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February 2017 Cincinnati Auto Expo - Electric Report

Feb 21, 2017 11:30:08 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in LEED, Green Building Marketing, Sustainability, LEED for Homes, Green Home Tours, USGBC Cincinnati, Tiny Homes, 2017 Cincinnati Auto Expo, OTR renovation, container homes, green home tour, 2017 Green Building Cincinnati, Living Building Challenge Home, Green Home Design, Light Pollution


by Ramon Cardona,

This year the 2017 Cincinnati Auto Expo had a rising number of automobiles with a port to charge batteries from a common electric plug or a specialized 240 volt outlet.

The cars in question have the generic title of electric vehicles or EV’s and all have one goal in mind: to use less gasoline or use zero gasoline.

 BMW i3

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