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Prepare your video design script by dividing a page into two columns, 12 point type, double spaced, 1/2 inch margins and gutter. On the left hand column list your visual elements and characters. On the right hand column write your script and time spacing. Each line of your script will be about two seconds. Each page will be one minute. Remember that images need to be on the screen about six seconds to recognize the subject. For images that you want to just flash on the screen two or four seconds will work.

For basic video production we suggest you visit YouTube's "Make Video Ads" page.

Flash and 3D Animation Video Presentations

Educational Video Production

PowerPoint Video Presentations

PowerPoint is the perfect way to create a video, add narration and for the final touch some music. First create your presentation. Use your computer to record the sound bite for each frame. Once you like it, go into the studio and record the entire narration. After adding some music underneath, marry it with your PowerPoint by using Camtasia.