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A Few Testimonials from our Web Design, SEO, and Internet Development Clients:

MAN-O Products, Cincinnati

First, Chuck rewrote our web site, which at the time we thought was adequate. But we went ahead and it was night and day. Lohre, being industry oriented, properly placed our links and now the hits we get are good and more to what we are looking for. More importantly, the increase in orders we are now getting have more than paid the fees for the rewrite.

Tom Joseph, Owner


We live in a world where search engines are constantly changing the way they view and rank websites. Lohre & Associates' ability to stay on top of these regulations and keep us at the top in our major keyword search categories has eliminated any anxiety that trying to stay versed on search engine optimization can cause. Thank you for doing a great job for us!

Jeff Dierig
Manager of Marketing Services, SWECO


We would like to express our satisfaction as to the results generated by our Web-Site, after having been designed and set up by your company two years ago.

The easy navigation through the site and the comprehensive construction allows our clients to quickly find the relevant information.

We count an average of 5-10 downloads per day of our estimating guides, which is allowing us to build up a valuable database of future clients. The detailed personal information, submitted via internet, allows us to efficiently plan follow-up actions on these potential leads.

Interesting to note is the increasing international interest in Plastbau® Technology generated through our Web-Site, which tells a lot of the excellent visibility of the site on the internet as well as the positioning within the search engines. We can definitely recommend you company as a designer and manager of Web-Sites.

Best regards,
J. Georg Hofer
Member of Insul-Deck, LLC.


Post Glover has been associated with Lohre and Associates for the past 8 years or so. There was a brief period where we tried another firm....but that experiment failed and we returned to ask Chuck and his team to complete our website. We were redesigning the site after a merger, and did not want to lose any of the high ranking keyword position we had gained over the years.

Chuck and his team bring a strong knowledge of our business and specifically, (as relates to our company anyway), the industrial equipment marketplace. They have shown a great interest in technical societies and publications that follow our applications. I believe these genuine interests have enabled Lohre to help craft and optimize our website to match the needs of our customers. Chuck's team is very responsive to our requests for changes or updates, and as often as not, offer a helpful suggestion for improvement.

Our website is optimized to provide first page rankings for 6 keyword searches, and we consistently meet that goal. Early on, our strategy was to use pay per click keyword strategies, but after some experimentation, we determined that our site was strong enough to go without pay per click, saving us $$ every month. We still use this as a supplemental strategy if we need to boost a search.

Website hits are nice, but most importantly for us, we measure the amount of online RFQ we get from the site every month. This metric has improved every year, and has stayed consistent at 2008 levels even in the recent economic downturn. All of our statistics are captured in a concise monthly report, that forms the basis for our management review. Even though we don't always implement things right away, Chuck keeps a detailed log of all of our ideas. We review this on a periodic basis, to make sure we catalog all of our ideas.

Lohre and Associates does a great job for Post Glover Resistors

Scott Fuller
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Post Glover Resistors

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