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ReSource Non-Profit Organization Help - Inventory Update for July 27

Jul 27, 2012 12:56:03 PM / by Chuck Lohre



ReSource's 23,500 sq. ft. warehouse is filled with great file cabinets, tables, desks, matching office chairs and much much more. Here is just a small sample of what we have in the warehouse. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call us at 554-4944.

Our hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

August's Building Blocks for Non-Profits training is, Succession Planning. Make sure that your agency moves forward even when key staffers move on.

More @ http://www.resourceweb.org/pdf/0812-succession-planning-seminar.pdf

If your agency is not already a ReSource member, membership information is available on our website - or call our office for more information on membership!

Item:Desk Sets (DSKSETEHRW0014)Administrative Fee: $125

Description: Contemporary desk set can be

used as a desk with return or with a credenza

two storage pedestals; locking

Dimensions: 72" x 32" d

# Available: 3

Item: Workstation
# Available: 3
Administrative Fee: $125
Description: HON workstation
Item: Desk
# Available: 2
Administrative Fee: $50 Each
Description: Solid wood desk with right return
Dimensions: 5'

Item:TableAdministrative Fee: $75.00

Description: Contemporary Conference table

Dimensions: 60"

# Available: 1

Item:TableAdministrative Fee: $50

Description: Conference table

Dimensions: 42"

# Available: 1

Item: Chairs (SDCHAIRRW0023)
# Available: 9
Administrative Fee: $20 Each
Description: Black Savero Tekenion Office Chairs
Item: Chairs (SDCHAIRRW0023)
# Available: 9
Administrative Fee: $20 Each
Description: Black Savero Tekenion Office Chairs
Item: Chairs
# Available: 9
Administrative Fee: $15 Each
Description: Steelcase ergonomic office chairs
Item: Storage
# Available: 1
Administrative Fee: $150
Description: Beautiful 5 shelf solid wood storage
Item: Sorter
# Available: 1
Administrative Fee: $75
Description: Solid metal 50 slot mail sorter
Item: Computer Cart
# Available: 14
Administrative Fee: $15 Each
Description: Staples ready to assemble
Item: File Cabinet
# Available: 7
Administrative Fee: $55 Each
Description: HON; locking cabinet with 2 flip up
units and 3 pull out drawers
Item: File Cabinet
# Available: 5
Administrative Fee: $45 Each; Key $5 additional
Description: Matching HON locking 5 drawer letter
size file cabinets.
Item: Utility Cabinet
# Available: 3
Administrative Fee: $50 - 55 Each
Description: 3 varied styles; 1 black, 2 putty; all
Item: Bookcase
# Available: 1
Administrative Fee: $50
Description: Solid wood, excellent condition
Item: Coat Tree
# Available: 6
Administrative Fee: $18
Description: Metal; excellent condition

iTem: Yellow Report Coverts
# Available: 460 boxes
Administrative Fee: $4/box
Description: box of 25 yellow report covers with 3
double tang fasterners


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Chuck Lohre

Written by Chuck Lohre

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