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Myoptic Vision of Green Buildings

Feb 12, 2016 9:30:41 AM / by Chuck Lohre

LohreLEEDPlatinum-12_0-300dpi.jpgWe got a nice compliment by a client today on our article in the Cincinnati Business Courier, "The January 15th Business Courier just made it to my office and I saw your great LEED promoting article. Thank you for being an advocate for sustainable buildings. I wish more owners and architects would think the way you do. Of the $12 per foot it cost you to get Platinum, how quickly did those returns come in energy savings? That’s the question nobody ever asks. Have a great day and congratulations again."

I replied, "Thanks for the compliment. Of the $12 per square foot or $9500 for the 800 square foot office; 1/3rd were the LEED fees, 1/3rd was the $3500 pellet stove to represent renewable energy because it uses waste sawdust and the last $3000 were LEDs, occupancy switches, gray water and dual flush systems, salvaged carpet, FSC wood, Energy Star appliances including a mini frig and a $500 copier, along with salvaged blinds and glass display cases, etc. I throw out a $50 per month savings in energy so the payback would be 5 years. I signed a 10 year lease. But that’s not the point. Energy is one of five categories of LEED, Site, Water, Energy, Materials and Indoor Environment. Each of them equally weighted as per measurable environmental impact. That’s what never gets thought about or asked about."

We're quoting a couple of projects for individuals that want to get their company's office LEED Certified. We're only interested if they want to achieve LEED Platinum. It's more of an educational thing for us. We want the owner to walk away with a LEED AP accreditation for going through the process. Something that will really speak to their knowledge or at least admitting that there is a lot to learn. All this is not hard. It just takes study and it's much easier when you are working on your building. All the materials are available to understand how the Earth's ecosystems function. It's a lot of fun and a legacy you can leave for your children and your employees.

Read more about our project at the USGBC Lohre & Associates' LEED Platinum Profile page.

I'm making a presentation at Hanover College March 8, 2016 at 2 pm. In it I will cover my 13 year journey from purchasing the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Boulter House in Cincinnati, OH to writing my mantifesto in the Courier last month. Read the extended version here, "Being the Greenest Doesn't Mean Much in Cincinnati, Green Building Marketing is in the Doldrums.

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Chuck Lohre

Written by Chuck Lohre

Owner of Lohre & Associates Marketing Communications. The company celebrated their 80th Anniversary in 2015, his 38th.