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Where can I donate office furniture in Cincinnati?

Nov 29, 2016 5:44:22 PM / by Chuck Lohre


November 29, 2016
The ReSource warehouse is 25,000 square feet of inventory for local member non-profit organizations whether they need to replace a desk and chair, stock a shelter with blankets, or get stuffed animals for their little clients.   
Special thanks to our donor RCF Group for providing some of the items on today's flyer.
If you want to order something on today's flyer please call us at 
513-554-4944 - don't email.
ReSource is located at 3610 Park 42 Drive, Sharonville, OH. 
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m.
Lobby Furniture
Super nice set of small couch and two matching chairs in striped fabric 
Measurement:  Couch is 52" wide
Available:  1 Set
Handling Fee:  $250 for the set

Lobby Furniture
Super nice set of small couch and two matching chairs in striped fabric 
Measurement:  Couch is 52" wide
Available:  2 Sets
Handling Fee:  $225 for either set

Reception Desk
Beautiful U shaped wood reception desk with locking drawers (keys included)
Measurement:  10' X 9.5' X 6'
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $150
Vinyl Gang Seating
Great condition blue vinyl and light wood seating with one end table
Measurement:  108" wide
Available:  1 four seat unit
Handling Fee:  $80
Vinyl Gang Seating
Great condition teal vinyl and light wood seating  
Measurement:  86.5" wide
Available:  2 four seat units as shown
Handling Fee:  $80 Each
Vinyl Couch
Teal vinyl and light wood couch
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $60
Oversized Vinyl Chairs
Teal vinyl and light wood large chairs
Available:  4
Handling Fee:  $25 Each
Green Table
This table coordinates with the vinyl seating shown above 
Measurement:  3' X 3' Square
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $20
Brown Guest Chairs
Matching light brown fabric chairs with dark wood arms
Available:  12
Handling Fee:  $18 Each
Fabric Upholstered Stack Chairs
Fair condition set of tan stack chairs 
Available:  7
Handling Fee:  $10 Each
Light Wood Bookcases
Two very nice short bookcases 
Measurement:  36" W x 14" D x 36" High
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $30 Each
Wood Bookcases
Medium size wood bookcases 
Measurement:  3' W x 4' H x 12" D
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $30 Each
Wood Office Table
Wood top table with black metal legs 
Measurement:  6' X 3'
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $50
Wood Tables
Butcher block style tables 
Measurement:  5' X 30"
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $50 Each
Double Wood Shelf
Large solid wood shelf  
Measurement:  72" W x 82" H X 16" D
Available:  1 Double Unit
Handling Fee:  $60
Short Wood Shelf
Matches the shelf shown above  
Measurement:  74" W x 42" H X 12" D
Available:  1 Double Unit
Handling Fee:  $40
Audio Video Cart
VFI media cart with casters; has flat screen mount, locking doors, and cooling fan - a really awesome cart! 
Measurement:  46" W X 28" D
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $75
Blue Laminate Round Table
Blue laminate table with black metal base  
Measurement:  41.5"
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $40
Guest Chairs
Nice chair pair in green stripe with wood arms 
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $20 Each
Wood Two Pedestal Desks
Solid wood two pedestal desks  
Measurement:  66" X 36"
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $55 Each
Haworth Office Chairs
Great condition Haworth office chairs in a bright orange checkered fabric 
Available:  6
Handling Fee:  $18 Each
Audio Visual Carts
Traditional style AV carts - also great as multi-purpose carts!
Measures:  30" X 20" X 54" high
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $12 Each
Student Desks
Smaller wood desks 
Measures:  52" W x 24" D
Available:  5
Handling Fee:  $40 Each
Multi-Compartment Cabinets
Tall metal and laminate cabinet with shelves, drawers, and compartments of various sizes - great for office storage! 
Measures:  68.5" H x 23" W
Available:  4
Handling Fee:  $50 Each
Lateral File Cabinet
Pairs nicely with the storage cabinet above 
Measures:  63" H x 30" W x 19" D
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $50
Low Wood Storage Cabinet
Beautiful condition solid wood cabinets with shelves 
(these have locks but do not come with keys) 
Measures:  3' W x 14" D x 30" High
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $35
Extra Long Narrow Table
Perfect if you need a very long, narrow table - this is wood with metal accents   
Measures:  9' long X 16" deep
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $50
Wood Wardrobe Cabinets
Unusually nice wood wardrobe and storage cabinets
Measures:  68" H x 24" W x 21.5" D
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $80 Each
12' Wood & Marble Conference Room Suite
Wood & green marble conference table with electric panel; 12 matching conference chairs; two matching credenzas
Measures:  Table is 12' X 8'
                   Each credenza is 56" X 19"
Available:  1 Complete Set
Handling Fee:  $550
Conference Table
Metal base with granite-look top 
Measurement:  47"  
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $50
Metal Bookcases With Collapsible Doors

Sturdy metal with deep shelves - lockable door pulls down to secure items.   
Measures:  36" W x 72" H x 18.5" D

Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $60 Each

Gang Seating
Navy blue floral patterned fabric 3-seat section  
Available:  1 Set
Handling Fee:  $50
12' Solid Wood Conference Table
Wood conference table  
Measures:  12' X 4'
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $250
Cherry Conference Table
Very nice solid cherry rectangular conference table with glass top    
Measurement:  8' X 41"
Available:  1 
Handling Fee:  $250
Matching Laminate Tables
Magenta tables with white trim and chrome legs 
Measurement:  54" X 30"

Available:  6
Handling Fee:  $25 Each
Large Conference Board
Light wood cabinet that opens up to a white board and tack boards on the sides   
Measurement:  6' X 4' (when closed)

Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $60

Tilt Top Table
Like new Versteel tilt top table in light wood laminate - very well built and tilts for storage! 

Measurement:  42" Square
Handling Fee:  $40

Tall 2 Door Storage Cabinet
Putty metal locking storage cabinet  

Measurement:  6' H x 3' W x 18" D
Available:   1
Handling Fee:  $45
Storage Cabinets
Dark grey metal storage over lateral file cabinets  

Measurement:  3' W x 53" H x 20" D
Available:   6
Handling Fee:  $60 Each
 Computer Server Cabinets
Various large server cabinets  
Available:  3
Handling Fee:  $150 Each
New Haworth Metal 2-Shelf Bookcases
Brand new metal bookcases 
Measures:  36"W x 14"W x 27"H
Available:  75
Handling Fee:  $30 Each
New Haworth Metal 2-Drawer Lateral Files
Brand new metal Lateral files - without lock (hole is drilled for a lock to be easily installed)
Measures:  36"W x 19"W x 27.5"H
Available:  10
Handling Fee:  $18 Each
8' Cherry Laminate Conference Table
Dark wood laminate oval conference table
Measurement:  8' X 42"
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $95
Matching Group Haworth Office Chairs
Dark mauve patterned fabric office chairs by Haworth, like-new condition   
Available:  20
Handling Fee:  $18 Each
Flat Screen Monitors
Used flat screen monitors
Available:  3 - 15" @ $8.00 Each 
    1 - 17" @ $10.00 Each
Yellow Highlighters
New yellow highlighters with clip-on cap
Available: Hundreds
Handling Fee:  $.25 Each
Under Desk Size Office Trash Cans
Office size trash cans in black, tan or gray 
Measurement:  15" High X 14" Wide
Available: Lots
Handling Fee:  $2 Each
New Logitech Stereo Speakers
Pair of new Logitech speakers
Available: 60
Handling Fee:  $8 Set of 2 Speakers
Printing Calculators
Great assortment of printing calculators for a great price!
Available: 15
Handling Fee:  $5-7 Each
Wood Cubbies
Dark wood cubbies open front and back
Measurement: 36" x 36" x 12"
                        4' X 2' X 12"
Available: 2 (sizes shown above)
Handling Fee:  $20 Each
Heavy Rubber Mats
Very heavy duty rubber floor mats for multiple use
Measurement: 4' X 6' X 1/2" thick
Available:  2
Handling Fee:  $40 Each
Wall Display Cases
Unique style glass front locking wall mount display cases with 3 narrow adjustable shelves
Measurement: 50" X 27"
Available: 2
Handling Fee:  $50 Each

Seasonal Department
Holiday merchandise is out on the ReSource shelves!  Come check out our beautiful Christmas ornaments and lights plus other one of a kind novelty decorations.  

Dining Table With Leaf
Very pretty dining table with a leaf that folds inside the table to reduce the size  
Measurement:  77" x 44" at full size
Available: 1
Handling Fee:  $60 (handling fee adjusted due to a scratch on one side)

Wood Game Table
Great wood table for cards, games, dining! 
Measurement:  41"
Available: 1
Handling Fee:  $35

New Vinyl Chairs / Stool Height
New vinyl stool height chairs in an olive green shade
Seat Height:  25.5" from floor
Available: 2
Handling Fee:  $25 Each

New Vinyl Chair
New vinyl chair in a very light green shade
Available: 1
Handling Fee:  $25
Coffee Table
2-Tier coffee table
Medium-dark oak wood shelves, black metal frame
Measures: 55"L x 32"D x 18"H
Available:  1
Handling Fee:  $25
Health and Beauty
ReSource has PALLETS of health and beauty items such as the ones pictured here.  Many other types of items available.
PLEASE DO NOT CALL for these items.  In-person shopping only.
Available: 1000's
Handling Fee:  Most $1 - $3, but varies
Incontinence Products
ReSource has a variety of incontinence products (mostly for women, some for men)
PLEASE DO NOT CALL for these items.  In-person shopping only.
Available: 100's
Handling Fee:  Varies
Hoppy Hopkins Auto Emergency Shovel

New emergency shovels, keep in your trunk, collapsible handle 

Available:  5


Administrative Fee:  $2 Each

Creosote Sweeping Logs

Cleans deposits from your chimney as it burns - 

2 hour firelog  

Available:  20


Administrative Fee:  $4 Each

Glidden Paint

Gallons of Glidden high endurance primer + paint in mainly colors "Cobalt Blue", "Red Delicious", and "Walnut Bark". 

Available: Approx. 20 gallons


Administrative Fee:  $5.00 Each

Now you know where can you donate office furniture, Cincinnati's Community ReSource Center! Where every chair finds a home.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about building sustainably. Lunch is on us.

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Written by Chuck Lohre

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