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Advice for Sustainable Job Hunting

Apr 30, 2017 8:46:06 AM / by Chuck Lohre

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 I had an intern of mind get in touch recently about sustainable job hunting. here's my reply 


Nice hearing from you and I enjoy staying in touch via Facebook. Things are very quite now that energy prices are so low for both natural gas and gasoline. Our Green Home Tours are very popular and I’m enjoying learning more about what motivates people from the conversations.
The latest thing I have learned is that you can sell beauty but you can’t sell sustainability. It’s better to focus on the high end beauty of nature and not the science. It came from a friend of mind that does landscapes and interior design. She couldn’t get clients by promoting sustainable landscape but is busier than ever after she focused on beautiful contemporary design in landscapes and interiors. Now she has taken that to another level with personal coaching!
Since the built environment has finally recovered from the recession, I went to Greenbuild last year in LA and plan to go to Boston. It got there early and attended the workshops for LEED Project Management and Energy Modeling. It would be good for you to do so as well and introduce yourself to the companies you would like to work for. That’s what I do and over time it has created many successful relationships.
Let me know if you do go and we can meet up there.
Good luck.
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And her reply


That's great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing such insightful thought on current sustainability progress. I hope your friend is still pushing for beautiful but sustainable landscaping. 

I think that a lot of current green certifications are starting to require projects to have non-invasive plants and rewarding more irrigation points to encourage drought tolerant plants, which I am not sure if it's the right kind of motivation.

And, I am noticing that most of the project don't really care much about the storm water management credits, and they will skip over them in a heart bit. That's very unfortunate considering how much environmental and public impact it can have on our lives. As you said, since people are motivated by beauty, maybe we can soon come up with genius idea or method that will attract people to invest more in stormwater management. 

I think what you are doing with the green building tour and newsletters are so exciting and motivating for many of us who are passionate about sustainability and want to learn more. 

I will be sure to be in touch if I end up going to any Greenbuild events in the future!


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Then mine,


Good points. One of the local USGBC Green Raters for residential projects, always suggests native and adaptive landscaping, limiting conventional turf, reducing overall irrigation demand and reducing local heat island effects for an easy 14 points. Most of the time the homeowner could care less. The only want the $40,000 tax abatement on their $500,000 home.
Stormwater management by using permeable paving, green roofs and terracing or retaining walls is an added expense and normally doesn’t get done.
The most important thing about the home tours is that folks see how easy many things are and what elegant solutions they are. I keep learning from my homeowners, we always select the most passionate and knowledgeable ones.
The worst thing about builders is that they could care less about any of the details. They only do what is required to get the point and never follow up. I write an article for them about the LEED points and part of the credit is following up after certification, submitting to the USGBC and the local press. They never do.
Take care and good luck with your job search.

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