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Careful Planning Is Required For a LEED Platinum Home - The Same As An Incredible Work Of Art

Sep 26, 2018 10:34:31 PM / by Chuck Lohre posted in Green Marketing, LEED, Green Building Marketing, Green Building, Green Home Tours, Business to Consumer Advertising, Featured, Green Home Design, Cincinnati LEED home


Typically a LEED Platinum Home needs a rainwater catchment system and solar panels to achieve the required number of points. Two things you can’t add on at the end without huge cost overruns.

Besides doing everything right the first time with regard to the U.S. Green building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification, the Skurow's also put on show their appreciation of great architecture, with a home that tells many stories while quietly standing guard over Liberty Street and that view of Cincinnati.

All photos by David Steinbrunner.

Stephanie and Fred Skurow raised their family in the Cincinnati suburb of Indian Hill. Now the kids have left home and it was Stephanie’s turn to decide their next move. She had always wanted to live downtown, next to her job at a regional bank.

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