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Dear Sir or Madam,

Please accept this letter of recommendation regarding Lohre and Associates and Myke Amend if you are looking for a partner to expand your internet presence. Lohre and Associates has provided TMI with expert guidance and timely service regarding our internet website.

Since teaming up with Lohre and Associates TMI has seen steady growth in both parts and service sales.

Service after the sale has been an important asset to TMI as well. Issues are few and far between and always handled in a professional and timely manner.

I highly recommend Lohre and Associates for any and all of your ecommerce business needs.


– Charlie Reinhart
   Trailer Marketing Inc.
   Parts Department Manager


When we contacted Chuck Lohre about updating our website, he knew exactly what was needed. Being familiar with the pump industry, he search engine optimized it for our pump types searched for on the internet. Now our site comes up number one for the brand of pump we offer. Little did we know the amount of sales our web site could generate. Now we get requests from around the world and the site has become a major source of sales. We should have done it years ago! In combination with internet marketing, Chuck suggested a high frequency advertising campaign in a major pump industry magazine. That too has been a success. If you want a team member that doesn't need a lot of direction to generate sales, I highly recommend Lohre & Associates.

– Robert Draut, Advanced Engineered Pump, Inc.


Since meeting Chuck and his staff in early 1997, we have worked together to produce a comprehensive collection of marketing collateral literature covering all segments of our market, and highlighted by an excellent "just-in-time" on site photo of a 25,000 lb. casting immediately prior to shipment. In addition, Lohre has efficiently managed media placement and produced an extensive Cast-Fab web site which continues to receive favorable unsolicited commentary.

My experience with Lohre & Associates has been productive and I believe we have benefited from their thorough industry experience as well as their economical approach to problem solving and production. Lohre has proven to be a true "Industrial" marketer and I'm pleased to offer this marketing testimonials.

– Sincerely, CAST-FAB TECHNOLOGIES, INC J. Ross Bushman President


If you are considering updating your website I highly recommend Lohre & Associates. I hired them to take a look at my retail site www.CRESBIcrate.com since I wasn’t getting the internet orders I thought I should be. The site would lock up for a few minutes and the host and original programmer could never come to an agreement as to whose problem it was. Since the original programmer was no longer available and the site started locking up almost daily, I was desperate to fix the issue. 

The Lohre team researched the problem and examined both sides of the issue. In the end I did not have to switch to a more expensive host, upgrade my plan or redesign a new site. My site is working so well now that I would have written this letter to you sooner but I’ve been much busier filling orders! 

Lohre & Associates have the capabilities to update or redesign your website to meet your marketing goals. Whether you need it to be more adaptive, easier to navigate or less customized so the updating can be done automatically, they would be excellent for the job. They are thorough researchers and plan their course of action to get you the best results at the best cost. They look at the big picture when taking on issues both large and small and are extremely easy to work with. They can also help with SEO and that will probably be my next step with them once I get caught up! 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. Best wishes for continued success!

– Linda M. Fritz, Owner, Sun Sugar Farms, Home of the CRESBI crate - changing the way America carries groceries!


I am writing on behalf of Charles Lohre to express the pleasure it has been for me to work with Lohre & Associates Advertising.

I selected Lohre & Associates in 1990 over several other advertising agencies based on a number of factors but not least because of Chuck's extensive experience with the machine tool industry. Since that time Chuck and his staff have proven to be uncommonly adept at developing and implementing sound marketing strategies, helping us to increase our company's profile and drive sales.

Whether producing collateral marketing materials, organizing our Thomas Register ad placements or turning around excellent location photography on short notice, Chuck's hands-on approach, industry knowledge and attention to detail have made Lohre & Associates a valuable, dependable and cost-effective resource.

In addition to consistently delivering high quality concepts and writing, Chuck is always looking for new ways to help us market, encouraging us to explore fresh opportunities and assisting us in using developing technologies like the internet to communicate more effectively with our customers.

– Sincerely, Phil Mitchell, President


We are very pleased with the outcome of our recent project, working with your company.

We specially value the one-stop-shop approach. It helped us working from concept through lay-out, production and then final mailing.

As always the quality of the work was outstanding, on-time and on-cost.

Your support for the Feintool Image is very much appreciated and we are looking forward to working with you again in the future.

– Kind Regards, Lars Reich, Vice President Sales & Marketing


My name is Dave Greek of The Hill and Griffith Company, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been asked by Chuck Lohre to write a letter of recommendation for his Advertising Agency.

Mr. Lohre, and I, along with others from the companies have been working together for many years in various aspects of advertising for The Hill and Griffith Company, During these years Mr. Lohre has taken an active interest in learning as much as possible about our products, our company, and even our competitors. Mr. Lohre attends most of the trade shows in which we exhibit to obtain as much information about our products and industry in order to create an effective advertising campaign for us.

Mr. Lohre and his staff have created extremely effective visual and text advertising for us; many customers can associate the visual graphics instantly to Hill and Griffith without looking at the text, I feel that Lohre and Associates have created a very effective marketing image for the Hill and Griffith Company and I have the utmost confidence that they can meet your needs as well. Dave Greek, Hill and Griffith Company, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you have any questions please feel free to contact, me at 513-921-1075.

– Sincerely, Dave Greek President


I am writing on behalf of Mr. Charles Lohre and Lohre & Associates Advertising to tell you about ILSCO's experiences in working with Lohre & Associates to develop promotions.

ILSCO and Lohre have been partners in marketing for 5 years now. Since taking over our account in 1993, Lohre & Associates has consistently delivered exciting, well-conceived and unusual promotional concepts, and have executed those concepts - from design and print promotion to field incentives and fulfillment - on time and on budget.

From our ILSCO Hot Sauce to ILSCO Salsa, to ILSCO Cola - and now, ILSCO Spring Water (promoting the ILSCO ClearTap connector) - these promotions, while admittedly nontraditional for the electrical construction market, have been met with increasing enthusiasm from our sales team, our distributors and our end users. With exposure in publications, at trade shows and at distributors "Counter Days" promotions, they have all created energetic "buzz" and helped to build top-of-mind awareness of the ILSCO name and product line.

In short, Lohre & Associates have been successful in developing strategies that are fun, on target and easy to implement. We have enjoyed working with Lohre and I am happy to recommend them without reservation.

– Best Regards, Kim Wanamaker Vice President, Marketing & Sales


We would like to express our satisfaction as to the results generated by our Web-Site, after having been designed and set up by your company two years ago.

The easy navigation through the site and the comprehensive construction allows our clients to quickly find the relevant information.

We count an average of 5-10 downloads per day of our estimating guides, which is allowing us to build up a valuable database of future clients. The detailed personal information, submitted via internet, allows us to efficiently plan follow-up actions on these potential leads.

Interesting to note is the increasing international interest in Plastbau® Technology generated through our Web-Site, which tells a lot of the excellent visibility of the site on the internet as well as the positioning within the search engines. We can definitely recommend you company as a designer and manager of Web-Sites.

– Best regards, J. Georg Hofer Member of Insul-Deck, LLC.


I had worked with Chuck and his father before him for many years at G.A.Gray. They handled our entire award winning advertising and special promotion campaigns with creativity and enthusiasm at a reasonable and competitive cost.

Since I have been with Walker & Pilsen Imports, Lohre & Associates have produced most of our trade advertising and all our catalogue work with the same commitment.

– Regards, Mike Scheu


Post Glover has been associated with Lohre and Associates for the past 8 years or so. There was a brief period where we tried another firm....but that experiment failed and we returned to ask Chuck and his team to complete our website. We were redesigning the site after a merger, and did not want to lose any of the high ranking keyword position we had gained over the years.

Chuck and his team bring a strong knowledge of our business and specifically, (as relates to our company anyway), the industrial equipment marketplace. They have shown a great interest in technical societies and publications that follow our applications. I believe these genuine interests have enabled Lohre to help craft and optimize our website to match the needs of our customers. Chuck's team is very responsive to our requests for changes or updates, and as often as not, offer a helpful suggestion for improvement.

Our website is optimized to provide first page rankings for 6 keyword searches, and we consistently meet that goal. Early on, our strategy was to use pay per click keyword strategies, but after some experimentation, we determined that our site was strong enough to go without pay per click, saving us $$ every month. We still use this as a supplemental strategy if we need to boost a search.

Website hits are nice, but most importantly for us, we measure the amount of online RFQ we get from the site every month. This metric has improved every year, and has stayed consistent at 2008 levels even in the recent economic downturn. All of our statistics are captured in a concise monthly report, that forms the basis for our management review. Even though we don't always implement things right away, Chuck keeps a detailed log of all of our ideas. We review this on a periodic basis, to make sure we catalog all of our ideas.

Lohre and Associates does a great job for Post Glover Resistors.

– Scott Fuller Vice President Sales & Marketing Post Glover Resistors


I’d like to thank Lohre & Associates for your help in producing our latest 36-page catalog and website. We introduced several new products and your 3D illustration capabilities helped communicate the new diverter and process transition offering quite effectively.
For the past 15 years you’ve helped first my father and now me with Roto-Disc’s marketing. It’s a pleasure to work with you and your team. To have access to talent that knows chemical and food processing equipment, the trade journals and current best practices in industrial marketing makes all the difference. We look forward to many successful product introductions with your help.
Our company tagline is "When all else fails," which I can update for other industrial marketers -- "When all else fails, call Chuck Lohre"!
P. Christian Naberhaus, President, Roto-Disc, Inc.


Regarding our work with Chuck Lohre and Lohre & Associates:

  1. The Web site for Gilman was traditional and a compilation of product literature and other existing company data, simply transferred to the web site. Lohre & Associates completely revamped the site, and not only the site, but the nature and focus of the site. Most of the restructuring was a direct result of the agency's work and planning with only broad guidelines from Gilman. Today it has become the focal point of our promotional strategy and incorporates useful features for the customer, including:
    On-line purchasing via Thomas Register CAD files on all our standard products
    Pricing for project estimating by our builder customers Mastercard purchasing from Gilman
    The latest news (of course)
    Hot links to other sites (we are an SKF subsidiary). The best part about all this is that the agency keeps this site current and changing constantly with little or no input from Gilman. The only requirement for this to take place is that the agency is an integral part of the sales team and is included in all communications on events, orders and changes taking place at the company.
  2. Creativity is something hard to measure, however, you usually know it when you see it. I rank Lohre & Associates very high on the creativity scale. Being a conservative, Midwestern, machine tool company, off-the-wall stuff does not fly, but within the parameters of business-to-business marketing, Lohre & Associates has done an excellent job of coming up with new ways to reach our customers, whether direct mail, magazine ads, product literature, or trade shows.
  3. During our search for a new agency, about three years ago, cost was also a factor. Lohre & Associates was competitive, and in some cases, significantly less in cost to us.
  4. We have had two National Sales meetings since Chuck joined our team, and in both cases, Lohre & Associates was a key factor in its success, In fact, many of our Reps have commented to me on the aggressive and positive role Lohre has played in moving Gilman into a more active sales and marketing position, Chuck has set up a separate web site for them where they can access confidential information they need for quotation purposes and information on what the competition is doing in ads and literature.
  5. We retain Chuck on a monthly basis, under a fixed fee, to generate PR and keep Gilman in the news. The value of the PR we receive, is typically two to three times the investment we make in space advertising. The PR program has been a success and includes several feature articles in "MACHINE DESIGN".
  6. We receive from Chuck, on a monthly basis, a complete media analysis. It shows what the competition is doing, it has feature articles that may have an impact on our business and it defines the lead breakdown for us. This report keeps my life simpler and I appreciate the service. There are other areas -where we use Lohre & Associates, but in closing, I would say they have done an outstanding job for us, at a competitive price, and with no problems that I can cite. It has been an excellent working relationship.

– Sincerely, Tom Klahorst Vice President, Sales


It is a pleasure to offer this recommendation for Lohre and Associates, a marketing consultant and media producer in southwestern Ohio.

Seepex, Inc. has used their services several times and has always been satisfied with the results.

They were used to adapt and place case history articles in trade publications and produce several high-quality graphic designs for use in a number of media, including print, web sites and electronic promotions.

Their experience with our industrial marketing publications, the technical language of the industry and personal relationships with the editors and publishers assisted us in receiving excellent placements and results. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the results that they produce.

– Best regards, sig Michael L. Dillon President, seepex inc.


We are grateful for the progress you, Robert, and Lauren have helped Stedman achieve in the past 15 months. Notably the website, literature, print and online advertisements are increasingly showcasing the brand image evolution you helped us initate.

The stewardship provided managing Stedman's trade publication relationships is already showing impressive results. The major website upgrades you helped us with are showing improved web tracking metrics, helping us increase our return on investment. 

Personally, Harold Coleman, me and the rest of the Stedman team cannot wait to see what results are achieved in the next 15 months and beyond. Working with Lohre & Associates is a pleasure.

– Best Regards, Chris Nawalaniec, Vice President Sales and Marketing


Chuck, thanks for all your help with optimizing our web pages for better visibility on the search engines.

Our sales reps have really noticed a difference with the ability to find our company through the major search engines using the key words that you have helped to integrate into our site.

– Jeff Dierig Manager, Marketing Services


Our company has been working with Lohre and Associates for more than thirty years. I have personally been working closely with Chuck and his staff for the last eight+ years.

Our product is high end capital process equipment which is marketed to the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Sugar industry world wide. Chuck's company has always been moving us into the newer forms of communications.

We have relied on him to initiate and develop our move toward e-commerce which is up and running in the initial phases. With Chuck's help and leadership we will be fully capable of receiving inquiries and request for quotations, make our quotations and receive purchase orders on a secure system in the next few months.

– Sincerely, William B. Eckstein Vice President, Sales, Western States Machine Company, Hamilton, Ohio