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Helpful Tips

The following tips may help the amateur photographer achieve better photography design results:

  • Get at least a 6 Megapixel digital camera which will allow you to have a high resolution (300dpi) 8 " x 10 " photo. Larger format digital cameras will produce larger photos. Remember to set your camera on raw digital file.
  • Use a tripod.
  • A wide angle lens such as 28mm or more will allow you to get all of your equipment in view
  • Use 100 ASA film setting for good reproduction quality, 400 or 800 ASA can be OK but lower resolution.
  • Use a 1 sec exposure or longer for as small an aperture as possible. You must use a tripod for long exposures.
  • Use a cable for shutter release
  • Keep very light areas out of view (lights, windows, white papers)
  • Check for trash & unnecessary items
  • Try a High Dynamic Range filter app or Photoshop to balance light and dark areas.
  • Good luck. Your last exposure will be your best so always remember to continue shooting ;-)