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Advertising design / Brochure Design, and Branding done for Cincinnati Industrial Companies

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Brochure Design / Advertisement Design / Literature Design for Roto-Disc of Cincinnati
Advertising Literature designed for Roto-Disc, Inc. (view PDF)

"Creativity is something hard to measure, however, you usually know it when you see it. I rank Lohre & Associates very high on the creativity scale. Being a conservative, Midwestern, machine tool company, off-the-wall stuff does not fly, but within the parameters of business-to-business marketing communications, Lohre & Associates has done an excellent job of coming up with new ways to reach our customers, whether direct mail, magazine ads, product literature, or trade shows."

- Tom Klahorst, Vice President, Sales,
SKF Precision Technologies, a unit of SKF USA Inc., Grafton, Wisc. (Formerly Russell T. Gilman, Inc.)

Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Press Technology and Manufacturing, Inc.

You can view more examples of our web design work and more snapshots from this project by visiting our website design services page.

Website Design for PTMI
Website Design for PTMI

A Couple of our Award-Winning Advertisement Designs

Harvey Communication Measurement Awards

Highest Readership Response Award for Advertising Design


“Splice Girls” Advertisement Design


Readex Awards

Highest Information Value Award for Advertising Design


“Mix. Match. SnapBloc.” Advertisement Design

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