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Morales Luganbill Residence Green Home Tour Agenda

May 23, 2017 2:48:04 PM / by Chuck Lohre

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9:30 Arrive and set up coffee and sweets, one pot coffee and one pot tea and three pastries from local bakery.

9:45 Greet guests, Check off list and make note of donations if they aren't a member.

10:10 Introduce self
, Rebecca Kiefer, Chair Emerging USGBC professionals

Introduce Southwest Ohio USGBC Chapter Green Home Tour Series, Follow along with the brochure

  • Sep 16, 2017, 10 am till Noon, – Melink Residence, Indian Hill. Steve Melink is the owner of Melink Corp. net-zero manufacturing facility. 
  • Oct 6, 2017, 6 to 8 pm, – Theobald Residence, Covington, KY. Builder and owner of the first private container home in the region. 
  • Oct 21, 2017, 10 am till Noon, - Yankie Residence, Madeira, OH, possible LEED Platinum renovation. Paul Yankie of Green Building Consulting, owner and house captain. This renovation is an example of how to achieve LEED Platinum in the suburbs without solar, geothermal, a complete gut rehab, no easy access to community services. 
  • Nov 4, 2017, 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm, - Artichoke, OTR, Cincinnati, OH, possible LEED Gold retail home goods store renovation. 
  • Nov 18, 2017, 10 am till Noon, - Chappel-Dick Residence, Bluffton, OH, LEED Platinum and registered Monarch Waystation. Andy Chappell-Dick, Design/Builder. Possible stops on the road trip could be the tiny home community in Dayton, OH and the shipping container home builder in Hamilton, OH.

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Introduce sponsors - These tours are sponsored by The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati through a Gold Sponsorship of the local USGBC Chapter. The partnership includes:

    • Dovetail Solar and Wind - Dovetail has built over 385 renewable energy systems, totaling over 14.6 megawatts. Contact Julie Julie Jones.
    • Green Building Consultants HERS Rater and LEED Provider. They serve as a consultant to the owner or design team of commercial and residential properties. Contact Paul Yankie.
    • Greenbau Construction - Full Service Green Design + Build – With Anthony Beck, a Certified Green Professional Builder and his partner Steve Hampton, Architect, and LEED AP. Steve's Walnut Street home in OTR home was on the 2017 tour in March. If you want to see Steve's home or any other homes on the past or future tours, contact Chuck Lohre.
    • Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy offers commercial LEED documentation assistance and Green Building consulting for marketing, sustainability reports and passing the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exams. Contact Chuck Lohre.
    • Greener Stock Sustainable Design and Building Supply - Owner Heather Curless is a LEED Accredited Architect can work with you and her partners on your project in every way, every step of the way. Whether it insulation made from recycled jean material to the highest end finishes you can imagine of course also made from sustainable materials.
    • Green Streets Green Roofs and Green Walls - offers consulting and installation of the latest, most effective storm water mitigation and reuse options. Rain water harvesting and landscaping can add 14 points to a residential LEED project. Contact Ben Haggerty or “Tre” Sheldon.
    • National Heating and Air Conditioning offer a wide range of heating & cooling products including the latest in energy efficient HVAC equipment, as well as insulation and home performance services. Contact Tim Stratton.
    • One Small Garden and Lifestyle offers tiny homes, raised beds, garden sheds and chicken coops. Juliann Gardener believes everyone has a green thumb, just add seeds, sun and water. Contact Juliann Gardener. 
    • Patterned Concrete of Cincinnati offers decorative, concrete artisans of stamped and colored concrete including patios, pool decks, driveways, and countertops. Patterned also offers permeable pavement that allows water to pass through the surface and back into to aquifers. Contact Contact Paul Schneider.
    • Tepe Services full service landscaping - Created the first certified Rain Garden in Hamilton County.  Drought resistant plants coupled with irrigation techniques that feed only what a plant needs directly to the source. Contact Greg Tepe.

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Have the attendees introduce themselves

Describe the sustainable freebies,  coupons and discounts 
Metro information and swag
Cresbi Crate discount coupon
Big Ass Fans free shipping coupon
Free ebible Ohio Valley magazines

Raffle off guest prize, Gift Certificate to the Morlein Lager House, the one and only LEED Certified restaurant in Cincinnati.

Introduce Evonne Morales and Adam Luganbill
 owners/architects of the home and give them them their appreciation gift  (Gift Certificate to the Morlein Lager House). Evonne was the architect of the Moothart LEED Gold Residence in Northside that was the most popular tour on the Green Home schedule last year. Adam was the architect of Ohio's first LEED Platinum building, the Fernald Preserve community center, museum and DOE offices in Harrison.

General open house

12:00 Wrap up and leave. 

Learn more about all of the Southwest Ohio USGBC Chapter Green Home Tour Series. 

To register for this Morales Luganbill Residence Green Home Tour, contact Chuck Lohre, 513-260-9025, chuck@lohre.com

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If you would like to do the right thing, contact Chuck Lohre for a ...

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