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Green Home Tours: A Very Sustainable Home in Cincinnati, May 27, 2017

May 15, 2017 10:12:07 AM / by Chuck Lohre

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WHAT: Morales Luganbill, USGBC Green Home Tour

WHERE: Oakley Neighborhood, Cincinnati, OH (address provided after registration)

WHEN: Saturday May 27, 2017 10 am till Noon

Possible LEED Platinum home. It's a compact house on a small infill site in a walkable neighborhood. The large glass openings are concentrated on the south side to take advantage of passive solar. The exterior walls are offset double stud with spray foam insulation to limit thermal bridging and provide an air tight envelope. The heating system is hot water radiant. The cooling system uses high-efficiency mini-split heat pumps. 


From the house web site

On what had been a small patch of grass in Oakley, stands a comfortable and efficient home. LEED for Homes was the tool that measured the success of its ambition to be environmentally sustainable.

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2007: Purchased property, 40 feet wide and 91 feet deep. Started designing.

2008: Harvested lumber from two oak trees on the site for use as trim and stairs in the future.

2011: Started construction.

2012: Complete enough for occupancy.

LEED Features

Innovation and Design Process (ID)
1.5 Building Orientation for Solar Design
2.3 3rd Party Durability Verification
3.1 EA 9.2
3.2 Utility Tacking
3.3 Bicycle Network
3.4 Food Garden

Location and Linkages (LL)
2.0 Site Selection
3.2 Infill Development
3.3 Previously Developed Site
4.0 Existing Infrastructure
5.3 Outstanding Community Resources/Transit
6.0 Access to Open Space

Sustainable Sites (SS)
1.2 Minimize Disturbed Area of Site
2.2 Basic Landscape Design
2.3 Limit Conventional Turf
2.4 Drought Tolerant Plants
4.1 Permeable Lot
4.3 Manage Run-off from Roof
5.0 Nontoxic Pest Control
6.2 High Density Compact Development

Water Efficiency (WE)
3.2 Very High Efficiency Fixtures and Fittings

Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
1.2 Exceptional Energy Performance
7.1 Efficient Hot Water Distribution
11.2 Appropriate HVAC Refrigerants

Materials and Resources (MR)
1.2 Detailed Framing Documents
1.4 Framing Efficiencies
2.2 Environmentally Preferable Products
3.2 Construction Waste Reduction

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
2.2 Enhanced Combustion Venting Measures
3.0 Moisture Load Control
4.2 Enhanced Outdoor Air Ventilation
4.3 3rd Party Ventilation Performance Testing
5.2 Enhanced Local Exhaust
5.3 3rd Party Exhaust Performance Testing
6.2 Return Air Flow/Room By Room Controls
6.3 3rd Party Zone Performance Testing
8.1 Indoor Contaminate Control During Construction
8.2 Indoor Contaminate Control
8.3 Preoccupancy Flush
10.2 Minimize Pollutants from Garage

Awareness and Education (AE)
1.2 Advanced Training of Homeowner
1.3 Public Awareness

Registration required to attend - No charge for USGBC Ohio members (you can bring a guest). Non-members are asked to donate $15 per person at the door. Contact Chuck Lohre to register for the tours or be introduced to any of the owners of past and future tours, Chuck@Lohre.com, 513-260-9025. Learn more.

About the Green Residential Committee of the Southwest Ohio Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council - To provide education on sustainability in everyday tasks by promoting household environmentally sound practices to transform the way homes are designed, built, and operated enabling healthy, prosperous and environmentally and socially responsible living. Committee Chair: Toni Winston, Tiburon Energy, Contact her to volunteer or participate: toni@tiburonenergy.com

Green Home Tours Sponsored by The Sustainable Partnership of Cincinnati - A group of businesses offering sustainable products and services to create sustainable homes and offices. Learn more at www.tspcincy.com.

If you liked this article and want to learn more about the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, see our post on "The State of LEED in Cincinnati."
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