park?

A Whole New LEED (Concrete EPD for Green Building)

Greening the Multiple Listing Service with a ENERGY/GREEN Features Checklist

Cool Green Cincinnati Events for July 2016

A Suburban Experiment Aims for Free Energy

Get up to date on your grant writing skills

Streetcars: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Rauh House Restoration Honored with Docomomo US Award of Excellence

It’s reached the point where the word “transformational” makes me want to vomit

Why Does Homearama 2016 Cincinnati Bother Me?

You Can't Change What You Don't Measure in Green Building Marketing

Cool Green Cincinnati Events - June 2016

Does Sustainability Really Matter?

BASF Achieves Renewables’ Milestone

Cool Green Cincinnati Events For May 2016

Cool Green Cincinnati Events for April 2016

Builder and Architect Learn It Just Makes Sense to Build Green In Cincinnati

Myoptic Vision of Green Buildings

Cool Green Building Events for Feb 2016

This land is your land: Join the fight against Congress' assault on wilderness

"It’s Lonely Being A Green Marketer in Cincinnati," Cincinnati Business Courier My View, Jan 15, 2016

Being the Greenest Doesn't Mean Much in Cincinnati, Green Building Marketing is in the Doldrums

Get Ready for Another Year of Growth (Green Building Marketing)

Healthy New Year, (Green Living Marketing)

2015 high performance home building trends in review, (Green Building Marketing Trends)

End of Meat? Startups Seek Alternatives for the Masses (Green Building & Sustainable Living Marketing)

Cool Green Events For January 2016, Green Home Marketing

USGBC Green Home Tours, Green Building Marketing

Green Building Marketing - USGBC 2016 Green Home Tours

One Hour Green Building Marketing Tour of Cincinnati

Empty Nester Market Goes For Green Buildings

Calculate Your Non-Profit Savings with ReSource Cincinnati

There's no "I" in Teamwork except at ReSource Cincinnati for Non-Profit Help

There's Nothing Coffee Can't Solve for Non-Profit Help, (Besides ReSource Cincinnati)

Recycle Man

The Urban Farmer

Get Your Bathroom Bar Light @ Non-Profit ReSource Cincinnati

Horseshoe Casino hosts Hometown Market

Flat Screen Computer Monitor at about 80% Savings for 501 c3 Non-Profits

Hometown Market 2015, Horseshoe Casino Aug 29

Did You Forget Your Rubber Bands? ReSource Non-Profit Helps Stretch Your Budget

Community Shares Gourmet Grub For Good 2015

Does Your Non-Profit Office Need A Large Printer??

ReSource Cincinnati Non-Profit Educational Seminar - Renew & Recharge your Commitment and Confidence

Lions and Tigers and Table and Chairs for Cincinnati Non-Profits, Oh My!

The Pen is Mightier Than the Landfill for Non-Profits

Cincinnati Non-Profit: Office Furniture, Office Supplies, Children, Bed, Bath, Hardware, Building Materials

Cincinnati's Non-Profits Could Really Use Your Help

Please Donate Your Corporate Excess to ReSource Cincinnati to Help Non-Profits

Cincinnati Non-Profits Never Had It So Good - ReSource!

Help for Greater Cincinnati Non-Profits

ReSource Cincinnati - Help and Support for Non-Profits

Cool Green Summer Events for 2015

ReSource Cincinnati Provides Help for Non-Profits

July Building Blocks for Non-Profits from ReSource Cincinnati - Waste Reduction Process Mapping

ReSource Cincinnati is the place for non-profit help

USGBC Green Living Member Circle Green Home Tours

Earth Day Cincinnati caters to families, April 18, 2015 Sawyer Park, Noon till 5

Resource Cincinnati Non-Profit Best Practices, Furniture and Consumable Help

10 of the world's greenest offices

When it comes to green design, Chuck Lohre takes the LEED

Wright Residence Green Home Tour Agenda

The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati sponsors USGBC Green Home Tours

ReSource for Cincinnati's Non-Profits Annual Member Makeover Contest

Wright Residence Green Home LEED Feature Tour February 21, 2015

Green Marketing? Make a die casting plant Net-Zero Everything!

Green Marketing Electric (and Pedal Assisted) Vehicles

Gaitan Green Marketing Home Tour LEED Success

ReSource For Non-Profits! 23,500 sq. ft. warehouse in Sharonville, OH

2016 Green Home Tour Schedule

Gaitan Residence Green Marketing LEED Feature Tour

Low Cost Office Supplies for Non-Profit Organizations in Greater Cincinnati

Advanced Inquiry Program at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden with Miami U.

Fischer Residence, 36 Years in the Making of a Green Home

ReSource Help for Non-Profits - Herman Miller Aeron Chairs available

2015 Green Events & Home Tour Calendar

Green And Fine Home Building in Over-The-Rhine, Gaitan Residence

Sunlight or Windpower - Resource has your Non-Profit Organization Help

ReSource to the Non-Profit Rescue for the Holidays

The Simply Co., "I Haven't Made Any Trash In 2 Years. Here's What My Life Is Like"

Bradley Cooper's "Start Small" Tiny Home Project in OTR

Green Marketing? Web Developer Job Description by HVAC.com

Cincinnati's ReSource for Non-Profits

Our favorite Sustainable Companies

Recycle Everything

The Ten Greenest, Greatest Christmas Gifts: 1. Recycling set, 2. Graywater Sink, 3. Bicycle, 4. Raised Garden Bed, 5. Walking Shoes, 6. Honda Insight, 7. Nest Thermostat, 8. Big Ass Fan, 9. Pellet Sto

East Walnut Hills, Ellen Faist Home Earns LEED Gold

2015 Green Home Tour Schedule

Kinsman Residence Tour Nov 8, 2014 - 10 am to Noon

Dovetail Solar and Wind Achieves LEED Certification

Informational Interview about Careers in Environmental Fields

Great Stuff from Cincinnati's Best ReSource for Non-Profits

Utilizing trombe walls with much success in Cincinnati

The latest from Cincinnati's ReSource for Non-Profits

Horseshoe Casino Greentown Market a big success

ReSource [Non-Profit ReSource Center] 28th Annual Fall Fundraising Event

Horseshoe Casino to host a Hometown Market Featuring the Best of Cincinnati

Coveted Sustainability: An Art Show

You Can't Save What You Don't Measure

Epiphany!™ Shower System to be on display at the "Coveted Sustainability" Art Show

Casa Bella Verde - 2012 Insulated Concrete Form Builder Award - Best Unlimited Residential

Getting Creative with Coveted Sustainability

Coveted Sustainability Art Show

365 Sustainability Leaders

365 Sustainability Leaders

Melink Corp. - Included in Zero Carbon Buildings Research

2014 Green Business Awards winner: Greensource Cincinnati

Association of Ohio Recyclers

Banning LEED in Ohio sound like a bad idea? Fight SCR 25 with us!

Feb 9, 2014 2000 Honda Insight discharge and charge chart

Where to start with a Green Home?

The Heartbreak of Green Building Consulting for LEED

Here's How to Speak Green for Green Building Planning and Construction

ReSource named one of the Business Courier's 2014 Green Business Awards honorees!

A Step-by-Step Guide for Finding a Green Building Consultant

ReSource Non-Profit Organization Help

Green Homes Summit 2014 Call For Proposals

Cool homes: LEED Platinum candidate in Clifton

These buildings come in many shapes and sizes – but all green

When it comes to green design, Chuck Lohre takes the LEED

Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims

INTRODUCING...ReSource's Non-Profit Cincinnati online Wish List.

ReSource Cincinnati - Non-profit organization help

Building Ability Green Products by Easter Seals, WRC

ReSource By The River

greensource Cincinnati LEED® Platinum Presentation Aug 21

Resource Non-profit Organization Help

Civic Garden Center Calendar of Events, Classes and Tours July, August, September 2013

ReSource - Non-Profit Help in Cincinnati


Review: "Designing B2B Brands" for Green marketing communications

Cincinnati Tool Bank

Melink Newsletter

LEED Tax Abatement for Homes and Commercial Building Projects in Cincinnati presentation in Chicago

We're greener than we seem

News: ReSource, Non-Profit Organization Help, Rolls Out Two New Programs


SolarQue, Solar Powdered BBQ, Still awaiting our KickStarter Launch

ReSource is here to help you get what you need for your non-profit organization

Green Marketing - How to make your plant LEED Platinum Certified.

Earth Day Registration Ends March 16

Things First Time Managers Should Know, besides ReSource Helps Non-Profits

From Ikea Workspace to a Loveseat - Resource Non-Profit Help has it all!

ReSource Non-Profit Help - From Mary Kay to Husky Toolboxes

How to design and live in a Green Home while studying for the LEED for Homes AP exam

LEED Certification Documentation for Your Home or Office

How to Create Green Building Marketing Communications

Sustainable Urban Landscapes Symposium - Cincinnati Zoo

Program set for 2013 Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit

IKEA Group reports strong progress on renewable energy, wood and cotton sourcing

Greater Cincinnati Earth Coalition Now Accepting Nominations For 2013 Environmental Awards

The New Green Cincinnati Plan Recommendations (1-17-13 DRAFT)

Cincinnati one of three American finalists in global climate challenge

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency and Save Money with Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance's Green Umbrella Energy Challenge

2nd Annual NKY Restoration Weekend

aBowman Fish

Civic Garden Center Calendar of Classes and Tours 2013

Cincinnati to Reward Higher Levels of ‘Green’ Building

Thanks to our generous donors ReSource has economical office furniture available for non-profits.

World's First Solar Barbecue Shaped Like A Sausage!

Press Conference Dec.11 - City to Incentivize Higher Levels of ‘Green’ Building

Here is a Green Building – Moerlein Lager House

The Home Energy Saver™ (HES) empowers homeowner

Alliance for Leadership and Interconnection - 2012 Report - Programs and Initiatives

Sustainability Success Stories – Net Zero and LEED Platinum Case Studies in the Ohio Valley Region

LEED-ing by Example

Cool Homes: Urban 'green' house

USGBC Cincinnati Chapter 10th Anniversary Banquet

Home Energy Expo - Free admittance Sunday Nov. 18, 2012


Happy Almost T-Day at ReSource = Just about everything but Turkey for Non-Profits

Corbett House Kitchen On Etsy - From Prairie Mod

Green Roofs and Pervious Pavements: Are they right for your site?

2012 USGBC LEED for Homes Awards announced at Greenbuild

Here is a Green Building – the Times Star Building

North College Hill Middle-High School Achieves LEED Platinum

Here is a Green Building – Griffin Hall College of Informatics

Here is a Green Building - Clark Montessori

Here is a Green Building – Cincinnati Zoo Entry Village

Green Tidings: How to Create and Where to Find Natural Holiday Decor

Here is a Green Building - EarthConnection

Here is a Green Building – Fire Station No. 51, City of Cincinnati

Healthy Interiors: Where Style and Health Meet

Gabriel's Place News

Here is a Green Building - Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center, University of Cincinnati

100 Matching Side Chairs Just In At ReSource

Greensource CINCINNATI uses Schneider Electric Measurement and Verfication Equipment to reach LEED Certification

Cincinnati Bike Share - Study Recommends 35 Bike Share Stations Downtown, Uptown

Cincinnati ReSource Nonprofit Help - Upgrade your agency's furnishings

NASA Study shows common plants help reduce indoor air pollution

Elevated Indoor Carbon Dioxide Impairs Decision-Making Performance

ILSCO Corporation – United Nations 2012 Communication on Progress

ReSource Nonprofit Help - This week's special ... $2.00 doors ... liquidating all door inventory

How 5/3rd Bank Serves the Environment

This week's ReSource Non-profit Help special ... order one metal file cabinet and get the second one of equal value half off.

Oct. 10, 2012 Cincinnati Green Group State of the City Environmental Forum

ReSource Non-Profit Help - Desks and Chairs and Cabinets "OH MY!"

ReSource Nonprofit Help - Low Cost Office Supplies

ReSource Non-Profit Help - Office Equipment

City’s Green Roots Beginning to Flower - Green Umbrella Summit - May 3, 2013

Sept. 22, 2012 Civic Garden Center Fall Fest in conjunction with Great Outdoor Weekend


ReSource Non-Profit Organization Help

Oct. 5, 2012 - Cincinnati 3E Summit

Sept. 11, 2012 LEED GA - Green Associate Exam Study Class Starts

Oct. 6, 2012 ReSource on the River Event - Presented by Omnicare

Sept. 28, 2012 Civic Garden Center - Proposes Green Building Signage

Sept. 14, 2012 Green Homes Summit features tour of Sustainablity Partnership

City of Cincinnati Master Plan - Sustain Section Highlights

Sept 29, 2012 Facing Our Future with Hope: Ecology & Spirituality

Fuel Cincinnati - Put Recycled Products To Work

P&G and U.S. EPA Sign Research Agreement to Help Company Attain Sustainability Goals

Everything But The Copier! Non-Profit Organization Help from ReSource

Vote For A Cincinnati Bike Share Location

Non-Profit Organization Help With Direct Marketing Going Digital

Non-Profit Organization Help - Toner Cartridges Have Arrived!

Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati Completes First Project for Mackey Advisors

Green Homes Summit Press Release

Betts House exhibit to explore 'Soul of the City' - Reception 8/10/12

U Square LEED Project Specifications

Great Bargains for Non-Profit Organization Help

Treasurer Seekers' Social First Drink Free! - ReSource Non-Profit Organization Help

ReSource Non-Profit Organization Help - Inventory Update for July 27

Oct. 1-7, 2012 Green Energy Ohio Tour - Betts House Show Highlights Eight Green Buildings

Office Supplies For Non-Profits Available from ReSource

Green Cincinnati's USGBC LEED Platinum Project Profile Published

Arapahoe Acres -> International Style -> Usonian -> Green

Green Homes Summit Sept. 14, 2012

Renovation complete on Price Hill's Elberon Apartments

New Residential Building Code for Ohio

Times Star Building Tour Oct. 24, 2012 - History and LEED for Existing Buildings

Cincinnati Electric Car Club participation in the Northside 4th Parade

$105 Current Bid For Corbett Kitchen! Auction Closes 4 p.m. Sunday

Green Energy Ohio Electric Car Tour of Ohio June 5, 2012.

Green Cincinnati Building Signage Project Show at the Betts House Sept. 28, 2012 to Oct. 9, 2012

Greener Stock - Doing Business with the EPA

Come see the future of sustainable home building - Kinsman residence Tour June 7, 2012 - 6 to 7 p.m.

Is a $159,000 LEED Platinum Home in your future?

Kinsman Residence Specifications - Tour June 7, 2012 - 6 to 7 p.m.

June 5, 2012 - Electric Vehicle (EV) Ohio Road Trip Stops In Cincinnati

ReSource - Non-Profit Organization Help - Low Cost Office Furniture Available

'Go Green Day Camp' June 11th-15th Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Electric Car Club Introductory Letter from Christian Huelsman

June 7, 2012 - Kinsman Residence Tour, Passive Solar, Thermal Solar, Natural Cooling and Boilerless Home

Architecture for Humanity | Cincinnati Chapter - Let's Celebrate

"Everything But The House" to auction Corbett House Kitchen June 17, 2012

Non-Profit Donations - ReSource

Non-Profit Organization Training - ReSource

Non-Profit Organization Help - ReSource

Some Like It Hot! Civic Garden Center Plant Sale Saturday & Sunday

May 29, 2012 - Green Roof Seminar at the Civic Garden Center Green Learning Station

Come To Earth Day at Sawyer Point Saturday Noon to 5 p.m.

Great American Tower at Queen City Square LEED Tour

Weather predicted to be sunny and warm for Earth Day

Cincinnati Earth Day Video to promote the event!

EPA Releases List of Cities with the Most Energy Star Buildings - Cincinnati No. 25

Earth Day Cincinnati Entertainment Lineup and Eco Award Winners Announced

Today's "Earth Day Cincinnati" Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap gift set winners

Cincinnati Earth Day Celebration

Green Cincinnati Winter 2012 Tours and Events

Earth Day Facebook winners announced

Affordable LEED Platinum certified home

Net Zero, LEED Platinum Economical Housing

Get a Jump on the Season: How to build and use cold frames and low hoop tunnels

“Good government” proposal to change to 4-year terms

Schickel Design's "City Home Cincinnati" Townhouses Sold Out Before Completion

Green Building Tour of Cincinnati May 2, 2012

Corbett House Kitchen Auction June 13, 2012 Bidding Starts

Cincinnati Zoo LEED Platinum Tour and Energy Modeling Presentation

Boulter House Energy Audit, Tour and Energy Modeling

greensource CINCINNATI Tour & Energy Modeling Presentation

Boulter House Tour

Green Building in Cincinnati

LEED GA Intern and Study Program

Washington Park and Pleasant St. Transformed

IKEA West Chester, Ohio

Cincinnati Computer Cooperative

Civic Garden Center Green Learning Station

Alternative Energy Sources Class Early Fall 2012

Cincinnati State Renewable Energy starts with first steps at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Boulter House

Smart Foam Insulation Demonstration real-time at the Frank Lloyd Wright Boulter House Nov. 18, 2011

Sands Montessori School Tour

Oct. 1, 2011 - Quinlivan Fundraiser - Green Energy Ohio Tour

Palo Soleri meets Boeing

Commercial Green-E Energy Available in 16 States at lower de-regulated rates than your current provider

Green-Cincinnati.com Directory

Guide to Return On Investment for Green Building

Support Cincinnati Council Member Laure Quinlivan

Be The First LEED Restaurant in Cincinnati

ALI for Schools, Taft Information Technology High School

Infernal Device - ArtPrize

City Home Cincinnati

Quinlivan Residence

Building Value

UC Teacher's College, Dyer Hall

Earth Day

Ignite Cincinnati

GCEA LEED office SS c1 Sustainable Building

The first LEED Platinum Office in the City of Cincinnati!

Solar and Green Building Tour 2010

Green Office Makeover - LEED Commercial Interior Design & Construction Workshop

Green Media Coalition

GCEA LEED office EA p1 Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems

Zumwalt Residence tour

GCEA LEED office PIf4 Schedule and Overview Documents

GCEA LEED office SS c3.1 Alternative Transportation

GCEA LEED office SS c2, Community Connectivity

Build Green-Save Green

Meldahl Dam low impact hydro electric plant

Earth Connection

GCEA LEED office Owner's Project Requirements and Basis of Design

Duffy Zero Energy Home - It pays you to live there!

CR Architecture

City Home Cincinnati - Schickel Design Art & Architecture

OTR Energy Star Level 5 Home Tour

Farmer School of Business, Miami University

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Sustainability Awareness Training

Sanitation District No 1 - SD1 - Designing Green

Cincinnati Fire Station No. 51

Fernald Preserve Visitors Center

2801 Erie, Hyde Park Condos

How to Pass the LEED AP Exam

Neyer Properties offices CI and Keystone Parke CS

Pleasant Ridge Montessori School

SHP Leading Design

Emersion Design LEED feature

LEED 2009: A quantum leap in inclusiveness

Rom-Aire Solar Air Thermal Panels

UC CARE/Crawley Medical Science Building

Art Academy of Cincinnati

Green Marketing Seminar

Joseph Steger Student Center LEED features

NY Times Picks on LEED

Mottainai Condos, Green Cincinnati, Run with it! Kickoff

Sycamore Township Fire Station & Community Center

Big Ass Fans LEED Gold R&D Laboratory

Dayton Children’s Outpatient Care Center Springboro

Window LEED Documentation with education - Not Greenwashing

Better LEED Metal Documentation Can Provide up to 95% Recycled and 100% Regional Content

Green Manufacturing Tour- What Products Can You Make For The New Green Economy?

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Sustainable Design tour of Cincinnati

Enright Ridge Eco-Village and Imago Preserve

LEED AP for Homes Exam Class

Aileron Business Center, Dayton OH

Marge Schott Boy Scout Achievement Center

Metals - Recycled and Regional Credit Guide

LEED Green Associate and LEED AP Exam Classes

Sept. 7, 2011 - Alternative Energy Course at Cincinnati State Starts

Home Tour, Seneca Place, Covington KY

Qualls for Council Fundraiser

Cincinnati Fire Station No. 9

Green Source – Green Products and Services Showroom Project Tour

University of Cincinnati's Campus Recreation Center Tour