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Tiny Home - Tiny Lab - Tiny Space Needed

Feb 27, 2017 10:32:46 PM / by Chuck Lohre

On a warm summer day in 2016 Grace and Corbett Lunsford brought their tiny home on wheels to Cincinnati.


"Corbett and Grace and their new baby went on a 20-city U.S. Tour from April 2016-January 2017 in the world's highest performance tiny house on wheels, the #TinyLab. Their mission was simple: to revolutionize the home market by teaching consumers and contractors alike to use scientific testing to prove the work gets done to quality standards." Learn more.


I spoke to Kathy Kennedy there and learned more about her efforts to build a simlar small footprint home that can have equally healthy indoor environment. Here's a letter she asked us to share with you.


I've illustrated this "Tiny Home - Tiny Lab" post with photos I took at the event, sponsored by Julie Toliver.and her business Energy Fitness For Homes.



"I am planning on building a tiny home out of non-toxic materials. Once I get through the process, I would love to advise others on building this type of home. All materials used will focus on reducing off-gassing VOCs, i.e. attempting to optimize indoor air quality. We are planning on putting the home on a trailer but may consider putting it on a temporary foundation.
We are looking for a site to place this tiny home. We would most likely need electric, sewer and water access but may try to make this as off-grid as possible. If you would consider allowing us to build this on a property you own or if you know someone who might be interested, please let me know. Thank you! I have attached some photos on what we are considering building for your review. We will most likely make ours a little more attractive!

P.S. I, unfortunately, was having laminate flooring installed in my home a few years ago and the release of the formaldehyde damaged my lungs and my nervous system. I am one of the estimated 10 to 20% of those who can become sensitized to formaldehyde. Things I didn't know and now do - formaldehyde is added to ground beef to preserve it (attributed to Dr. Hari Sharma - Retired Director of Natural Cancer Prevention Research at The Ohio Sate University), formaldehyde is introduced in mattresses and most clothing is treated with formaldehyde to make it wrinkle-free or to reduce wrinkles during shipping (Consumer Product Safety Commission website).
Formaldehyde can also be found in glues, carpet, paints, pressed wood furniture, etc. Once exposed to formaldehyde, sensitization occurs with lesser and lesser amounts of exposure. Please don't let this happen to you! Here is a website that will give you additional information on the effects of formaldehyde: http://www.consultox.com/toxicology-formaldehyde.shtml.

Kathryn Kennedy


Here are a few videos from the tour.



Interested in learning more? Here's the "Greenest Home in the World."


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Chuck Lohre

Written by Chuck Lohre

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