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This land is your land: Join the fight against Congress' assault on wilderness

Jan 30, 2016 8:40:56 PM / by Chuck Lohre

The Wilderness Society's Legislative initiative: 

  • When: Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 10:00am 
  • Where: Cincinnati Zoo Harold C. Schott Education Center (parking located on Erkenbrecher Ave.  Enter access Code:  6831# to open the lift arm gate). Directions.
  • Who: Speakers--Council Member Seelbach, Chuch Lohre, local hunters and fishers.
  • What: Press conference--speakers will offer a statement regarding the importance of our wild lands and national parks to kick off a state-wide day of action in which citizens demand that congressional representatives support the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Antiquities Act in Congress. 
  • Why: Our bedrock conservation laws are under attack and we desperately need people to raise their voices in defense of our public lands before our parks and wild places become further diminished. The Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Antiquities Act are responsible for creating and maintaining our national sate and our local parks, from the Grand Canyon to Cuyahoga Valley. There have been over 75 bills introduced to amend or repeal these programs and on the 100th anniversary of our national park system we are calling on our representatives to protect the last remnants of our wild lands. 

SaddleMountainGallery.EliasButlerPhotograpohy.pngThe 114th Congress has launched an unprecedented assault on our shared public lands. We're calling on all Americans to let Congress know we won't stand for it. 

What would our American communities be without our parks and wildlife refuges? Our hiking trails and clean rivers? Our ball fields and our fishing holes?  Quite simply, public lands are the common ground we all share. 

But the 114th Congress doesn’t see it that way. Special interest groups and their friends in Congress have launched an outright legislative attack that could open or give away our American lands to oil and gas drilling and extractive industries.

In the first 100 days of Congress alone, an astounding 75 bills to undermine bedrock conservation laws had been introduced. The only thing standing between Congress and conservation catastrophe is the American people. 


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Chuck Lohre

Written by Chuck Lohre

Owner of Lohre & Associates Marketing Communications. The company celebrated their 80th Anniversary in 2015, his 38th.