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When we contacted Chuck Lohre about updating our website, he knew exactly what was needed. Being familiar with the pump industry, he search engine optimized it for our pump types searched for on the internet. Now our site comes up number one for the brand of pump we offer. Little did we know the amount of sales our web site could generate. Now we get requests from around the world and the site has become a major source of sales. We should have done it years ago! In combination with internet marketing, Chuck suggested a high frequency advertising campaign in a major pump industry magazine. That too has been a success. If you want a team member that doesn't need a lot of direction to generate sales, I highly recommend Lohre & Associates.

Robert Draut
Advanced Engineered Pump, Inc., Cincinnati

Internet Marketing: Google Analytics Best Practices

Our most recent Top Ten Tips for natural Search Engine Optimization and Paid Keywords

Search Engine Optimization

Top ten tips for free natural search engine web site promotion listed in order of importance:

  1. Find keywords by searching for competitors' websites in either Yahoo, MSN or Google, adding the word "related:" before their URL. Example: related:www.insert competitor's URL here.xxx Use Google Insights for Search. View other keyword phrases searched for.
  2. Install Google Analytics and study what keywords visitors used to find your site.
  3. Write the URL (with dashes in between words), title, description, headline, first paragraph, alt tags, meta description, meta keywords and link text using those words (singular is best). Only those words (a two, three or four word phrase). Weave related keywords into your narrative. Use the full URL address on your links. 
  4. Have an informative HTML site that keeps the reader engaged so he will bookmark or add your site to his favorites list as a resource. Make the site a resource guide. Write technical articles or presentations for the trade and publish these articles on your site and also as searchable PDFs.
  5. Submit your site to Open Directory, Google Places and Bing Business Portal.
  6. Include a site map in your site directory and submit to Google, Yahoo and MSN (Google webmaster tools). Clean up your site files, deleting unused ones. Be sure all links work.
  7. Add a Wordpress blog to your home page or rotate a "Featured Product" and edit it once a week or so. Set up Google alerts for those keywords and post your URL when relevant to the blog posting. Repost blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media that work for your market.
  8. Get links to your site at the same places your competition does. Find these places by searching for a competitor's website, adding the word "link:" before their URL in the search field. Example: link:www.insert competitors URL here.xxx. Consider requesting a link on the same site where your competitor has a link only if that site ranks 4 or better in Google. These include industry associations and publications you advertise in.
  9. Every month search Google for 5 keyword phrases, make changes to your site to improve rankings. Don't rely on a keyword ranking program.
  10. Study your keyword usage at http://www.indextree.com or Google Insights For Search.

Top ten tips for paid search engine web site promotion listed in order of importance:

  1. Test to see if it has any effect for your market.
  2. Don't pay too much for ad words if you are ranking high naturally. 
  3. Focus on only the direct search functions through the SE's program first. Later with more experience you can experiment with search partners.
  4. "Spend budget until depleted," don't set to spread out. Use bidding and daily maximums to limit expenses.
  5. Add conversion codes to your site.
  6. Create AdGroups for each keyword phrase to improve your quality score. A high quality score will reduce your cost.
  7. Use a "+" sign before you keywords and a space between them
  8. Only display ads from 5 to 9 Monday through Friday in the areas you want to reach.
  9. Pay more attention to your keywords that deliver higher search results
  10. Fine tune your ads to convert (they may need to be more technical) and try to find out if conversions result in sales since industrial conversions are for going to the contact page, the sign in page for more information, or a sales rep visit.

Please call us before you spend thousands for canned sites that no one visits and can't find anyway.

Register your company's name so someone else won't get it.

Sell selected products or services at a small discount on E-Bay, Amazon or Craig's List. Use them as more of a promotion of your internet site than a single sales channel.

Have site viewers go to unique URLs for different publication advertisements. You will be able to see how many viewers reached your site from each publication.

Have visitors sign in for access or download your value added information. Forward those sales leads to your salespeople. Ask the visitor what media sources they use when purchasing your type of product. Spend more of your budget on that media.

Internet marketing is a rapidly changing industry. No one approach will work with every company. Start with an informative site that educates your viewer. Home page blogging is the easiest way to increase traffic and force you to promote your site via email.

Follow up with customer services that make it easier for your customer to do business with your company.