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Update on Brad Cooper's Tiny Homes and Green Building Marketing

Aug 23, 2016 5:11:37 PM / by Chuck Lohre

We gave Brad Cooper a call just now and he's still working on the details for the two homes on Pete St. There are many hoops to jump through regarding zoning such small homes as well as financing. Some small home builders offer their own financing to get around the traditional appraisal networks. The "Greening the MLS Form" will help provide guidelines for value in green building marketing, but it just launched last month in Cincinnati.

The Dayton Tiny Housers Meetup Group came down for the Grace and Corbett Lunsford "Tiny Lab - Proof is Possible" tour, "TV and film personalities Corbett and Grace Lunsford will lead an entire week of Tiny House Tours and workshops for homeowners, realtors, and remodelers. As a showcase for their 20-city “Proof Is Possible Tour, ” the Lunsford’s #Tiny Lab is built to the highest performance standards – the most energy efficient, the best indoor air quality, the most comfortable, the most durable, net-zero, and with green materials. With built in sensors to prove it, this house demonstrates best practices that you can do yourself, and explains how to get your contractors to use best practices in your remodeling projects to deliver proven, verified results. "

Grace-Corbette-Lunsford-Green-Building-Marketing.pngIt was an inspiring experience. Such a small home with two cats and a baby, but the air was as fresh as a National Park. The take away I got from Corbett's presenation was that their journey was not as much about tiny homes as high performance homes. The high tech devices and energy efficiency measures arn't meant to be cheap. They are based on testing and performance. Corbett just doesn't have the HVAC guys install a system in his home, he requires them to guarantee it will perform buy testing to the manufacturer's specifications. You would be surprized how under performing boilers and ACs are if you test them.

Brad and I discussed what the differences between a trailer park and a tiny home community. He had never been to a trailer park, I haven't either, but I guess that home orientation, native and adaptive landscape, bike versus auto friendly, solar power, rain harvesting, chickens and permaculture would set the two apart. You wouldn't find confederate flags, Cadiliacs and a lack of recycling at a sustainable community. Not that there is anything wrong with a Cadillac but there is with the other two.

Next year the USGBC Soutwest Ohio Chapter's Green Home Tour Series will visit Sandy Hamilton's tiny home in Hyde Park. We look forward to learning more about how she and architect Edward Wright over came the zoning requirements. There are still a few spots left on the upcoming tour, "September 17, 2016; 10 am till Noon: Whitney Residence, Anderson, OH – A “Quonset Roof” style barn conversion with geo-thermal and radiant heat. Learn more from Nancy Kibbee’s article in “Natural Interiors.” House Trends’ articles: “Remodeling ideas create a barn re-born” and “Home remodel gives new life to barn.” And here’s a link to Brent Colman’s Article for Channel 9." Please get in touch.


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