Our company has been working with Lohre and Associates for more than thirty years. I have personally been working closely with Chuck and his staff for the last eight+ years. Our product is high end capital process equipment which is marketed to the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Sugar industry world wide. Chuck's company has always been moving us into the newer forms of communications.

We have relied on him to initiate and develop our move toward e-commerce which is up and running in the initial phases. With Chuck's help and leadership we will be fully capable of receiving inquiries and request for quotations, make our quotations and receive purchase orders on a secure system in the next few months. Please feel free to check our home page http://www.westernstates.com. I am sure Chuck would be happy to show or demonstrate our program for you.

– William B. Eckstein, Vice President Sales, Western States Machine Company
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Some of Our Process Equipment Experience

Advanced Engineered Pump
Pump manufacturer making quality replacement pumps and parts for Allis-Chalmers pumps and others.

Brighton Custom Fabricating
Chemical and pharmaceutical reactor process equipment marketing

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery
Food packaging, paint and coating industries

Eagle-Picher Industries Mineral
Chemical, paint and coating industries 

Hamilton Kettles
Food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing

Ingredient Masters
Storage and dispensing systems

Littleford Day
Mixing Drying and extrusion systems

Planet Products Corporation
Food and packaging systems

Palmer Instruments, Inc.
Food, chemical and pharmaceutical thermometers

Spherical Valves for powders

Shepherd Chemical Company
Metal based specialty chemical manufacturer

Shepherd Color Company
High temperature pigments

Stedman Machine Company (Testimonial)
Size-Reduction equipment

SWECO (Testimonial)
Separation systems for food and processing

Vertiflo Pump Company
Pump manufacturer for many industries including Wastewater Management and Winemaking.

Western States Machine Company
Centrifuges for chemical, food and the sugar processing