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A Whole New LEED (Concrete EPD for Green Building)

Jul 25, 2016 1:49:59 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in LEED, Green Building Marketing, Sustainability, Green Building, LEED v4


(Thanks to Claude for this great article on LEED v4 published July 11, 2016 in PRECAST.org. I'm working on an articles about concrete and asphalt usage. The stumbling block I have is obtaining Environmental Product Declarations for the products involved. Concrete is a very long lived product and also uses far more energy in its production than many building materials. Therefore it should be carefully used in the longest lived projects. Destroying a building after 60 years compounds the problem. You can't prove change if you don't measure and EPDs are the beginning.)
Precast concrete contributions raised in LEED v4. 
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